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Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket Makes a Great Gift


March is a great month for enjoying all things green! Spring will have its official start date this month, and many people of Irish descent—honorary ones too!—will proudly celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day. And at Bigelow Tea, we’ve gone green in a special way … by creating our Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket. Not only for tea drinkers, this basket is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys life to the fullest!

The lovely willow basket is packed with 72 tea bags of our Bigelow Green Tea varieties. It’s a great way to try our green teas. Go fruity with lemon, pomegranate, peach and mango flavors. Savor our pairing of Green Tea With Wild Blueberry and Acai. Get a hint of mint from with Green Tea with Mint. Or just sip Bigelow’s Green Tea in its original form!

Along with tea, other treats make this basket even sweeter to give, or get. We’ve included two jars of Savannah Bee Tea Honey and a package of tea candy. Plus, we couldn’t resist adding in chocolate covered graham crackers and chocolate wafer rolls. And yes, we know mugs will be needed. So, of course, we’ve thrown in a pair of green Bigelow Tea Personaili-Tea Mugs that just happen to be microwave and dishwasher safe! What’s not to love?!

Our Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket brings a breath of spring to gift giving. Going “green” can taste and feel so good!


54 Responses to “Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket Makes a Great Gift”

  1. cathy Kenny writes:

    I love Green Tea. Green Tea Mint is my favorite.

  2. Janet Morrison writes:

    Great tea, beautiful basket of tea

  3. lori writes:

    I love Bigelow Tea

  4. Kathy writes:

    Cathy, great to hear you love the Green Teas…this would make a great gift for yourself as well then!

  5. DAWN CHIN writes:

    I love green tea for everything healthy. I drink 2-4 cups a day. This would be a great lovely beautiful clever basket I could share with my mom!

  6. Kathy writes:

    Thanks so much Janet!

  7. Joy Leland writes:

    The contents of this basket excite me – I would love to win this and share it!

  8. Kathy writes:

    Dawn, we’re happy to hear your excitment in our Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket, great gift for yourself and to share with your mom!

  9. Freda McFarlen writes:

    This is so nice! Great theme basket, that I would love to give or receive.

  10. cindy munden writes:

    I have just started drinking hot tea again… I forgot the benefits of green tea and i have just started chamomile tea to relax me at bed time…

  11. Michele Bastian writes:

    I love green tea. Drink it every day. Beautiful gift basket and loving that green mug!

  12. Christine A. writes:

    Green tea is our favorite & we love adding it to recipes too.

  13. Joan Norkus writes:

    Teas do make a great gift! Not only can you make the gift ‘look’ nice by arranging a variety of tea flavors along with snack crackers and such, but it also tastes great too! Every time that person has a tea, they will think of you who gave the gift!

  14. pat krystosik writes:

    Green tea is always a healthy choice for hot or cold beverage…

  15. pat krystosik writes:

    bigelow green tea is a great healthy choice hot or cold.

  16. Wendy karamanis writes:

    Love this tea !!!!

  17. Patricia Hill writes:

    I love green tea. I use it and recommend it to family and friends.

  18. Donna writes:

    Very cool!

  19. danielle writes:

    You list some green teas I have never tried but sound very tempting!

  20. diane peters writes:

    yummy teas

  21. Suzzy writes:

    How do I win this?? Looks amazing!

  22. Heidi writes:

    Love the basket! Green tea is my fave.

  23. claudia ellis writes:

    I would love this gift :)

  24. Peggy Humbracht writes:

    The Health advantages of drinking green tea is just a bonus as the taste is wonderful!

  25. Mary Ann Barnes writes:

    I would love to win this basket ~ it’s just my cup of tea!!

  26. Denise writes:

    What a beautiful and yummy basket. Green tea is so good and good for you.

  27. Ursula Marszalek writes:

    I’m having a cup or 2 of Bigelow Green Tea for breakfast …..

  28. Kathy writes:

    Suzy, no current promotions or giveaway at this time for this basket, but it’s available for sale on our website at:

  29. Carol Conerly writes:

    trying to switch from Diet Coke to green tea

  30. Kathy writes:

    Carol, best of luck with that!

  31. Cynthia Hood writes:

    Would love to win!

  32. lauren writes:

    It is always so exciting to see the tea baskets you all make up! Made my rainy morning…maybe this will be my lucky entry!

  33. Debra Szpara writes:

    Love the benefits of green tea especially the drop in my high blood pressure :-)

  34. Sam Stovall writes:

    My daughter and I always drink Bigelow tea. In the Green Tea flavors, my daughter’s favorite is Chai. I have recently switched to the Organic Pure Green Decaffeinated because of my new diet requirements. A cup of tea always warms one’s heart.

  35. Kathy writes:

    Lauren, happy we can cheer you up on this rainy day!

  36. Susan Herrin writes:

    would love a spot of tea right about now!

  37. Derrick Johnson writes:

    Me and my family love the benefits and taste of green tea.

  38. Ross Remenak writes:

    It’s a lovely basket of tea!

  39. Donna Stroka writes:

    great tea like green the most

  40. Penny Bextel writes:

    I love tea and Bigelow is the brand I always buy

  41. valerie csmith writes:

    What a great ideal–a basket of green tea–and other gifts too–LOVE IT

  42. Justin Blackburn writes:

    We love your green tea in our home and would be thrilled with this basket of goodies.

  43. Anna Kennedy writes:

    It is just about tea time in this house. It is a late after staple for sure.

  44. Moira writes:

    I drink Green tea every day. This would be such a treat.

  45. Joan M Carr writes:

    love healthy green tea

  46. Ronald R Reigel writes:

    this is for my wife i like to have just regular green tea in the basket,we don’t like other flavors in green teas.

  47. LuAnn Head writes:

    Would like the basket or even just some samples! Tea cures everything!

  48. Carol P. writes:

    I would love to win this basket of tea….. Love tea.

  49. CJ Ferretti writes:

    Tea is a staple in my house, as I grew up having tea with my mom, grandmother and sister to catch up on the days events. We still will share a cup, as we chat by phone today. Green tea is one of our favorites and my family would love this basket to continue our tradition!

  50. Kathy writes:

    CJ, thanks so much for sharing with us, family and tradition is also very important to us.

  51. Debbie Wilkinson writes:

    Sounds like a very tasty gift basket.

  52. Kathy Hecimovich writes:

    Love the basket of goodies

  53. Kathryn Mackey writes:

    this is cool bakset of goodies

  54. Shayla Shaw writes:

    I switched from coffee to grean tea and would love to win this basket!

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