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5 Reasons to Love Bigelow Green Tea

As one of the most popular drinks in the Far East, green tea goes waaaaay back and has been valued by men and women for centuries (the first #TeaProudly generation for sure!). According to legend, in 2737 BCE, Chinese emperor Shennong was resting under a Camellia tree and boiled some water to drink when dried leaves floated down and infused with the water. Captivated by its fragrance, Shennong took a sip and found it refreshing (we can relate to that refreshing part).

While there’s no way to know if this is the true birth of green tea, millions of people still find its flavor delightful. Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves that are immediately steamed or pan-fired to avoid oxidation, which results in a delicate, ultra-smooth flavor. Bigelow Tea offers a multitude of yummy green tea flavors and as the dog days of summer wind down, green tea can help you beat the heat and stay hydrated. (whew!)

Here are five more good reasons to drink versatile and delicious Bigelow Green Tea:

  1. Looking for a quick afternoon pick-me-up? When that after-lunch food coma hits, the refreshing flavor of Earl Grey Green can give you a little boost (and keep you from falling asleep at your desk!)
  2. Whether you want to cool off after a session at the gym or just chill and kick back with a good book, the cool, clean flavor of Bigelow Green Tea with Mint will make your taste buds sing. (La la la!)
  3. There’s more to green tea than just good taste—not only is it packed with flavor, it’s also is high in polyphenols known as EGCGBigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate as an option adds a delightful tang to a healthy lifestyle. Yay!
  4. A  soothing way to unwind after a hectic week, whisk yourself away to paradise and relax with the delicate aroma of Jasmine flowers in  Bigelow Jasmine Green Tea (ahhhhhhhhhhh).
  5. Believe it or not, the bright, grassy notes of green tea pair well with the delicate flavors of fish and shellfish, too! Baked Catfish Fillets with Lemon Lift® Tea Shallot Glaze recipe is a lusciously light dish that’s ideal for a tasty late summer lunch or dinner. Yum!

Hot or cold, the remarkable flavor and versatility of green tea is undeniable! Add some zing to the last days of summer (or year-round!) and experiment with your own fabulous tea flavor combinations. Share your favorites with the world and tag #TeaProudly!

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