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It’s A Cross Country Road Trip With #BigTeaBar (Bigelow Tea)


#bigeteabar Bigelow Tea

You’ve probably had Bigelow Tea on the road before … but this is something else altogether! In keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bigelow family, Bigelow Tea is making a cross-country trip in a super-cool customized retro 1977 Air Stream travel trailer. Its mission? To share tea and talk with tea lovers all over the U.S.! Now that’s a road trip of epic proportions!

The Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar will hit the highway starting in Boston on September 21st and work its way across the U.S., offering fresh-brewed samples of old favorites, like “Constant Comment”® and new blends too. Tea fans and newbies will have the opportunity to sip, chat and learn more about Bigelow Tea and the amazing Bigelow family story.

Timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary celebration of the company’s founding, the Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar will roll into street fairs, festivals and select retailers all across the country. It will also offer visitors a photo opportunity to share a cup with “Biggie,” Bigelow Tea’s walking mug mascot and post their photos and experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

After it’s first stop in Boston, look for the Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar in New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Austin, Houston, Atlanta and Tampa. Check out our schedule of stops so you don’t miss us!

Look for the Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar in your neck of the woods … and send a shout-out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #bigteabar if you see it coming your way!

UPDATE: Check out this great article and pictures from the Fairfield HamletHub….a great day had by all:

Bigelow Tea Lovers #GetSocial

Bigelow Tea green

Last Thursday was Get to Know Your Customers Day, and Bigelow Tea is taking a moment to give a shout-out to all of you who share your passion for Bigelow Tea via social media! Thank you for talking tea online and even offering the occasional peek inside your tea cabinet by sharing photos, as a few Bigelow Tea Facebook followers did in this recent post. Several tea fans chimed in to answer the question: Is there a Bigelow Tea you enjoy morning, noon and night? Here’s a sampling of this lively tea chat:

Constant Comment” –Karen H.

Peppermint is always my favorite!!!! – Carl B.

“It depends on what kind of mood I’m in (said in a Timothy Hutton George Stark voice) lol.” – Heather Z.

Earl Grey in the afternoon and cinnamon stick in the evening” –Jody Q.

Plantation Mint, me favorite!” – Maria T.

The fantastic response shows that kindred tea spirits always love to share what they’re sipping! And it’s true that your input really does help Bigelow Tea get to know you and serve you better. Plus, the smiley icons and humor brighten everyone’s day … so keep sharing!

Image via Instagram by @berrybecky_

Earl Grey Bigelow Tea Makes A Lifelong Impression On A Navy Veteran

Bigelow Tea Earl Gray

Bigelow Tea received this note from Steve Hilton, a Navy veteran. We wanted to share it with you today and thank him for his service and also for taking the time to let us know how Bigelow Tea made an impression on him that has lasted a lifetime.

When I was in the Navy, stationed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, I was introduced to Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey by a man in the next room. He was a recovering alcoholic, and your tea—and my joining him for a cup of Earl Grey—was instrumental in keeping him sober, and working through the “rough patches” that are associated with maintaining sobriety.  I never drink a cup of tea without thinking of him, and the blessings that were made possible by a cup of Earl Grey.

-Steve Hilton


FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT: Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

btmon_FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT- Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

Cindi Bigelow, third generation CEO of Bigelow Tea, invites you to chat with her—live!—on Facebook on November 21st from 2 to 3 pm EST. Whether you have a question regarding the new packaging, want to talk about sustainabili-TEA, would like to share a favorite tea memory, or want to know how to brew the perfect cup of tea, Cindi is eager to hear from you and answer your questions!

To participate, join us on our Bigelow Tea Facebook page anytime between 2 and 3pm EST on November 21st and join the conversation! Can’t wait to meet you live!


Bigelow Tea’s “Constant Comment”® Spices Up Our Cupcake Recipe

bttues_Bigelow Tea’s “Constant Comment”® Spices Up Our Cupcake Recipe

Tea and cupcakes go together beautifully, so why not include this beverage as a baking ingredient?! We’ve been doing it for years—making recipes with tea—and we found a tea-lover in Maine who had the same idea! During our visit to Whole Foods in Portland, MaineBigelow Tea chatted with Kristal Robishaw, a baker at the store, and learned she loves to experiment with new cupcake recipes. She also likes to add tea to her mixes!

Upon hearing this news, we of course had to give Kristal a box of our “Constant Comment”® to take home and try out. Later on, Kristal shared with us her excitement in coming up with her latest cupcake creation featuring “Constant Comment” tea. Here’s what she had to say about this tea-infused treat:

“Well, I made some pumpkin cupcakes with “Constant Comment” and they came out amazing. I didn’t use any additional spices other than the tea because I really try to make the tea the star in my recipes … I just used a basic cream cheese buttercream [frosting] recipe and topped them with a pecan praline crumble.”

She also added that she would be serving the cupcakes at a barbecue soon. “I’m sure they will be a hit,” she added. We think so too. And below is her recipe, which we all can make at home!

Pumpkin “Constant Comment” Cupcakes


5 Bigelow “Constant Comment” tea bags steeped in ½ cup boiling water
½ cup butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
4 eggs
1 can of pumpkin puree
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
½ cup vegetable oil


Recipe created by Kristal Robishaw

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (F).

Steep tea and set aside to cool (be sure to squeeze tea bags to get all the liquid). Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Slowly add eggs, one by one. Once eggs are combined, add the can of pumpkin. In a separate bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. To the tea that has been steeped, add enough vegetable oil to reach the ¾ cup mark on measuring cup. Alternate mixing the wets and dries to the pumpkin mix until combined. Scoop mixture into cupcake liners and bake for 20 minutes or until a tooth pick is inserted and comes out clean.

Makes 24 cupcakes

bttues2_Bigelow Tea’s “Constant Comment”® Spices Up Our Cupcake Recipe

A Fan Shares Reflections Of Thirty Two Years Drinking Bigelow Tea


We were so excited to hear from Bigelow Tea fan Wanda from B.C., Canada, who started drinking Bigelow Tea 32 years ago! She began by drinking our mint teas and, she says, “I was hooked.”

Now, Wanda tells us, “Bigelow tea is the only tea I will use or have in my home.” Because they don’t sell her preferred varieties in Canada, she orders them directly from Bigelow Tea! One of favorites is Eggnogg’n Tea, which she orders by the case! She makes it “it with milk morning and night.”

Recently, Wanda ordered a “mixed selection (6 different kinds of tea in a case).” Her reaction?   “WOW … awesome.”

Best of all, Wanda says, “I always take my tea wherever I go. So far it has been to Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Mexico and soon to the Phillipines. You will always find a good selection in my RV just in case some of my friends want a great cup of tea.”

Wanda closed her note with the following: “Bigelow, don’t ever stop making the best tea. Sincerely, one very satisfied customer.”

Thanks, Wanda!


We Salute Eunice As Our Bigelow Tea Fan Of The Month!


We met Eunice, our August Fan of the Month, on Facebook, where her signature wit provides regular smile therapy for all of us at Bigelow Tea. She loves to talk tea, always with a twinkle in her eye! Consider this response to our request for photos: “[I]f you want to know what I look like, picture Sophia Loren with gray hair.” Getting to know Eunice better has been delightful, and we thought many of you would enjoy hearing her story as well.

A proud “cheesehead” and Green Bay Packers fan from Wisconsin, Eunice now divides her time between her home state in the summer and Dallas in the colder months. “I’ve retired many years ago from doing everything from working in the phone room of a newspaper, to doing housekeeping at private residences, to secretarial work, to working at a meat-packing plant. And that’s in addition to raising four children. I’ve been widowed for some time now, and enjoy spending time with my family.” Reading, doing puzzles, gardening, playing “Smear” (a card game) and volunteering are among her current passions. One organization she works with helps women through abusive relationships.


Eunice’s favorite Bigelow Tea flavor is “Constant Comment”®, which she steeps with cloves in a tea ball. “I like the pungent clove taste that it adds to the tea.  My mother used to make an orange tea with a very strong clove flavor and this brings back memories of that.”

Although Eunice “enjoys every day as it comes,” she describes a perfect autumn day as one spent  “sitting on my front porch among the beautiful colors of the changing trees, watching the ducks fly south while sipping iced tea (Bigelow, of course) and reading.  Anytime I can spend with nature makes me happy.”  Eunice, you make us happy! Cheers!


Enjoy Bigelow Tea Fan Teri Casper’s Artful Appreciation!


Devoted Bigelow Tea fans (you know who you are!) often show their appreciation with heartwarming testimonials. We adore them all, of course, but today we’re excited to share a particularly “artful” ode to Bigelow Tea! Talented watercolor artist and blogger Teri Casper loves our Green Tea with Lemon and used her paintbrush to express just how much. We think you will agree the results are both lovely and sweetly clever. Thank you Teri for your creative Bigelow Tea art!


Of the painting below, Teri explains: “This really happens to a lot of artists, including me; painting with a cup of tea on the side and ending up with the paintbrush in the tea.” We’re glad to see the image shows a separate cup for drinking!

Here are a few more of her paintings. We hope our fans enjoy Teri’s art as much as we do … and that our teas inspire all of our customers to enjoy life as much as Teri obviously does!



A Chari-Tea Event Run By A Fan Features Bigelow Tea


My name is Diane and I am from a little town near Erie, Pennsylvania. My daughter founded our Relay for Life team called The Forget-Me-Nots a few years ago to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Last year our team hosted a Chari-tea Party that was a huge success. It was a ladies only event and we asked everyone to decorate a hat and we awarded the various winners with a tea gift package.  We had some very interesting hats!

It was so much fun and we ran out of seating because the ladies came and stayed until the end!  Now we have to find a bigger place to hold our event!  Not a bad problem to have, huh?

I think we offered just about every flavor of Bigelow Tea there is and the ladies really enjoyed them.  We are constantly being asked “when is your tea party going to be”?

It was a great event for a great cause with a lot of great women drinking great tea!!!  It was a win/win!!!

Diane from Pennsylvania


Every Day Is “Get To Know Your Customer Day” At Bigelow Tea!


Getting to know our tea Fans has been a top priority here at Bigelow Tea. We love hearing your tea stories! So it has been deeply gratifying—and just plain fun—to celebrate the lives of several remarkable individuals through our Fan of the Month feature, which we introduced back in September. Since Get to Know Your Customer Day is tomorrow, July 18—and we also happen to be celebrating all things “made in the USA” this month—we’d like to take a moment to thank our Fans, formal and otherwise, for sharing their all-American passion for Bigelow Tea!

It has been fascinating to learn about Fan favorites, from Green Tea with Mint and “Constant Comment®” to several flavors in between. We’ve also loved learning about the myriad ways in which our Fans integrate tea into their busy days.  We have profiled many talented bloggers whose specialties span the realms of art, food, homemaking, sustainable fashion, music and more. Although their lifestyles and interests are diverse, they all agree on one thing: tea time is an essential daily American ritual!


Now that summer is in full swing, we get lots of great Fan feedback about how refreshingly delicious Bigelow Teas are over ice. In fact, any Bigelow Tea flavor can be enjoyed iced after fresh “homegrown” brewing! Be sure to check out our Everything Iced Tea page for iced tea tips and easy recipes. And, as always, keep in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, because as far as we’re concerned, every day is another opportunity to get to know our valued consumers!

Image by Busy At Home blog