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Bigelow Tea Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year … Chinese New Year, that is! We at Bigelow Tea love all sorts of holidays and festivals, but with the origins of tea drinking being traced back to the early days of China, we can’t help but revel in this new year’s celebration welcoming the year of the Snake!

Centuries ago, ancient Chinese New Year festivities celebrated the end of a lengthy winter season and the beginning of spring; they commemorated the earth coming back to life and the beginning of the growing cycle. The new year was also a time of feasting and a chance to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. In other words, it was—and is—an opportunity to renew family ties, and Bigelow Tea is all about family!

The Chinese New Year begins with celebrations of tea. Tea is offered to the senior members of the family by the younger generations. If you’d like to take part in that tradition, consider trying our Chinese Oolong tea. The smooth taste and smoky aroma is one you’ll surely enjoy sharing with family members—whether they’re your “elders” or not!

So, get out your red lanterns, steep a pot of Oolong tea and join with your family in honoring the traditions of the Chinese New Year. We hope it brings you good health, much peace, many, many blessings.

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18 Responses to “Bigelow Tea Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year!”

  1. Lynn writes:

    Not a real big tea drinker, but this is my favorite!

  2. Dotty writes:

    Oh, I have never tried Chinese Oolong……do you mail out samples?

  3. Disa Strevig writes:

    Love Chinese Oolong tea; having 2 girls from China; we drink this a lot. 🙂

  4. mary writes:

    I mix equal parts of oolong and black tea for great ice tea with a slice of fresh orange it is great i make this for all of our summer gatherings.

  5. Sergey Zhmaka writes:

    I hope you will not consider it an impertinence to receive a letter from an utter stranger. Please forgive me for troubling you in this way. I would appreciate any information on your activities. I should be grateful if you would send us by return mail your free kit. Please write me as often as you can. I would be grateful if you.With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Respectfully yours Sergey
    My address
    Sergey Zhmaka
    Chernigivska oblast, Prylutskiy raion
    selo Perevolochna, ul. Kozatskiy Shlah 61

  6. Patricia Kirkwood writes:

    Oolong is a favorite…

  7. Judy writes:

    I love Bigelow teas, especially Earl Grey! I would love to try every flavor.

  8. Kate Daly writes:

    I love Bigelow teas

  9. Joan V writes:

    I love the Chinese Oolong tea. So smooth. Wish I had some right now.

  10. Kathy writes:

    Lynn, thanks so much!! Cheers!

  11. Kathy writes:

    Dotty, no samples at this time sorry…..we do appreciate your interest in our Chinese Oolong and will share with our Marketing Team for you.

  12. Kathy writes:

    Disa, thanks so much for sharing with us….so pleased you enjoy our Chinese Oolong

  13. Kathy writes:

    Mary, sounds both refreshing and delicious ….thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Kathy writes:

    Sergey, why we greatly appreciate your interest in our company, we currently do not send any “free kits” .

  15. Kathy writes:

    Patricia, we’re so glad to hear that it is!!

  16. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much Judy!!!

  17. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much Kate!

  18. Kathy writes:

    Joan, so pleased to hear how much you enjoy the Chinese Oolong Tea!!