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Which Celebrity Would You Like To Share Bigelow Tea With?


Have you ever played that game at a party asking “who would be the famous person, dead or alive, that you’d most like to meet?” Being tea-lovers, we at Bigelow Tea know that a first encounter is one thing, but relaxing over a newly poured cup of our favorite tea (whichever that may be), with the steam gently rising, the aromas wafting up … well, that’s something all-together different. It brings people to a whole new level of relaxation. Plus, when you are sharing a cup, it just seems easier to get to know each other. It’s one of our favorite things about tea!

Well then, let’s play our own party game. Say you are sitting in a comfy chair with a cute little table in front of you, another cozy chair just across. Tell us: which famous tea enthusiast (past or present) would you most want to share your afternoon tea?

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4 Responses to “Which Celebrity Would You Like To Share Bigelow Tea With?”

  1. pamela writes:

    Julian Assange..why not?

  2. Galyn writes:

    none of the above; J K Rowling; a million questions;

  3. Cathy Carpenter writes:

    Michelle Obama

  4. Kelly writes:

    Mine I think David McCallum aka NCIS Ducky present celebrity

    Also Queen of England

    I think maybe back in da day have tea with Tsarina Catherine the Great