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Pick Your Caffeine Level With Tasty Bigelow Teas!


March is National Caffeine Awareness Month—a good time to take stock of your daily caffeine intake. Bigelow Tea wants to remind you that caffeine is found in many beverages and some foods, such as chocolate and energy drinks, not just coffee and tea. For some people it makes sense to do the math and consider cutting back on certain sources of caffeine, particularly if you’re bothered by headaches, restlessness or anxiety. The good news for tea lovers? As our handy “Caff-O-Meter” shows, there’s a tea for every level of caffeine tolerance!

Keep in mind, for instance, that Black Tea generally has 30 to 60 mg of caffeine, or about half the amount in coffee. And while brewing times affect caffeine levels, Green Tea has slightly less caffeine than black tea. Decaffeinated Teas still contain small amounts of caffeine, but Herbal Teas are completely caffeine free.

To put these amounts in perspective, the Mayo Clinic reports that adults who consume more than 500 mg of caffeine per day may be getting into jittery territory. Still, even a little caffeine can make some people feel uncomfortable or may interfere with their sleep if consumed later in the day.


Luckily, Bigelow Tea offers an extensive collection of decaffeinated and herbal teas to enjoy anytime! You might be surprised to learn how many of your favorite green and black teas come in “decaf” versions, including “Constant Comment”®, Earl GreyLemon Lift and Green Tea with Pomegranate. And if you’re going for zero caffeine, there’s nothing like one of our many flavorful herb teas. Try Chamomile Mango or Sweet Dreams to unwind at the end of a busy day. Both will surely rate highly on your “taste-o-meter”!


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7 Responses to “Pick Your Caffeine Level With Tasty Bigelow Teas!”

  1. jennie browne writes:

    I came to your site to rant about you guys taking the cranberry tea off the market. Why in God’s good name did you do that? Then, I saw your Chamomile Mango tea ! Wow, I must try that one. I just might forgive you! Do you have any coupons for this new tea?

  2. Elizabeth A Malone writes:

    Herbal only and chamomile Mango is my new favorite.

  3. Evan Wallace writes:

    I guess I have found myself in a seat that most have, I replaced my coffee with green tea (I use your bulk pack [the one has 4 tea bags to a package]) and for a while I was doing so great! But eventually I ended up drinking all 4 tea bags in one day, effectively consuming the same amount (if not more) of caffeine 4 bags x 25-50 MG = 100 – 200 MG. Oh well.

  4. Kathy writes:

    Jennie, give us a call @888-244-3569 we’d love to chat further with you, thanks!

  5. Mel writes:

    Does the black tea contain any sugars? I’m on the Atkins diet and I would love to include your black tea.

  6. Kathy writes:

    No sugar in any of our teas!

  7. Crissie writes:

    Can I drink the lemon lift black tea to calm me from anxiety