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Tea parties making a comeback

Marie Claire reported that, after years of sagging popularity, afternoon teas are making a comeback in the United Kingdom. During the last week of April, Tesco, the UK’s top supermarket chain reports increased sales of teas and teapots, as well as cream cakes, a traditional European tea treat.

Even in the United States, the popularity of teas as a social occasion (as well as a drink) is on the upswing according to Netscape Celebrity.

There, a recent article features the new book “Tea Party” by author Tracy Stern. Among the great ideas presented is this little gem: “If you own a variety of teacups but not a complete set, use glass plates to mix and match for a modern-vintage look.”

One Response to “Tea parties making a comeback”

  1. Mary Lawson writes:

    I reacently started to give Prayers Teas for different ladies at my church and Ladies in my red hat chapter. I have been collecting different cups and sausers and bought pink glass plates to go with them. my table looks beautiful and I enjoy giving a high tae very much.Thanks for this site,so much info. I love it!