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All The Tips For Making Iced Tea Perfect Every Time

Summer’s in the air, tea lovers, and you know what that means… countless glasses of iced tea! Don’t worry, though, Bigelow Tea has everything you need for some cool sipping. Whether you love fruity flavors like Pomegranate Pizzazz®, Red Raspberry™ or Perfect Peach®, or crave the delicious combo of tea and lemonade, get ready to be refreshed. BTW- you may be a pro at making a hot cup of tea on a cold day, but creating iced tea perfection has its own set of in-the-know tips. President and CEO Cindi Bigelow will help you out, though. Check ‘em out:

All ya gotta do is try. 

Try pairing different teabags together to give your iced tea a tasty twist that’s all your own. Bigelow Tea has more than 150 flavors to choose from, including a bunch of specialty iced teas to get you started. Remember, it’s certainly not against the rules if you choose to ice your favorite hot tea, yum!

Big spoon or little spoon? 

Once you decide on a flavor and the water is boiling, have a glass ready. Then, put a spoon in it before pouring in the hot water. The spoon will capture incoming heat and prevent your glass from breaking- who knew! Don’t forget to leave some room for the ice!

Steep, baby, steep.

If you’re making just a glass for yourself, give two teabags a couple of minutes to steep, but for a quart (like if you’re pouring for a party) make sure to steep between 6 to 10 minutes. Feel free to play around with time lengths to find your perfect brew. Once the tea has steeped, add those ice cubes (be generous).

Sweeten the deal. 

Besides sugar, think out of the box and try agave or honey. Spruce your iced tea up further with a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint.

What is your favorite Bigelow Tea to enjoy over ice? Tag #TeaProudly and share!

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