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Tune In Tonight

The press is all abuzz saying that the Yankees are about to name a new manager and that Joe Torre will be on The David Letterman show Monday evening (October 29th). I’m sure Joe will be a terrific guest with many stories and insights into a wide variety of subjects. I just hope David Letterman will be the perfect host and offer Joe a cup of his favorite Bigelow Green Tea. I know I’ll tune in to see.



4 Responses to “Tune In Tonight”

  1. Kelly writes:

    OH BOBBB I got exclusive for you

    According to KFI 640am news station there is report Joe Torres may get LA Dodger gig so send to SO CAL all Bigelow green tea case to Dodger stadium or whatever Dodgers playing at

  2. Kelly writes:

    There might be officail story going down here in So cal Bob

    There is report now that Grant Little has tender his resignation according to local LA Tv statoin Joe Torres may be offer Dodger gig he is this close of making decision on that

    You may have send his case of Bigelow green tea to SO CAL LOL!

  3. Kelly writes:

    Breaking news off look like Joe Torres going sign with LA Dodgers it on ESPN Ticker right now


  4. Kelly writes:

    Breaking news off local SO Cal sport news it is offical Joe Torres is now Dodger skipper