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Bigelow Tea Has The Ultimate Question: Which Is Your Favorite Bigelow Tea?


Let’s face it, we all love tea. And we absolutely couldn’t do without our Bigelow Tea on a daily basis. Some of us like it this way or that. But what if you could have only one kind of Bigelow Tea (shudder to think!)? Which would be your tea of choice? Would it be our uniquely spiced “Constant Comment”®, our stately Earl Grey, our Cozy Chamomile or our mellow Green Tea?

Tell us! We want to know! Which is your favorite Bigelow Tea?

If your favorite wasn’t listed, let us know either here, on our Facebook page or via Twitter!


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25 Responses to “Bigelow Tea Has The Ultimate Question: Which Is Your Favorite Bigelow Tea?”

  1. Irene L. writes:

    Constant Comment Green Tea is my new favorite

  2. Nancy A. writes:

    I may have to try that Constant Comment tea, everyone is always saying how good it is. Am curious if I will like it.

  3. norma g writes:

    love all teas

  4. Ruth Smither writes:

    Do you sell tea cozies on your website?

  5. Mrs lacy writes:

    Lv your teas and know they are safe to drink that is important to the public , have a cup with your friendly country men , it’s the land that share its wealth to our tables .

  6. Judy Davis writes:

    Love Bigelow Tea, I just really started drinking hot tea this winter, I’m addicted.

  7. LM31216 writes:

    My husband’s favorite is Cinnamon Stick. I like Green Tea with Lemon, but my new favorite is Vanilla Chai with a splash of unsweetened almond milk. What a treat!

  8. Nancy West writes:

    I love Constant Comment. My Dad started drinking it years ago & I just rediscovered it. Love the variety of flavors in it, especially the citrusy taste.

  9. Mary Madariaga writes:

    I’ve only tried the Green Tea. If you’d like to send me a sample of the others, I can give you an accurate vote. Thank you, Mary

  10. Randi Rappaport writes:

    I Absolutely Love the Fruit & Almond Tea..It’s Not in Pretty Wrappers But It Is Delicious.
    I Mix It With Earl Grey.
    I Drink It The First Thing In The Morning..( I Used To Be A Coffee Junkie) But I don’t even Like Coffee anymore……..Life Has Put This NYC Woman In Bath Michigan..Just 8 minutes from East Lansing and Michigan State is..My Youngest Daughter Goes There..I’ve Turned My 3 Women Friends That I Cherish… On To Bigelow Fruiy & Almond..It’s Now There Favorite Too. Thank You..Check Out My Pinterest Boards..& I’m Completing My Novel This Year..I’ve Had So Much Support From The Editors Here..Of Course, When they Have Come to Visit..I serve Them My Tea Recipe..xo I’ll Be Writing Under The name Randi Mauro….In Respect to My Two Daughters & Their Deceased Dad..xo

  11. Christine writes:

    Tea a nice way to relax and enjoy the day.

  12. Norma writes:

    I love constant comment tea loved the constant comment green tea but we can’t get it around here anymore

  13. Rosanne Govea writes:

    My aunt introduced me to Constant Comment tea when I was a teenager. I have been drinking it ever since. When she passed away in December 2013, the first thing I did was have a cup in her honor. I love its delicious taste.

  14. Bette Evans writes:

    I really like the Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea bags to use in my Tea Maker. I can’t find it in the stores anymore. I see it on the shelves as Black Tea and in my Ice Tea machine it doesn’t taste the same. Where can I get the old Plantation Mint. I really want it to come back. I miss making Ice Tea for my family.

  15. Cindy DeGraaff writes:

    Sooooooo cold here in Michigan this winter. Using a lot of tea to stay warm. : )

  16. Carol Merten writes:

    Earl Grey is my favorite regular tea, but I love Constant comment as well!

  17. Valorie writes:

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Hot Tea month Carol!

  18. Valorie writes:

    Thanks Rosanne for sharing and so sorry for your loss! Valorie for Bigelow Tea

  19. Valorie writes:

    Norma, sorry to hear you can’t get the tea you want. Remember you can buy any of our teas straight from our website! Happy Hot Tea month!

  20. Valorie writes:

    Thanks so much for sharing Nancy! Happy Hot Tea month!!

  21. Valorie writes:

    Hi Nancy, we hope you like it…let us know. Happy Hot Tea month!

  22. Valorie writes:

    Hi Mary, we have no samples to share at this time but please do check out our next promotion where we give away a variety of Bigelow Tea. Thanks for commenting and Happy Hot Tea month!!

  23. Kathy writes:

    Bette, the Plantation Mint tea you’re finding in stores now, is indeed the same Plantation Mint we’ve always had, which is indeed a black tea, but the look of the packaging has changed. We’re sorry you feel the flavor is different in anyway and if you’d like we can always get a few teabags back from you to have our Quality Team evaluate and determine why the flavor would be any different than what you expect. Please call me directly if you’d like to discuss further at 888-244-3569, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm est. Kathy

  24. Brenna writes:

    My favorite tea is definitely green tea! I drink green tea several times a day, it’s the perfect hot drink during these cold months and it’s also extremely good for you.

  25. sheryl writes:

    I love the cinnamon stick decaf but just ran out of it and can not find it anywhere. Due to heart problems I can only have decaf. Did you stop making it?