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Daddy & Daughter Tea Date Makes Bigelow Tea Smile!

Tea party fans—including little girls with their teddy bears—know that sharing tea is a wonderful way to create special moments and to spend time with someone close to you. With this in mind, one dad has decided that it’s time to encourage fathers to have tea with their daughters!

Tshaka Armstrong, one of the dads behind the Dads Talking website, has designated May 13th and 14th as a time for fathers to have tea with their daughters. The National Daddy Daughter Tea Date is, as he says, a simple way to help dads connect with their daughters and to help foster healthy, strong relationships.  According to Mr. Armstrong, “one of the awesome tools for connecting with your daughter is verbal communication, and a great place for it is at tea.”

Suggestions for participating in the tea date include hosting a tea party event at your child’s school or at your home … or simply spending time together at a local tea or coffee shop. More information and locations for local tea parties will be available at the National Daddy Daughter Tea Facebook page. And, if you plan to head to a local tea or coffee house, you can post that information on that Facebook page to encourage other dads and daughters to meet you there.

Bigelow Tea knows that sharing tea creates a sense of closeness and facilitates conversation. It’s a perfectly wonderful way for fathers and daughter to connect. We applaud Mr. Armstrong for his efforts, and on May 13th & 14th we’ll be smiling a special father-daughter smile as we think of all the girls and their daddies drinking tea and spending time together!

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