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This Is Why Honey And Bigelow Tea Are Worth Buzzing About

It’s sweet, it’s natural, and it’s one honey of an ingredient – especially in your mug of Bigelow Tea. There’s a lot to be said about honey, from its origins to its uses. Yeah, it’s easy to go on and on about it, but let’s be sweet and just share a handful so you can get back to your day. Here are a few reasons being a honey fanatic is a great way to bee:

Bee classic. Honey has a long history – production flourished in ancient Greece and Sicily, and was used to sweeten different foods. The spiritual and therapeutic use of honey in ancient India is documented in Ayurveda texts, which are more than 4,000 years old. Wow!

Bee unique. A lot of work goes into each jar of honey. To start, honey bees make honey from the nectar they collect from flowers. The 60,000 or so bees in a beehive may collectively travel as much as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a pound of honey. And, on average, On average, a honey bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey over the course of its life. To put that into perspective, two tablespoons of honey would be enough to fuel a bee’s entire flight around the world.

Bee healthy. A source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, honey – particularly in its raw form – offers unique health benefits. According to research, it’s used as a natural cough suppressant, may help heal wounds and reduce allergy symptoms, and can offer a quick energy boost.

Bee sustainable. Unfortunately, bee populations all over the country are drastically declining. In the past few years, experts warned that four species of bees native to Connecticut, where Bigelow Tea’s headquarters are located, had disappeared from the state in the last 10 years. So, we decided to take action on the bees’ behalf and even planted more flowers on our corporate property along an urban train track fence in the hopes of providing bees with a better natural habitat.

Bee sweet. Honey adds a little sweetness to the day (and cup!), so we want to make sure it’s around for many, many days to come. It could be easy to take for granted, but we’d sure miss it if it ever ran out!  Add a little honey to your favorite Bigelow Tea, or try our Honey and Chamomile Vanilla Honey Herbal Tea before turning in for the night.

Bottom line: If a bee is buzzing by you, don’t panic. Just relax (maybe with a nice cup of tea) and assume that it’ll likely go about its business. And lucky for Bigelow – and all of us – those bees are in the business of making honey!

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