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Bigelow Tea Appreciates The Busy Tea Service At Downton Abbey!


It’s the hot drama of the season, BBC’s Downton Abbey, with its aristocratic family and servants living on a country estate in the early decades of 20th century England. The show started off as a huge hit in the UK, and by season two it was cemented as a worldwide event, more popular than any other offering in the history of “Masterpiece!” Here at Bigelow Tea we’re mesmerized by the drama … and we’re particularly enthralled by all of the tea being consumed! The busy Crawley house is ensconced in tea culture, with everybody, both master and servant, enjoying their daily cup. Accordingly, Downton has become a cause for celebration among millions of tea fans like us!

The passion runs deep. Many fans on this side of the pond greeted season three with afternoon tea parties, from New York to San Francisco, celebrating all the stars of Downton, including Maggie Smith, the newly introduced Shirley McClain, and their prominent co-star: tea!

The abbey that serves as the setting of the BBC production is also a star. For centuries Highclere Castle has been the real-life home of the aristocratic Carnarvon family, hosting kings and queens.  The family also welcomes visitors and guests for special events. What an experience it would be to enjoy high tea at this world famous castle!

We have our own kind of tea-loving “aristocracy” in the U.S. too, from Tom Cruise to Meg Ryan, and many other tea-drinking celebs! Just like in Downton Abbey, Bigelow Tea knows that tea is for everyone, and we’re proud help write that script.


However you enjoy your tea—whether it’s English Teatime from silver teapots with savory finger sandwiches or English Breakfast in a big ol’ mug on the couch in your jammies—watching the latest intrigue and gossip from Downton Abbey is most certainly our cup of tea!

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7 Responses to “Bigelow Tea Appreciates The Busy Tea Service At Downton Abbey!”

  1. Diane writes:

    My husband amd I also enjoy watching the tea ceremonies at Downton. For years we have always enjoyed a formal afternoon Sunday tea complete with tepot, teacozy and sweets!

  2. Kathy writes:

    Diane, sounds like a lovely way to spend time with your husband…thanks for sharing!

  3. Diana K writes:

    We enjoy Earl Grey and English Breakfast with scones and party sandwiches. For the first and last episodes of Downton Abbey – we dressed up and high tea at 8 pm! Brought out the china and silverware. What lovely evenings we had together.

  4. Kathy writes:

    Diana,sounds like such a wonderful night, so pleased you took the time to share with us!

  5. Lori writes:

    Constant Comment decaf! But my night is so boring compared to yours Diane and Diana! I’m envious!

  6. Sharon writes:

    Definitely English Breakfast. it’s my very favorite!

  7. Kelly writes:

    OHHH I been watchin DA since Season 1 there going be season 4 upcoming perhaps early next year