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Bigelow Tea Time With Cindi Bigelow 

Sip your way to serenity and wellbeing with Bigelow Tea! If you love yoga, you’ll be happy to know that drinking tea can create a peaceful, good feeling similar to the one you get from practicing yoga! Yes, the light amount of caffeine and L-Theanine in tea have the effect of both stimulating the mind and relaxing the body! @cici1722 tweeted about starting her day with both: “Hot yoga, green tea, and dressed for work all before 8 am.” Nice! As you sip your mug of Bigelow Tea today, check out this video (above). Third generation CEO Cindi Bigelow shares some great information about tea and health! Namaste!


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One Response to “Bigelow Tea Time With Cindi Bigelow ”

  1. Kelly writes:

    You know what I love about Drinking Bigelow herbal tea ala Pepperint or Orange and spice I think help me get better faster when I am sick I notice with Peppermint if I had in the house or Orange and spice tea that I noticed

    I was sick last February sick as dog with flu even I got flu shot I still got it I notice after drinking Orange and spice tea I got better faster