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Thank You Begins With Bigelow Tea

btwed_Thank You Begins With Bigelow Tea

1. Even if it was a six-pound fruit cake, a gift’s a gift and a “thank you” is still in order. So whether you send a tweet, a paperless message or even—gasp!—an actual  handwritten note, say “thanks” during National Thank You Month! And, hey, slipping a foil-wrapped Bigelow Tea bag into the envelope would make your “thank you” so awesome that the recipient might even thank you for your thank you. Wait, now we’re getting confused.

2. During the month of January offer a little shout-out to the people who hosted you, gifted you and made you smile over the holidays. And while you’re in the thanking mood, hop online and express your gratitude for tea! Bigelow Tea lovers aren’t afraid to proclaim their love for the drink. According to @twolinepass  I love lemon is the “greatest hot beverage” ever. Anyone in agreement?

btwed3_Bigelow Tea Shares Gluten-Free Recipes For Celiac Disease Awareness Month
3. Thanking others is really a year-round deal, but this month in particular, a little “thank you” will go a long way.

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5 Responses to “Thank You Begins With Bigelow Tea”

  1. tressa hoffman writes:

    May I have a free sample of camomile tea sent to 101 trillium, springfield, il 62707 thank you

  2. patricia rost writes:

    do u have free tea catalogs u send out in the us mail

  3. SHELLEY ZUREK writes:

    I actually DO give Bigelow tea as a hostess gift. Most hostesses are so happy too with a gold ribbon wrapped box of your beautiful tea!

  4. Kathy writes:

    Patricia, sorry but we’re not currently offering a gift catalog…you can visit us at to see all that we offer. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Kathy writes:

    Tressa, sorry but we’re currently offering any samples….thank you for your interest in Bigelow Tea!!