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“Tea for One”… Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Sings About It and Lives By It!

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“How come twenty four hours, baby sometimes seem to slip into days?
…A minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way

Sittin, lookin at the clock, time moves so slow

I’ve been watchin for the hands to move

Until I just can’t look no more”

~ Tea for One
(Led Zeppelin album, Presence)

Gone are the crazy days of the wild, over the top tours…Robert Plant, brilliant front man for the legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin, now favors simple and sublime pleasures of herbal tea as his back-stage libation of choice! This may come as a surprise to some, but not to us at Bigelow Tea. We know that a great cup of tea not only tastes delightful, but is also a great de-stressor loaded with anti-oxidants.

That being said, it is common knowledge that the British love their tea and this rockin’ Brit, with the long golden locks and unmistakable voice, is no exception. In fact, all the old boys of Led Zeppelin seem to concur. In their 2007 reunion concert, their backstage rider was sweet and simple: tea, coffee, and an ironing board!

Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page

Sadly for their fans, it’s unlikely that Led Zeppelin will reunite again anytime soon. However, Robert Plant will be hitting the road this summer on a 12-city tour with new venture, Band of Joy. Put on the kettle!

Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with some vintage Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, in mellow blues number “Tea for One.” The lyrics were inspired by the loneliness that tour-weary Robert Plant experienced, clinging to hot mugs of tea and honey alone in his hotel room.  So it’s true – Bigelow Tea rocks!

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3 Responses to ““Tea for One”… Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Sings About It and Lives By It!”

  1. Kelly writes:

    Even old school Chicago bluesman HOwlin Wolf need tea

  2. Dorothy writes:

    I purchase one of your teas; Pomegranate Blueberry Herb Plus with Omega3. I like the taste of the tea however, it has a very strong fish-like smell that takes away from the flavor of the tea. Is there something you can do to improve this? I assume it’s probably the Omega 3. Thanks.

  3. Valorie writes:


    Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We have since modified our recipe and we think you will see a nice improvement. Can we send you our new tea for you to try so we can have your feedback? We should have our new recipe ready very soon.

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