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Get Green For The Game With Bigelow Tea

 btfri_Get Green For The Game With Bigelow Tea 

For those diehard football fans who are actually attending the big game on Sunday, please, for the love of all that is good, bundle up! Fortunately, they’ll be giving ticketholders earmuffs and hats for this first non-dome NFL championship game in a cold—seriously cold—city. For the rest of you, stay toasty in front of the TV with a cup of Bigelow Tea!

btfri2_Get Green For The Game With Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Green Tea is the tea of choice for Sunday. Why, you ask? Because it’s a favorite of Phil Simms (one of Bigelow Tea’s favorite football players!) and there’s kind of a “green” theme going on at the stadium this year. Yep, MetLife Stadium is home to Gang Green, the New York Jets, during the regular season and (this just in!) the dining there is going to be the “greenest in history.” Niice! The venue is the first Certified Green Restaurant stadium from the Green Restaurant Association and is the largest food service operation ever to receive this certification. (They compost, they recycle, they’re proud of their accomplishments … hmmmm … this sounds like a certain family-run tea company and and it’s Sustainabili-TEA initiatives!)

Simms has been busily analyzing the season in his Bigelow Tea Sports Report, (thanks for the retweet Bonnie Stewart!) and picks Seattle to go all the way over the Broncos.  Do you think he has had a change of heart?  What do you think? And which variety of Bigelow Tea will you be drinking on Sunday? #Bigelow #GreenTea #PhilSimms #BigelowFamily

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5 Responses to “Get Green For The Game With Bigelow Tea”

  1. Maria Dollar writes:

    It is great to see larger companies focus on being Green!

  2. paul laufer writes:

    a cup of hot tea would good when watching this football game!!!!

  3. Phyllis S Adams writes:

    Yes, I think Phil Simms will have a change of heart and go with the Denver Broncos for the win! I will be drinking Bigelow Green Tea while watching the Super Bowl! #Bigelow #GreenTea #PhilSimms #BigelowFamily


    Tea what a great healthy choice to drink on Super Bowl Sunday. I will be having my cup of Bigelow Constants comments tea in my hand during the game rooting on The Seattle SEAHAWKS to their win over Denver

  5. Leezette James writes:

    I think green is the only way we will survive as people in the long run. We need to learn to live with our planet’s ability to provide for us. Throwing everything away and reusing and recycling is short sighted. I am proud of the “Big Green” and Bigaelow. It is 3am and I am sipping my cup of tea. I compost my tea bags too. Ummm the upside of being good to the planet…my cup of tea.