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Bigelow Summer Picnics

Each year the company holds a picnic for all of the employees.  In Louisville they had their picnic in June, in Boise they are scheduling their picnic for August and in Fairfield ours is scheduled for September. 

This is a great time to see everyone from Bigelow and in a relaxing setting.  People take the time to get to know one another and share some of those stories that do not come out in a work setting.  Since we have people working on night shifts, day shifts, and weekends, we really do not get many opportunities to gather everyone together at one time. 

Besides having good food (sometimes it is catered, or pot luck, or cooked by management), we also have time for a little competition in sports.  We have the mighty hula-hoop, water balloon toss, bingo, horse-shoes, tennis and then that ever popular volleyball game. 

It is nice to be able to take time out of a busy schedule to enjoy each other’s company.  When we are back at work and trying to resolve issues, it makes a difference that you know a bit more about your co-workers!


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