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Lead by Example – Teaching Kids to Make Sustainable Choices


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Sustainability is not just a 21st century buzzword; it’s the secret to our planet’s  continuing existence. As adults, we are making strides in developing sustainable strategies for day-to-day living in our homes, communities and our world. How we choose to live affects our children and will have an impact on generations to come.

So, how do we teach our children to make sustainable choices? It can actually be very easy since kids embrace new ideas and love to be included in activities that empower them to be creative and productive.  Perhaps begin with Sustainability 101 – as well as looking at how Bigelow Tea makes a difference with our Sustainabili-TEA program!

  • Sit down with your children and watch the BBC documentary series, Planet Earth – a fantastic learning experience for adult and child alike.
  • Place your child in charge of the Recycle bin at home
  • Start a daily ritual of placing food scraps in the compost bin.
  • Get them excited about gardening. Let them plant seeds and explore their green thumb.
  • Take them to the local soup kitchen, so they can appreciate the importance of sustaining community members in need.
  • Every season, do a family “spring cleaning” – gather clothes, toys and household goods for organizations who will then re-distribute them to needy families.

Children learn by example; when you throw your next Green Party for the kids, listen to their views on sustainability. You’ll be amazed (and proud) at their commitment.

Our planet’s future is in good hands!

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2 Responses to “Lead by Example – Teaching Kids to Make Sustainable Choices”

  1. Shawna Coronado writes:

    Love the post – awesome list of ideas to share with my kid and their friends.

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