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Tell Bigelow Tea Your Choice For Favorite Herbal Tea Flavor!

bigelow tea cozy chamommileBigelow Tea understands why herbal teas can be so appealing with their fruity, minty or zesty flavors. For 70 years, the Bigelow Tea family has been blending various herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and spices to produce close to 40 herbal tea varieties. Each one can be served hot or cold and at any time. Plus they’re all naturally caffeine free, making it just the right beverage for unwinding before bedtime!  Now Bigelow Tea wants to know: Which is your favorite Bigelow Herbal Tea flavor?


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4 Responses to “Tell Bigelow Tea Your Choice For Favorite Herbal Tea Flavor!”

  1. Alicia Cook writes:

    I love pomegranate and cranberry teas!

  2. Sherry Peterson writes:

    I order several boxes of Bigelow Pomegranate Black Tea because it has the best taste ever and cannot be bought in most stores.

  3. Linda roscioli writes:

    Can’t live without your teas

  4. Joyce Teal writes:

    Love chamoille!! I’ve had a hot cup with local honey nearly every night for nearly 5 years. No headaches, colds, flu, upset stomach, and I just feel better overall!! I’ve tried other brands but they all have an after taste which NONE of your teas have!! So blessed to have my tea! Joyce