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A Cup or Two of Tea a Day Helps to Keep the Stress Away


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We all know laughter relieves stress. And many of us can attest that meditation, music and reading all have a powerful calming effect on the spirit.  So it was no surprise when we came across studies which show that drinking a cup of tea also helps us to calm down during times of stress.

A recent research experiment determined that even the traditional preparation ritual of putting on the kettle, listening to the whistle and then pouring the tea is comforting and relaxing; it evokes safe, homey feelings. Of course we knew this all along at Bigelow Tea!

What we did find illuminating, however, is that tea drinkers typically have lower levels of the stress hormone, known as “cortisol.”  When we are anxious or stressed, our adrenal glands secrete cortisol, leading to potential health problems such as high blood pressure, increased blood sugar and a weakened immune system.

We’ve been prescribing tea as a wonderful mind and soul tonic for decades.  Bigelow Tea has a fabulous selection of teas which cater to individual tastes – whether you are a green tea aficionado, an herbal die-hard, or prefer a more traditional black teaChamomile also has a lovely calming effect, but it’s all up to our personal preferences and the simple act of drinking tea – taking a few moments out of your day to just sip a cup of tea quietly.  It’s amazing what a cup or two can do for your mind, body and soul.

It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but on the other hand many important decisions have been made over a hot cup of tea!  So, do put the kettle on. Relax. Breathe. Have a cup of tea.

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