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Love Tea? Enter the Bigelow Tea February Sweepstakes!

Looking for something to brighten up your February?  Enter Bigelow Tea’s February sweepstakes to win the I Love Tea Tin or our Valentine Gift DuetBoth our I Love Tea Tin and the Valentine Gift Duet will definitely bring a smile to your face, or the face of a loved one … if you decide to share!

Filled with a variety of 120 individually wrapped flavored black teas, such as Earl GreyConstant Comment®Cinnamon Stick, and English Teatime, our I Love Tea Tin is bound to please. The I Love Tea Tin could be the perfect post-Valentine’s Day gift, something special to brew with friends or family, or even something just for you to enjoy.  What’s not to love? If you love tea, you will definitely love the I Love Tea Tin.

And the Valentine Tea Twin Pack features our White Chocolate Obsession Tea—which blends the heavenly taste of rich, decadent chocolate and robust black tea—and Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea, a tantalizing combination of cinnamon and sweet apple herb tea.

Enter our sweepstakes from February 1 (today!) to February 22 to win these amazing prizes!  Fourteen (14) lucky winners will receive our I Love Tea Tin and fourteen (14) lucky winners will receive our Valentine Gift Duet … so don’t hesitate to enter!  To enter, simply “like” our Bigelow Tea Facebook page, then click the Sweepstakes icon under our cover photo and follow the instructions.

Look for an announcement of the winners on our blog! Good luck!


118 Responses to “Love Tea? Enter the Bigelow Tea February Sweepstakes!”

  1. mary smith writes:

    i have tea every day Bigelow is the best

  2. Carrie Evans writes:

    I would love the chance to try all the different teas! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Kaley Davies writes:

    Would love this thank you so much :)

  4. joyce vaughan writes:

    love love my tea.

  5. Jessica Jeannotte writes:

    Love this tea!

  6. Sharri Foy writes:

    The FB page is not allowing me to enter the sweepstakes. Keeps telling me to press login, and when I do nothing happens and I am already logged in. Is there another way to enter?

  7. Roberta writes:

    How to enter? I have liked you on my facebook page but can’t seem to find the link to apply for sweepstakes? Quite confusing! Must be a simplier way for people with tablets! :-((

  8. Lana Butler writes:

    I have tried repeatedly, using IE and Chrome to access the entry form for your sweepstakes and haven’t had any luck. All I get with either program is a blank page.

  9. Kimberly willier writes:

    I love tea. Especially all the different flavored. My favorites lemon lift, green tea with lemon, plantation mint, mint medley and vanilla Carmel.

  10. Jane Goldstein writes:

    I can’t wait to try these

  11. davinamedina writes:

    This looks to good to give as a gift, ill keep it!!

  12. Linda Hewitt writes:

    I am unable to bring up a sweepstakes entry. After liking the product I get a page to click on picture, but nothing loads.

  13. Jane Peltonen writes:

    My heart loves you and my brain loves you playing your match game.
    Your tea relaxes me and gives me patience waiting for for my life to be normal again
    After Storm Sandy here on the Jersey Coast. A Serene and Peaceful time of the day
    Having a cup of your tea.

  14. LEE ANN OSTERHOUDT writes:

    I love your tea!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kathy writes:

    Mary, thanks so much for enjoying our tea daily! Be sure to enter our February Sweeps

  16. Kathy writes:

    Carrie, you’re very welcome! You’re right, this would be a great way to try a variety of our teas, Good Luck!

  17. linda writes:

    Love tea drink it all the time would love to win

  18. Kathy writes:

    Kaley, you’re very welcome…best of luck in the Sweeps!

  19. Kathy writes:

    Joyce, well we just love, love, love that you do!!!

  20. Gayle Cudd writes:

    Do you make Sweet Dreams tea in clips I have a new Kureig and this is my favorite tea

  21. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much Jessica!!! Best of luck in the Sweeps!

  22. Elke McLeroy writes:

    Drink a cup every afternoon

  23. Kathy writes:

    Kimberly, we’re so pleased to hear how much you love such a great variety of our teas!! Thanks so much

  24. Kathy writes:

    Jane, thanks so much for your interest in our teas….best of luck in the Sweeps.

  25. Kathy writes:

    Great gift to give or just keep for yourself! Best of luck in the Sweeps

  26. Kathy writes:

    Jane, thanks so much for enjoying our Matching Game….we’re so pleased you’re able to relax with our tea and have a little time for yourself too!

  27. Kathy writes:

    Lee Ann, thanks so much…we love that you do!

  28. Kathy writes:

    Linda, please try this link:
    Good Luck!

  29. Kathy writes:

    Sharri, please try this link to enter:
    Best of luck!

  30. Kathy writes:

    Lana, sorry you’re having trouble….please try this link:
    Best of Luck!

  31. Kathy writes:

    Roberta, unfortentely you can not use a mobile device, such as a tablet to enter, sorry… do need to enter via a computer
    Best of Luck!

  32. Stephanie writes:

    I love love your hot tea! !

  33. Roneisha Torgerson writes:

    Entered? No form :-(

  34. Kathy writes:

    Linda, thanks for being such a great lover of tea! Best of Luck in the Sweeps

  35. Jenny L Cope writes:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this tea package. I drink hot tea more than any other beverage They help my headaches which are caused by blood clots in my brain. So this would be a great prize to win .

  36. Kathy writes:

    Gayle, While this flavor is not available in k-cups at this time, you can still try your favorite Bigelow Tea, using your single unit brewing system. Simply put a tea bag in your mug, place the mug in position on the brewer and, without adding a portion pack to the brewer, press the brew button. Plain hot water streams into the mug.

  37. Kathy writes:

    Elke, that’ so great….what’s your favorite afternoon tea?

  38. Kathy Hecimovich writes:

    Tea is great!!

  39. Carol Conerly writes:

    Love that Bigalow!

  40. Jennifer Audette writes:

    White chocolate tea i gotta have this

  41. Nupur writes:

    Me and my family drinks Bigelow Tea and its awesome Hope to win

  42. Leonor writes:

    Oh I love this. How romantic is this giveaway. I love drinking Bigelow Mint tea every morning. :)

  43. shari fritz writes:

    I love bigelow tea.

  44. karen writes:

    sounds yummy! perfect for the weather we’ve been having.

  45. Kathryn Mackey writes:

    this is a nice price love the Sweeps

  46. Teresa Wright Horner writes:

    I actually bought this, it arrived this week. It is a perfect selection!

  47. Richelle Cruz writes:

    I love tea!

  48. joanne bader writes:

    love my tea

  49. linda reid writes:

    i love some bigelow tea.

  50. Joy GOlden writes:

    I am unable to enter the sweepstakes. It won’t open. Help! I want to win the tin of teas!

  51. Sharon Townsend writes:

    I love tea and I also drink it every day. Would love some Bigelow Tea.

  52. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much Stephanie!! We really LOVE that you do

  53. Kathy writes:

    Roneisha, make sure your entering via a computer and not a mobile device, please try using this link:
    Good Luck

  54. Kathy writes:

    Jenny, you’re so very welcome! Best of Luck!

  55. Kathy writes:

    Kathy, we would definetely agree with you on this one! Thanks

  56. Kathy writes:

    Thanks Carol…we love you!

  57. Kathy writes:

    Jennifer, you’re going to love this flavor….best of luck in the Sweeps

  58. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much, best of luck to you and your family!

  59. Kathy writes:

    Leonor, romantic indeed ….best of luck in the Sweeps

  60. Kathy writes:

    Shari, well thanks so much!!

  61. Kathy writes:

    Karen, definetely perfect for this cold snap!

  62. Kathy writes:

    Thanks Kathryn, we’re happy you’re pleased with the Sweeps, best of luck!

  63. Kathy writes:

    Teresa, well thanks so much…so pleased you enjoyed it so!

  64. Kathy writes:

    Richelle, thanks so much… we’re so happy that you do!

  65. Kathy writes:

    Thanks Joanne, so happy that you do!

  66. Kathy writes:

    Linda, so glad that you do! Thanks!

  67. Kathy writes:

    Joy, sorry you’re having trouble….try this link:
    Best of Luck!

  68. Kathy writes:

    Sharon, so happy to hear you enjoy our teas….best of luck in the Sweeps!

  69. Laurie Shepard writes:

    I really love tea good for your health. Would like try Bigelow Tea.

  70. cindy standish writes:

    I hope I win….I love…love….love tea!!!!!!

  71. Jayne Homsher writes:

    Cinnamon Stick sounds DELICIOUS on such a cold and snowy day!

  72. Kathy writes:

    Laurie, thanks so much for your interest in our teas….best of luck in the Sweeps!

  73. Kathy writes:

    Cindy, best of luck…..happy to know you LOVE TEA!!

  74. Kathy writes:

    Jayne, we agree with you….sounds like the perfect choice to take the chill off!

  75. Wendy Scott writes:

    I drink tea twice a day! Keep a canister of Bigelow on my work desk!

  76. Kathy writes:

    Wendy, thanks so much for keeping our teas on hand at work! Cheers!

  77. meredith jason writes:

    I drink tea all day.. tea is the only thing i really drink and would love to win as well….

  78. Kathy writes:

    Meredith, we can appreciate your love of tea….best of luck in the Sweeps!

  79. Nikki A. writes:

    Love my tea! Would love to try the sweep teas…they sound very yummy.

  80. Shawne Yonan writes:

    Love Bigelow Tea….I make a huge pot, chill and serve over ice… it.

  81. Michelle writes:

    I have hot tea and honey for breakfast and as a bedtime beverage. During the day, I drink sweetened ice tea of some random flavor.

  82. Barb Shelton writes:

    Bigelow tea brings joy to my everyday comfort moments. I’d spread lots of joy if I won this fantastic contest!

  83. Valerie Studer writes:

    Just love your teas, sure would like to find your new White chocolate flavor. Would love to win your tin of tea

  84. Jill writes:

    Oh my goodness! It would be wonderful to win all this exceptional tea!

  85. aranne b. writes:


  86. Marykay writes:


  87. Angela Wright writes:

    thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  88. Fran Waldron writes:

    I love the deep crisp flavor of black tea’s best! Bigelow has so many flavors. It is the perfect pick-me-up for the whole day.

  89. Rodney Boney writes:

    I love Bigelow teas. My mug lets me mix flavors. By combining the punkin spice, dry coffee creamer, and the eggnog flavors I get a warm winter desert in a mug.

  90. Beverly Hines writes:

    nothing like a hot cup of tea with a little honey for ur honey on Valentines day

  91. barb writes:

    What a lovely gift to give or receive or luckly enough to win. I love your tea (and wrapped up individually) and love tins. Enjoy trying new teas. Hope I can win this lovely tin of teas!

  92. tammy faeth writes:

    I have LOVED my Bigelow Tea since you put it on the market!! I could never imagine drinking any other tea! I want to Thank You, in advance, for giving us the chance to win in this sweepstakes.

  93. Denise writes:

    I love Bigelow Earl Grey. I have it in tea bags, loose and for the keurig! Yum!

  94. jenn ramirez writes:

    Would love to win this prize-best part is the tea is Bigelow.
    Not sure if this is how one enters contest,but I would like to submit an entry.
    Thank you,

  95. Kathy writes:

    Nikki, Thanks so much for your interest in our teas… of luck in the sweeps!

  96. Kathy writes:

    Shawne, Thanks so much for being such a Bigelow Tea lover….what’s your favorite flavor to chill?

  97. Kathy writes:

    Michelle, we love that your a tea lover morning, noon and night! Thanks

  98. Kathy writes:

    Barb, you’ve brought JOY to us with your comments….thanks so much and best of luck in the Sweeps!

  99. Kathy writes:

    Valerie, we’re so happy to hear your loving our teas….the White Chocolate Obsession should be in your local supermarkets now, as this is the right time of year. Hope you can find it easily

  100. Kathy writes:

    Jill, we’re happy to hear your excitment!! Best of luck

  101. Kathy writes:


  102. Kathy writes:

    Marykay, so glad that you do….thanks!

  103. Kathy writes:

    Angela, you’re very welcome ….best of luck in the Sweeps

  104. Kathy writes:

    Fran, thanks so much….great to hear that you’re enjoying our many flavors

  105. Kathy writes:

    Rodney, that sounds delightful!!! Thanks so much for sharing

  106. Kathy writes:

    Beverly, sounds perfect!

  107. Kathy writes:

    Barb, we think you’d really enjoy this tin as well….best of luck

  108. Kathy writes:

    Tammy, you’re very welcome…thanks so much for being a loyal consumer of Bigelow Tea!

  109. Kathy writes:

    Denise, thanks so much for enjoying our Earl Grey every which way you can!!

  110. Kathy writes:

    Jenn, to enter please click on the following link to enter:
    Best of Luck

  111. Shari writes:

    Would love to win this, Bigelow tea is awesome!!!

  112. Verna writes:

    Can’t find the link to enter. No sweepstakes icon under the photo

  113. Kathy writes:

    Verna, the sweepstakes tab is located under our Cover Photo on our main page on Facebook. You can also click on the following link to enter:

    good luck!

  114. Kathy writes:

    Thanks Shari, good luck to you!

  115. Jo caulkin writes:

    I’m obsessed with my sweet, sweet Bigelow Tea~

  116. Armilda Morley writes:

    I drink Constant Comment every day. I love all your teas but Constant Comment is by far my fav. My husband Loves the Earl Gray

  117. Kathy writes:

    Jo, well we just love your obsession….thanks so much!

  118. Kathy writes:

    Armilda, we love that both your husband and you enjoy our teas….thanks so much!!

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