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New Tea and Valued Employees come together at Bigelow

Well our season has started off very strong (thank goodness).  Lots of fun things going on, our new Chai ready-to-drink products have just been launched, Mocha Chai (my favorite) and Vanilla Chai (fabulous as well)…. We have partnered with the very best company, AriZona, to help us and what great (and fun) partners they are!  This product is SO GOOD…..less calories than that Frappaccino drink but with tons of flavor.  We also just launched this month three hot tea bags made with AriZona flavors…Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Green Tea with Ginseng, Honey-Jasmin, Mandarin Orange, and Green Tea with Pomegranate and Acai.   I am telling you, not all tea bags are created equal…you have to try these to believe them!

Well I have to go, I have to get ready for our “Teapot” dinner-yes that is really the name of the event.  It is for all of our employees who have been with our company 7 years or longer.  Believe it or not, almost 70% of our company is in this club!  Anyway, 10 new members are coming in this year from our Fairfield location and they really look forward to their induction.  SO got to go…..

Cindi Bigelow



7 Responses to “New Tea and Valued Employees come together at Bigelow”

  1. Angela McRae writes:

    When can we expect to see these lovely new items in stores? Can’t wait!

  2. Valorie writes:

    They are coming soon to a store near you so stay tuned!

    Valorie for Bigelow Tea

  3. Peter writes:

    Well that is wonderful news.. However, does this mean you will stop bringing out new flavors of Bigelow Branded teas? I was looking forward to some new flavors for fall/holiday. What’s going on?

  4. Kelly writes:

    OHH Sweettttt

  5. Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me writes:

    I can’t wait to taste these new products!

  6. Valorie writes:


    No worries, we will always come out with new flavors in addition to long time favorites!

    Valorie for Bigelow

  7. L writes:

    Arizona® Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey tastes and smells like nail-polish remover! It is the most repulsive beverage that has ever touched my lips, that I am afraid to pour it down the sink for fear of killing the rats in the sewers. It’s really awful, don’t waste your money if you are expecting “a delicious treat”