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Bigelow Tea, And Well All Tea Lovers Actually, Want To Know If You Add Milk To Your Tea?

bigelow-tea-vanilla-chaiOne thing we know for sure is that with so many people drinking tea (82% of Americans to be exact—that’s more than 158 million people), there are that many ways to enjoy a cup! That is one of the beautiful things about drinking tea…you can customize each mug to your heart’s delight and include milk, honey, sugar or even a slice of lemon! But while some parts of making the perfect cup of tea are a must like putting in the tea bag in first before pouring over the water (says president and CEO Cindi Bigelow who has three generations of tea experts behind her!), other options are completely up to you which always makes tea drinking an lovely adventure!

One hotly talked about topic in our tea drinking community (which we call #TeaProudly which is an awesome community of tea drinkers which we will tell you about a bit later so stay tuned!) is do you add milk or not to your tea, so let’s share some info about this very topic. If you like to add milk, do you know when to add it in? Does the milk go in first or the bigelow-tea-spiced-chai-teahot water? The British Standards Institute (BSI) believes to have the answer to this tea lover debate. They state that the milk is best poured before the tea and that the brewing water should not be above 185°F to prevent scalding the milk. Of course not all tea drinkers agree with the BSI. Author George Orwell prefers pouring his milk in last to control the ratio of milk to tea. Even Queen Elizabeth II reportedly enjoys her tea by adding the milk afterwards! So many options….we love that!

Hey and did you  know that Bigelow Tea’s delicious Chai tea varieties are amazing with milk and sugar like our classic Spiced Chai? Facebook Fan Virginia Gordon thinks Vanilla Chai is “delicious with a splash of cream and teaspoon of sugar!” Thanks Virginia for sharing your #TeaProudly thought. The good news for everyone is that whether you add your cream or milk before or after the hot water, our spicy chai flavors will make an amazing cup so grab a mug and well, #TeaProudly!

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4 Responses to “Bigelow Tea, And Well All Tea Lovers Actually, Want To Know If You Add Milk To Your Tea?”

  1. Peggy writes:

    I add milk to my tea

  2. Marilyn Patton writes:

    Yes…for sure, grew up in Canada, drank tea like the British with milk (not cream), fifty years later still drinking milk with my tea.

  3. phyllis Heath writes:

    no milk in my tea, thank you.

  4. Sue Bradford writes:

    With milk only. Preferably 2% or whole milk. Milk always poured after but if someone else pours and chooses to put the milk in first, I won’t complain.

    Of course with Chai tea you would always use Milk and Sugar. I believe about 50% milk and 50% tea is the proper ratio and then add a ton of sugar. I first tried chai in India while visiting as a child. It was the most incredible drink I had ever had. I don’t usually add sugar to my tea except with chai I believe it is required or it just wouldn’t be right.