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Meet Waddy The Frog, The Newest Member of Bigelow Tea Owned Charleston Tea Plantation

bigelow tea charleston tea plantation

Yes, that’s a giant frog holding a mug of tea. Meet Waddy the Frog, a larger-than-life, tea-loving metal amphibian who’s been seen hanging out at Bigelow Tea’s beautiful Charleston Tea Plantation! The name “Waddy” comes from his location, on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. He was custom made for the plantation by Charles “Frog” Smith, a sculptor from nearby Local Johns Island.

Since February, Waddy has been seated at one of the front porch benches with a Bigelow Tea mug firmly set in his right hand. As “frog in residence,” Waddy will be busy greeting visitors all year-round, so he’ll use his down time to enjoy a cup of American Classic Tea. He also understands that his position will involve many selfies with visitors like this youngster (below) who @WhitneyLett dubbed “adorable.”

bigelow tea

The family-run Bigelow Tea company is so happy to welcome this new addition to the family! Meet Waddy the Frog anytime at the Charleston Tea Plantation, especially at the eighth annual First Flush FesTEAval—featuring the Avett Brothers!—on Saturday, May 24. Stop (or hop!) on by. #BigelowTea #CharlestonTeaPlantation

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