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A Bigelow Tea Note Of Thanks

I don’t need to tell you that Hurricane Sandy was a record storm that affected thousands in the Northeast and eastern seaboard region. Today, many families are still dealing with the unimaginable consequences of this devastating storm. All of us continue to pray for this entire area and hope for the best recovery possible.

Bigelow Tea, while affected, was fortunate when you take everything else into account. After being among the 97% of homes and businesses in the shoreline town of Fairfield, Connecticut that have been without power for nearly a week, I can now report that most power to the area has been restored and Bigelow Tea is once again fully operational and ready to serve.

I have to say, watching the service crews (from all over the country) driving down our roads to help restore our utilities and services was truly inspiring. I felt like I should honk and cheer as we passed them on the road to let them know just how appreciated they are after the 16 hour days they were putting into our community. I then watched the same kind of dedication from our amazing first-response team made up of Bigelow employees. These individuals worked long, exhausting hours to inspect our facility for safety and ensure systems were up and running before the full complement of Bigelow staff could return. These individuals are our true heroes in every sense of the word and all of us at Bigelow are so grateful. We are thankful for the leadership roles they demonstrated and for their ingenuity and perseverance and, even more important, for their camaraderie and concern shown to one another.

We are mostly grateful for everyone’s safety. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. Bless all of you that help mitigate the consequences of this challenging experience called Hurricane Sandy!

Cindi Bigelow

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