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Bigelow Tea Honors All Dads on Father’s Day


This Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of June, and that means it’s Father’s Day! We at Bigelow Tea would like to thank all the fathers out there who take the time to be an inspiration, a role-model, and a supporter of all that their kids do. On this special day, there are sure to be golf matches, baseball games, barbeques, and family gatherings. But if you’re wondering what Dad would really love on Father’s Day, we have the answer: dads just want a little time with their children. Yes, a great day of relaxation and kid-time with nothing else to get in the way—that’s the best gift of all.


And, to make a beautiful afternoon in June even more relaxing, offer your father a tall glass of iced tea! Caring kids (with Mom’s help) can make iced tea for Dad. In fact, they can even try to figure out what flavor—or flavor combinations!—their dad might like best! Maybe he’s a Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade kind of guy. Or perhaps he’d like to try a mix of our Pomegranate Pizzazz Herb Tea and Green Tea with Pomegranate. Whatever his choice, we know he’ll appreciate iced tea and time with his family. You might even consider surprising him—even if it’s after Father’s Day—with our World’s Best Dad Tea Chest so he can make tea all year long!


Tea and time … sounds like the perfect combination for Father’s Day this year! It will leave Dad wishing that every Sunday could be Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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4 Responses to “Bigelow Tea Honors All Dads on Father’s Day”

  1. Elizabeth A Malone writes:

    My husband is the world’s best dad. When we got married, he became step-father to my three sons. When our daughter was 18 months old, we were told that she was terminally ill. Until she died at 13 years, there was never a medical procedure that she had to endure, without one of us at her side. Only the operating room was off limits. When after one operation, she came home with a huge tube in her side. My husband did all the nursing care. Later, he became a wonderful grandfather, teaching our grandchildren how to fish.

  2. Kathy writes:

    Elizabeth, thank you for sharing such a lovely story with us. Your husband is truly a very special father, and you are obviously very proud of him, as well you should be.

  3. Louis writes:

    My father was the worlds greatest because when i was in a car accident he was with me in the hospital. He was there from the begin to the end. He was a hero to few but a great man to all that met him. Now he has been gone a few yrs and i miss him more than anything. Dad Love Ya.

  4. Kathy writes:

    Louis, thanks so much for sharing these memories of your dad