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Tea’s Role in New Year’s Resolutions

The most commonly made New Year’s resolution is the promise to lose weight. Unfortunately, “the majority of your New Year’s resolutions become New Year’s delusions by the end of February,” says Dale Berry, Results Coach and author for Selfhelp Magazine.

That doesn’t need to be the case. In addition to the ten tips Berry offers for general resolution success, tea lovers have another ace up our sleeves when it comes to shedding pounds: 2007 has illuminated new potential for tea as a weapon against the battle of the bulge!

Over the past year, we’ve learned how green tea may aid in weight management by reducing body fat and by providing a slight boost in metabolism. That’s encouraging news! And it’s in addition to earlier research that suggests tea helps prevent obesity in the first place. In 2007 we also witnessed how many people enjoy tea as part of plans to beat the battle of the bulge. So, take heart! You’re not alone!

Armed with this new knowledge, there’s no better time than January – which is National Hot Tea Month – to ring in the New Year and celebrate the beginnings of a new you!

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