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Raise a Cup or Seven to Green Tea, Health, and Hope

It is a certain thing that everyone knows about Jerry’s Kids. After all, Mr. Lewis has devoted himself to a lifetime of raising the public’s awareness of Muscular Dystrophy; offering information and support through the auspices of MDA, to the families who live with it in their midst each day.

The optimism and the research never stop. A recent study suggests that a high intake of green tea might protect against muscle cell death in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Researchers have found that an intake equivalent to seven cups of green tea per day decreased muscle wasting in one type of leg muscle in dystrophic laboratory mice.

There is an increase in oxidative damage when dystrophin is abnormal, and it has been suggested that the tea acts as an antioxidant and helps to combat oxidative stress. This result has not been tested in humans but green tea is generally safe for individuals with neuromuscular conditions to drink.

So, even though more research is required to back up these initial findings, you can raise a cup of green tea to hope and health.

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