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Tea Tunes at You Tube

You Tube is serving up tea these days in the form of music videos. And whether you prefer sentimental songs from the sixties or something a little more recent, there’s a tea tune for you!

Remember the old stand-by, “Tea for Two?” Now you can step back in time with a fun instrumental rendition by jazz artist Nat King Cole. The You Tube video features Nat at the piano in front of a live stage audience with close-ups of some amazing finger slides.


Old melodies not your cup of tea? Fast forward 40-some years to hear “Tea and Sympathy.” This new song by Jars of Clay provides the story line for a poignant cafe tea scene and a happy ending for young love.


So settle back and enjoy with a cup of your own favorite Bigelow tea. There’s nothing better for relaxing moments like these!

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