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Drinking Bigelow Tea With Friends? Do Share!

btfri_Drinking Bigelow Tea With Friends? Do Share!

Forget drinking alone! Tea is all about fun and chatter with friends. It’s a time to catch up, laugh, snap a few pics to share with Bigelow Tea on Instagram! All this #ConstantComment requires a posse whether you’re Ozzie and Slash, a band from back in the day called the Beatles, or the one-and-only Liam Payne from One Direction.

We’re sipping our #dailycup right now and wondering:

Image from Green Wedding Shoes via Pinterest

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10 Responses to “Drinking Bigelow Tea With Friends? Do Share!”

  1. Cindy Shrader writes:

    Raspberry Royale which I now have to order. :”(

  2. Helen Gee writes:

    I have found a recipe for one of the best ice tea drinks ever…equal packets of Plantation Mint and Raspberry Royale. I like to brew my tea in the sun but you could just boil water. I use 7 packets of each to make a full container.

  3. Pamela Aulds writes:

    I love Bigelow Tea..I tasted Constant Comment just the other day for the first time & I am in heaven,just the aroma alone is so yummy…Thanks Bigelow ..

  4. Pamela D. Richardson writes:

    Constant Comment is the only tea I will drink. Love the soothing flavor. I drink it everyday, all year ’round.

  5. Barbara Hickenbottom writes:

    Bigelow is the greatest part of my morning wakeup routine and my mid afternoon treat to myself. Keep up the good work.

  6. Kathy writes:

    Barbara, we love that we’re the best part of your morning routine and a treat in the afternoon!!! You certainly made our day!!

  7. Kathy writes:

    Pamela, thanks so much for enjoying our Constant Comment!! Appreciate your comment and love of the tea!

  8. Kathy writes:

    Pamela, thrilled to hear you’ve discovered our Constant Comment…thanks for you comments! Cheers!

  9. Kathy writes:

    Helen, that sounds amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  10. Helen Gee writes:

    Well, with the sun finally coming out for a day, I must order more Plantation Mint and Raspberry Royale and brew more ice tea. Thanks to Bigelow Tea for making these two great teas.