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Looking Like the Last Rose of Summer…not a Chance with these Summer Tea Dresses

Have you ever heard someone sigh “I just don’t want to look like the “last rose of summer” in this dress!” They are probably not referring directly to the poem of the same name by Irish poet Thomas Moore or a YouTube video singing the widely-known melody, The Last Rose of Summer, which set the poem to music…but rather are inferring looking “out of season” from a fashion standpoint during the transition from summer to fall.

Hear’s the good news: this season, according to the September issue of Lucky Magazine, you can “transition a frothy patterned dress into next season with a long cardigan, a thin belt, and playful lace up open toe shoes.” Similarly, bright floral dresses are featured topped with jackets and super shiny high heels to provide a “chic wintery edge.”

Therefore, there is no need to purge that summer tea dress, which was the trend this summer. After all, you’ve enjoyed wearing it all summer long while sipping your favorite tea. Perhaps you even own a signature tea dress designed by Kate Moss? As we’ve reported before, Ms. Moss is a huge tea fan.

All you need to do is reach deeper into your closet for a few extra items…and step out this month for a cup of hot tea, confident you do not look like “the last rose of summer.”

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