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Ooey, Gooey Caramel With Bigelow Tea!

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October is known for leaf peeping, apple picking, and of course candy for Halloween. What better time to enjoy some gooey caramel and a hot cup of tea! Maybe that’s why October is National Caramel Month, a month-long celebration of one of America’s favorite treats.

Caramel was first created in 1875 in Chicago and estimates show Americans consume more than 10 million pounds of this chewy sweet candy — as snacks as well as ingredients in favorite baked goods.

To help you celebrate the season, and all its bounties, Bigelow Tea has some great recipes with luscious, rich caramel. Maybe you can enjoy these adult treats, while you hand out candy to the costumed younger generation for upcoming Halloween night!

So, put the water on to boil, grab your favorite Bigelow Tea – and try one of these tasty tea-treats for dessert:

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