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Happy New Year From Bigelow Tea!

bigelow tea mug with lemon

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year From Bigelow Tea!”

  1. Dolly Wyttenberg writes:

    For years I have enjoyed not only the aroma, but the taste of Bigelow Tea’s. My Dad sold it in his store in the 50’s and it made the store smell so good. Now I have discovered that you are adding soy to some of your tea’s. Our daughter is very allergic to soy. It is sad that I have to read every label, even for tea, to be sure there is NO soy in it. Why have you been adding soy to tea??? Please STOP!!! Thank you. Dolly

  2. Kathy writes:

    Dolly Thank you for commenting to share your concerns with some of our teas containing soy lecithin.

    We certainly respect your concerns about soy. We do have some teas that contain a non-gmo soy lecithin in trace amounts. Soy lecithin helps disperse the flavoring into the tea while brewing to ensure consistent flavor throughout the whole cup. The packaging of these particular products label soy lecithin in parentheses to signify that it is a sub-ingredient of these flavorings and not a primary ingredient in any of our teas. As stated above, the soy lecithin we use is non-gmo and the amount present in your cup of tea is eight ten thousandths of a percent (0.0008%) of the brew.

    The Bigelow Family thanks you for choosing Bigelow Teas.