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4 Tips For Throwing An Unforgettable Tea Party (With A Little Bigelow Tea Added Of Course!)

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Why not throw a tea party for your next event planning adventure…think about a baby or bridal shower, birthdays, a girls’ get together or a unique graduation party (tis the season after all)!  Of course, you really need no excuse for drinking Bigelow Tea with friends and family, but hey, if you’re thinking of planning the tea party of the century, these tips will help you make the day totally rock, whether you’re new to the tea party scene or you have done this a million times (and if you have please do share tips with all of us!).  Check out these tea party tips for the #TeaProudly crowd:

  1. Will the tea party be hoity-toity or totally chill?

First things first; decide what kind of party you want to have. Is the event going to be a fancy Brit-like high tea? Or are you thinking something more casual like a brunch or snack-filled afternoon tea? You can even have a glamorous tea party like a celebrity would!

  1. Make a list of party essentials, and check it twice.

Once you’ve decided on the type of event you’re having, you’ll need tea (we’ll get to that!)  of course, but this checklist should cover all the other must-haves that you don’t want to forget:

  • Teapots for each type of tea you serve
  • Plenty of cups and saucers
  • All the tea accouterments like milk, lemon slices, honey, and sugar
  • Decorative plates, forks and teaspoons
  • Table décor, including a cool centerpiece and cool tablecloths! There are endless centerpiece ideas, as well as tea party ideas, on Pinterest.
  1. Cook up some recipes that feature tea!

A casual tea party calls for tasty and easy eats, such as big helpings of Fabulous Melon and Blueberry Fruit Salad, which features Bigelow Wild Blueberry With Acai herbal tea for a fruity twist!  And guests will go nuts for I Love Lemon® Quick Bread, it’s so simple yet so good!  If you’re thinking of doing something a bit more formal menu wise, hors d’oeuvres are a must. I Love Lemon® Asparagus Wrapped in Smoked Salmon is a classy choice, as are Miniature Vegetable Quiches that feature Bigelow Green Tea in them- yummy!

  1. Offer up teas for every taste!

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need the right teas for the party! Think about offering a wide range of flavors, from light and fruity to bold and spicy, to keep guests going back for more! These crowd-pleasing varieties are must-haves: English TeatimeLemon LiftGreen TeaPlantation Mint, and the one and only Constant Comment®.

Now you’re ready to party! Go forth and #TeaProudly!

Bigelow Tea Loves A Good Tea Party—Especially One Hosted By Sofia Vergara

Monday, November 21st, 2016


Celeb tea parties have been all the rage this year, and Hollywood A-listers Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are joining in on the fun! Both Sofia and Joe took to social media to give a sneak peek into a tea party they hosted—now that’s being a proud tea-drinker! Surrounded by close family and friends, it looked like the event was a success—smiling faces, tea sandwiches, scones and sweets, beautifully-arranged flowers, teacups, and guests happily drinking tea (of course).


In an image captioned, “”What do u do when @clarissa_rezende brings u a @stefanbeharsucre cake from Brazil??!!!!!! Invite friends for Tea Partyyyyyyy,” the oh-so-lovely Colombian actress posed with a Stefan Behar Sucré cake that event decorator Clarissa Rezende brought back from São Paulo, Brazil.

We can just imagine being in Brazil with a Stefan Behar Sucré cake for a delicious treat—and perhaps a cup of tea to accompany a slice? After all, black tea is a popular Brazilian choice, either hot or iced, along with herbal teas such as mint and lemongrass.

Whether you’re having your cake and drinking tea, too, or celebrating good friends over good stories at a tea party, let’s keep showing how tea is such a big part of our lives. At Bigelow Tea, we love when celebrities share their tea-inspired moments, and we can’t wait to hear more of your stories, too. Show us your #TeaProudly moments and tell the world why you love to make a cup of tea part of your day!

Who Doesn’t Love A Celeb Filled Tea Party? BAFTA LA Does It Right!

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Celebs came out in full force a few months ago to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea held by BAFTA Los Angeles (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) the day before the Emmys. The annual event took place at the Boxwood cafe inside of the London Hotel in West Hollywood, and gave Brits and non-Brits alike a chance to relax before the big awards night – plus munch on teatime goodies! BAFTA Los Angeles is an organization that promotes British talent and bridges the relationship between Hollywood and the U.K. film industry, and the event included plenty of stars from the other side of the pond. Celebs such as Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, and Laura Carmichael and Julian Fellowes (star and creator of Downton Abbey respectively) enjoyed a spread that included the ever classic scones with strawberry preserves and clotted cream, as well as a variety of tea sandwiches such as roast beef with horseradish sauce, cucumber, and egg salad and watercress. Of course, there was plenty of tea sipping, with English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Peppermint being some of the varieties on pour. For celebs looking for a little bit more of a kick, a variety of cocktails also shared the menu. And what does a star wear to a tea party? A tea length dress of course! Clarke and Carmichael showed off their English rose radiance by wearing delicate tea length dresses that were right in tune with the theme.

If you’re looking to replicate the BAFTA experience at your own home, unfortunately we can’t promise that the cast of Game of Thrones will show up. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious recipes and flavorful teas to create a memorable event for your own friends and family!

Bigelow Tea Is Your Guide To The Ultimate Fall Tea Party

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Are you looking for the perfect excuse to host a gathering? Just grab your favorite Bigelow Tea seasonal flavors and let’s get to the party planning! After all, with the air getting cooler and the days getting shorter—now’s the perfect time to host a fall-themed tea party!

Select the date, the time, the location and the details

Figure out the who, where, what and when. Begin a guest list and decide if you want to go formal or casual—your invitations will need to reflect whichever approach you choose. To us, anytime is a good time for a tea party, but keep in mind that you’ll need to plan things around the time you select.

Invite your guests

Once you finalize your guest list, send out your invitations. Are you keeping it cozy with a small number or guests? Or do you want to fill the room? You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of food and tea for everyone—favorite flavors go fast—and try to get invitations out at least two weeks in advance.bigelow-tea-seasonal-teas

Decide on your menu

Select the teas you want to serve and make a list of the different baked goods, appetizers and finger sandwiches to make. In keeping with the autumn theme, our go-to flavors are Pumpkin SpiceSalted Caramel and Spiced Apple Cider Herbal Tea. It’s ideal to have a variety, so plan to include a few classics, too, like “Constant Comment®” and Earl Grey, or a robust Darjeeling.

Make sure you have everything you’ll need

Here’s the Bigelow Tea party checklist. Feel free to adapt it to your needs and to your special gathering.

  • Mugs or teacups and saucers
  • Milk (not cream), lemon slices, honey, sugar and a small dish for placing used tea bags. Some people prefer artificial sweeteners, so it doesn’t hurt to have some on the table or waiting in the wings.
  • A pretty tablecloth and napkins
  • Small plates, cake forks and teaspoons
  • Serving pieces and utensils

We’d also recommend a fall-themed centerpiece—simple is better. Need some ideas? Group pillar candles in different heights and widths on a tray, and add several fallen leaves or pinecones at the base of the candles. Pile a pedestal bowl high with mini pumpkins, cranberries or other fall fruits. Float single grocery store flowers in glass votive candleholders, or purchase a bouquet of burnt orange, golden yellow and deep red flowers.

And with that, you have all the essentials and accessories you need to host a tea party worthy of the awesomeness of autumn. Soak in the crisp air, revel in the changing leaves (if you have some nearby!), enjoy a shared pot (or two) of tea, and celebrate the season with your favorite people.

Celebrate in Style With A Bigelow Winter Tea Party

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Bigelow Tea CookiesWhen it’s cold outside, make a Winter Wonderland inside — Bigelow Tea-inspired, of course! A tea party is a fun and classy way to celebrate special occasions.

From baby showers and weddings, to birthdays and just-because days, there’s always a good reason for a celebration. Plus, January is Hot Tea Month, which is the perfect excuse to throw a party!

When planning your menu, a variety of teas work best. You can never go wrong with a selection that includes Bigelow Tea Earl GreyConstant Comment and Classic Green Tea, a robust Darjeeling or a rich French Vanilla, you could even add a sweet herbal option like Chamomile Mango Herb Tea. For the food portion of the menu, Bigelow Tea has teamed up with several bloggers to bring you three recipes that can be used for your cozy soiree.

For décor ideas and a recipe for Mini Cucumber Pastry Sandwiches, visit the blog Lows to Luxe. For a sweet nibble, Heather from GirlGoneMom shares a quick and easy recipe for Pecan Thumbprints that you definitely won’t want to miss. Or mosey over to Cookie Dough and oven mitt to find a recipe by Miranda for Caramel Madeleines — they’re as gorgeous as they are delicious … and all taste great with Bigelow Tea.  And let’s not forget beautiful and tasty Ladies Tea Party suggestions from Behind The Camera and Dreaming!

Share your winter tea party ideas – or any recipes you would fit the occasion – on social media with the hashtag #meandmytea!

Images (credited clockwise from top):

Lows to Luxe

Bigelow Tea Loves A Star-Studded Tea Party

Monday, July 20th, 2015

bigelow tea celebrity

For your next girls’ night out, how about a get-together featuring Bigelow Tea? Just picture it: laughing with your BFFs while sipping Bigelow Tea and jamming out to your favorite Selena Gomez song with gal pals like T-Swizzle and Ellie Goulding. Because who knows tea parties better than these rock stars, right? Recently, this group of glamorous girlfriends—which also included two members of Haim—met for tea in Las Vegas. Goulding captioned this Instagram photo with this: “Well this is bloody chill.” Totally.

Which Bigelow Tea blend do you think fits your inner star best? Perhaps the timeless “Constant Comment®” or a mug of the ever-so-classy Earl Grey? Hmmm… maybe the unique flavor of Organic Rooibos with Asian Pear or the sweet and spicy Cinnamon Stick? Whichever one it is, a party with any of these women would rock!


Bigelow Tea Finds Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice At A Tea Party With Taylor Swift

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Superstar singer Taylor Swift radiates a girl-next-door sweetness that’s a big part of her appeal, especially to younger fans. She shows just how sweet she really is in this adorable video of her at a tea party hosted by Sophia Grace and Rosie, two very chatty little girls from England. You’ll see why these cutie pie princesses “from across the pond” are developing quite a following of their own on YouTube. The tea party was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the girls do regular segments. Bigelow Tea just had to share the fun in case you missed it!

As the happy trio shows, there’s no better way to share special moments than over a spot of tea. Of course, pink tutus and sparkly tiaras are great conversation starters, too. The gals bonded while discussing a wide range of topics: the delights of glitter glue, boys, silly jokes, and their shared love of all things chocolate. They agreed that “a feast with candy bars” would be awesome. We certainly agree – and recommend Bigelow Tea’s Pomegranate Pizzazz as the perfect companion beverage!

Thank you Sophia Grace, Rosie and Taylor for making us smile – and presenting a wonderful twist on the traditional tea party. Princess style rocks!

Photo via

Bigelow Tea Looks Forward To Commemorating The Historic Tea Party

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Something tea-related is brewing in the city of Boston, and Bigelow Tea wants to share it with you. In June of 2012, the new and exciting Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum will open to the public!

For the past decade, in the wake of a fire, Boston has had no tourist spot to mark the events of the Boston Tea Party. Now, however, a new museum is being built to commemorate the historic time that those bold patriots carried out their ingenious plan to protest taxation without representation. In fact, the new museum will allow visitors to relive it – the museum’s creators are making movie-studio quality exhibits, featuring a virtual Samuel Adams and King George III. They’re said to be so “state-of-the-art” that visitors won’t know if they’re seeing real people or illusions.

In addition to a museum, the site will feature replicas of three merchant vessels boarded by patriots back in 1773: the Beaver, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth. According to, “Other plans include the installation of new docks and boat ramps, floating art displays, and barges to host musical and other performances. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino has likened the effort to creating a Boston Common on the water.”

As ardent tea lovers, here at Bigelow Tea we know that the history of our United States is awash in the history of tea. We can’t wait to see this new museum devoted to the Boston Tea Party, one of the events that helped spark the American Revolution, and we’re impressed with the plans for the finished museum and ships.  But in the meantime, we can just wait while we sip our English Teatime!

Image via

A Tea Party For Amazing Women And Bigelow Tea is Impressed!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Afternoon tea is always special, and Bigelow Tea often hears about celebrities who are also partaking in one of our favorite traditions! Like with MyDaily editor Dannii Minogue, who hosted an afternoon tea for the winners of MyDaily’s “Amazing Women” campaign.

Her tea event was held at London’s Savoy Hotel in September, and the Australian actress looked lovely in a gold, tea-length dress from her Project D collection. The party featured traditional afternoon tea foods: tea sandwiches, scones and pastries. Dannii spoke at the event and said she was happy to be “able to bring recognition to just some of the many women in the UK who work tirelessly to help and inspire others.

Because the tea took place in England, we might venture to guess that the teas served were traditional selections such as Earl Grey and perhaps English Teatime! But for an event celebrating amazing women, we might have suggested one that comes in a pink box and is aptly named for people who deserve to be treated like royalty: Raspberry Royale!

With its delicate flavor of raspberries alongside the healthful antioxidants found in black tea, this one’s a winner too … like the spectacular women who were being celebrated at Dannii’s tea party!

Image via


Bigelow Tea Spots Jennifer Garner Taking A Spin On Disney’s Tea Party Ride

Monday, August 15th, 2011

How fun to see this picture of actress Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet taking a whirl on Disneyland’s iconic Mad Tea Party ride! Glimpsing those bold, brightly colored cups makes our hearts glad here at Bigelow Tea! In fact, we’re inspired to pay homage to this spinning tea cup inspired attraction, which has delighted millions of people over the past 40 years.

Jennifer Garner

It’s no surprise that celebs like Jennifer are willing to brave the paparazzi to enjoy this particular Disney experience with their families. Although all five Disney parks offer a version of the spinning cup ride, the first – an American classic – was built in 1971 in the Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California. Fun fact: the California ride, unlike the newer incarnations at the other parks, is completely open to the elements and must be closed for safety when it rains. Of course, being able to look up at the sky while spinning adds to the magic!

The original Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland

Disney and tea lovers alike may recall that the ride was inspired by the “unbirthday party” scene in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland,  based on the fantasy tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The classic story has given us so many wacky and witty references to tea, including the maddest tea party ever!  The mayhem of the Mad Hatter and tea in Wonderland was revived once again in the 2010 Tim Burton film, starring Johnny Depp.

Although written by Carroll in 1865, Alice’s story still entertains today – making it as timeless as a great cup of tea and those magical spinning cups!

Photo 1 by PCN via, photo 2 by vt1819 via, photo 3 by Karon Liu via