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The Story Behind “Constant Comment” Bigelow Tea

bttus_The Story Behind “Constant Comment” Bigelow Tea

Hey, it’s Hot Tea Month. The perfect time to talk about Bigelow Tea founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow and the inspired tea she created in her home kitchen nearly 70 years ago!

“Constant Comment”®—which was inspired by an early Colonial recipe using orange rind and sweet spices—became Mrs. Bigelow’s first variety. It got its name from the “constant comments” of her friends. How cool is it that today Bigelow Tea “Friends” are still “Commenting” about Bigelow Teas all over the web?

Back at the beginning, Ruth couldn’t simply Tweet about her teas (no social media then). So, when it came time to market her product, one shopkeeper told Ruth that the aroma of “Constant Comment” was a big selling point. She promptly set up a jar of “Constant Comment” labeled with the directions: “open and whiff.”  Shops across the country placed this whiffing jar by their cash registers and the sales began to grow!

bttues2_The Story Behind “Constant Comment” Bigelow Tea

The rest, as they say, is history. And though Ruth never saw the power of the world wide web, she’d be thrilled to know that “Constant Comment” is still generating buzz today! Check out the “good morning” mug of “Constant Comment” that @daredancer shared recently … and tell us why you love Ruth’s first tea!

Image via Home Cooking Memories

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4 Responses to “The Story Behind “Constant Comment” Bigelow Tea”

  1. Glynis writes:

    I always have this tea on hand. I am a big tea drinker & “Constant Comment” reminds me of the days when I was a little girl & drank tea with my grandma. She always had a box of “Constant Comment” on hand, too.

  2. Valerie Moon writes:

    I remember this delightful tea as my favorite from childhood; introduced to its delicious flavors and aroma by my Mom and many Aunties who thought Constant Comment was a treat and fostered important gatherings of family and friends. A special afternoon tea with the strong women in my family charted my life of the importance of communication and tea well into adulthood. Now I am fortunate enough to work for the World Tea Expo, the premier gathering for all things tea in North America and beyond.

  3. Paul Piper writes:

    Great product. Each flavor has its own unique flavor and scent. I can’t pick a favorite because their all favorites. Thank you thank you thank you, for keeping history after 70 yrs.

  4. Gretchen writes:

    I tried a cup of “Constant Comment” tea yesterday and was so disappointed at the lack of flavor from when I had enjoyed it before. My husband who has told me it was his favorite tea, agreed with me. We both miss that flavor! To use a biblical reference, Please don’t give up the birthright and heritage of your company’s great reputation for the “mess of pottage” minor profit by cutting corners of manufacturing quality of your famous and wonderful tea product. It will be so hard to get back the longer this goes on!

    Sadly and sincerely yours, Gretchen Gagos