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Tea and Chocolate: A Winning Combination

Tea and chocolate are very much in vogue. Fancy chocolatiers are making chocolates and truffles infused with teas like Earl Grey, green or Irish breakfast. “It’s a trend that started in France,” according to Joan Coukos, owner of Chocolat Moderne in New York. Tea and chocolate are two strong flavors that go well together. Moreover, both are considered Superfoods, foods “power packed” with nutrients. In fact, Science Daily reported on a Penn State-led review of 66 published studies supporting the view that consuming flavonoid-rich tea and/or chocolate, in moderation, can be associated with reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.

Here are two of our recipes using this winning combination of tea and chocolate: Darjeeling and Dark Chocolate Pots and Jasmine Green Tea Truffles. Irresistible!

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  1. Bigelow Tea | Quality Teas Since 1945 writes:

    […] findings support earlier research about polyphenols, and reinforce that tea and chocolate are a great match. The results of the Oxford study also support the results from a previously published study in the […]