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What Are Your Favorite Family Tea Memories?

bigelow tea memoriesOne of the tea facts we love most about Bigelow is how making tea and sharing a mug together transcends generations – whether you’re just discovering tea for the first time or have spent many years being a tea fan, everyone can turn teatime into time well spent together! Tea is truly a feel good beverage – not just good for your own well-being but for your favorite company too. We think tea is the catalyst for the best memories!

And speaking of awesome memorable family moments, we just had to share these stories from our tea community which are super amazing examples of how tea brings families closer.

Doreen MacDonald:

As a little girl, my mother would pour me a little cup of “Constant Comment”® when she fixed herself a pot of tea in the evening. Such a wonderful memory of the time shared and the smell of the fresh brewed tea. I still have the cup……

Maria La Fave:

Sitting with my mom and drinking tea (Bigelow Plantation Mint actually). We always used to sit by my family’s old wood stove and sip two, sometimes three cups, while talking the morning away. I have since moved to another state, but those will always remain some of my fondest memories.

Pat New Fearnside:

Constant Comment”® — Growing up, when we had snow days with no school, we’d come in from the cold and Mother would make a teapotful of it. So good! I also add it to my iced tea.

Lin Gregerson:

Still my favorite since late 1950’s when Mom would fix little cups of it as a treat for us girls. Just bought 2 boxes of the decaf to enjoy in the evenings. If I’m craving something sweet, just adding a dash of mild honey or sugar really brings out the orange flavor and nips the craving quickly.

What’s your family’s tea tradition? Share it and tag #TeaProudly.

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2 Responses to “What Are Your Favorite Family Tea Memories?”

  1. Dawn Siciliano writes:

    I remember sitting with my daughter drinking Bigelow green tea with pomegranate. That is our favorite. We drink two big mug full a night. I remember the first time like it was yesterday. I was much on herbal tea’ s but I did give my daughter chamomile aloud cause they say it helps with babies stomachs. So anyway this one night she was about 13 and we made two mug fills of Bigelow green tea with pomegranate. We say up in my room and talked for hours. It was the best night I ever had. She talked to me about her life, boys, school. We talked about everything. I even shared some of my experiences from when I was a teen. She liked that. But she was so honest to me about things I wouldn’t tell my mom. We still have that moment in our Hearts while drinking several cups of Bigelow green tea with pomegranate & mom n daughter personal talk. Still till this day she tells me everything. I think it was due to that night, mom not over reacting over somethings she told me. I always wanted her to no she could tell me anything & I will always be there for her. Thanks to that night talking n drinking over tea. Made out relationship better. She learned she could tell me anything and I dont judge her I’ll be there for her & be her mom. Thank you Bigelow

  2. Valorie writes:

    What a beautiful story Dawn, thanks for sharing!!