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Bigelow Tea Gets A Kick Out Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest Tea-Drinking Adventure

If you follow soccer, then the name Cristiano Ronaldo sounds awfully familiar. One of the most famous professional soccer players in the world, the Real Madrid C.F. and Portuguese National Team player has set multiple records on the field. Off the field, Cristiano is no stranger to fame and is known as someone who loves to have a good laugh (which Bigelow Tea can certainly appreciate).

As you can imagine, life as a famous athlete is no doubt a hectic one. And Cristiano proved just that when he had a little fun by recording how many times he was interrupted with requests for pictures while drinking tea at a café with a friend. Within a few minutes, Cristiano posed dozens of times with fans while sipping. Whew… what an adventure it is to be such a high-profile celebrity! At least he was a good sport about it—with a cup of chamomile tea in hand, no less!

Bigelow Tea Wants To Know Which Tea You’re Inspired To Try This Spring!

bigelow tea herbal tea spring

Spring into spring this year by trying a new Bigelow Tea flavor! This season, go beyond your go-to and experience something new. Looking for a welcoming, yet mellow flavor with floral notes? Try Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea. Seeking a tea with an aroma that will transport you to the tropics? Look no further than Green Tea with Mango. A fan of fresh flavors with a hint of tartness? Savor a cup of Cranberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea whenever you need a pick-me-up. Are you wishing for bright flavors that remind you of a summer day all year ‘round? Then Wild Blueberry with Acai Herbal Teais the perfect choice!

If these flavors are enticing your tastebuds, Bigelow Tea is curious to know which tea you’re most interested in sipping this season. Take the survey below and share your new tea ventures!

Image by Lucy Djevdet via Flickr

Bigelow Tea Looks At The Millennial Generation’s Taste For Tea

bigelow tea mug
A new generation of tea drinkers is here! Meet the millennials, the first generation to reach adulthood during the digital age and eager to explore the world of tea. Check out this report from the Tea Association of Canada about millennial tea tastes.  Bigelow Tea perked up after noting a few interesting trends north of the border that are right in sync with surveys of American millennials.

According to the Canadian report, younger tea drinkers are ever-curious about new flavors and types of tea. Bigelow Tea’s master tea blenders certainly appreciate this adventurous spirit and are happy to oblige by continually adding new varieties. There are now more than 130! Check out @tiredapplestar‘s tweet about her super-organized drawer filled with Bigelow Tea choices. Love it!bigelow tea millenials

Two out of three Canadian millennials report drinking at least one cup of tea a week, accounting for 36 percent of all tea drinkers in Canada. Just over half of these young tea drinkers are female, and many report that they enjoy drinking both green tea and black tea.

Of course, Bigelow Tea knows that tea lovers come in all ages, and while some seek novelty, others prefer to stick with tried-and-true favorites, such as “Constant Comment“®, the very first tea developed by Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945, or Earl Grey, which has won devoted fans like Bob with a blend of black tea and oil of bergamot from Calabria, Italy.

No matter which generation you belong to or what your personal tea-drinking preferences are, Bigelow Tea welcomes you to the fold of tea devotees!

Bigelow Tea’s Lemon Lift is a Perfect Pick-Me-Up

bigelow tea lemonlift cupLike peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese, tea and lemon are a classic pairing. So it’s really no surprise that Bigelow Tea Lemon Lift is such a fan favorite. In this distinctive blend of black tea, however, you don’t just taste lemon notes—your taste buds have the opportunity to flirt with the spices that the Bigelow family has added to round out the cup for a product unlike any other. Now that’s quality flavor!

As if you need more proof, Pat Benatar—ranked by Billboard magazine as the most successful female rock vocalist of all time, winner of four consecutive Grammy Awards, and creative genius bigelow tea lemon lift boxbehind timeless hits like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”—is a fan of Lemon Lift, too! Pat has been known to request the tart and refreshing blend before performances.

Take this stellar advice from Bigelow Tea: When life gives you lemons, slice them up and add them to a cuppa tea. It can make your day any time, which is why Lemon Lift is the perfect afternoon treat for @angelic_abbie. Pucker up and enjoy!


Bigelow Tea Talks Teapots

bigelow tea tea potBigelow Tea fans know that the perfect cup of Bigelow Tea starts in the teapot or tea kettle, but may not know much about them. Here’s a quick lesson! A tea kettle is heated on a stovetop and a teapot is not heated but the tea is steeped inside it.

bigelow tea green tea pot

A brief history of the teapot reveals that when tea and teapots were introduced to Great Britain in the early 1600s the original Chinese teapots were undifferentiated from wine-pots, which have a handle and spout. In 1694 the British East India Company indicated that all their teapots needed a grate before the spout to hold back tea leaves. Ceramic teapots are now available in a variety of colors and sizes like this Lime Green Curve Teapot (pictured above and available on the Bigelow Tea website) but they weren’t made in Britain until the 1690s!

tea pot bigelow teaToday, people typically use either stovetop or electric kettles to heat the water for their tea. Facebook Fan Marian Herbet says “a blue kettle heats my water on the stove in the winter. When the Summer comes I use an electric kettle.” Electric tea kettles quickly and quietly boil water while traditional kettles are used on a stovetop (like the Catalina Tea-Kettle in Stainless Steel, pictured above). This traditionally shaped kettle heats up quickly and keeps hands safe with a heat-resistant stay-cool lid and handle. You’ll know your water is ready when you hear the whistle!

In any case, make sure to let your water come to a rolling boil and immediately pour over your favorite Bigelow Tea flavor and of course, enjoy every sip!

Bigelow Tea Looks At Evidence That Tea Is More Than 2000 Years Old

bigelow tea historyIt turns out that “one of the world’s oldest beverages” is even older than previously thought. New analysis of plant remains found in ancient tombs confirms that they are, in fact, from tea plants. Bigelow Tea loves a good mystery and learning that the key to solving this one was the presence of theanine, an amino acid found only in tea and responsible for its relaxing properties.

According to an NPR report, the oldest known reference to tea was in a document from 59 B.C., though scholars were unsure of its accuracy. Experts now have what they believe is physical evidence of tea’s existence in two tombs that are 2,100 years old, about 100 years before the document in question. Leaf buds found in these tombs resemble the finest tea. To prove their hunch, researchers compared the chemistry of the buds to modern tea samples. The presence of caffeine was helpful, but not conclusive, evidence. A few other plants also contain caffeine. Finding theanine was “the clincher.”

The investigation also supported the belief that tea has long been highly prized and sought after, as one of the tombs –in western China – belonged to an emperor! What remains unclear is exactly how this ancient tea was enjoyed. Other evidence suggests that before modern brewing techniques, cultural practices involved mixing barley and other plants with tea for medicinal purposes.

However it was used, tea clearly has a long and distinguished history that tea lovers all over the world can appreciate. As a third-generation family-owned tea company founded 70 years ago, Bigelow Tea is proud to be a part of this tradition!

Tell Bigelow Tea Your Choice For Favorite Herbal Tea Flavor!

bigelow tea cozy chamommileBigelow Tea understands why herbal teas can be so appealing with their fruity, minty or zesty flavors. For 70 years, the Bigelow Tea family has been blending various herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and spices to produce close to 40 herbal tea varieties. Each one can be served hot or cold and at any time. Plus they’re all naturally caffeine free, making it just the right beverage for unwinding before bedtime!  Now Bigelow Tea wants to know: Which is your favorite Bigelow Herbal Tea flavor?


Bigelow Tea Says Live Long & Sip Tea!

bigelow tea live life mugSome of life’s most enjoyable moments are spent with a cup or mug of tea in hand. Whether you’re sharing a cup with a friend, watching the sunrise with a hot mug nearby or enjoying time with the morning paper and your favorite Bigelow Tea blend, life is simply better with tea.

And if life is good, why not find ways to keep on living as long as possible, right? National Public Radio is reporting on a fascinating project called “Blue Zones.” The project is documenting the lifestyle secrets of communities that have the highest concentration of centurians (people 100 years old or more) in the world. People in those five world regions are said to have good genes, strong social ties, lots of opportunities to exercise and tightly-knit families. In addition, NPR noted that they “were struck by essential tea drinking is in these regions.”

Some drink traditional “tea,” made with the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, like in Okinawa, Japan, where they drink green tea with jasmine. Other regions use herbs grown nearby, as they do in Sardinia, where they brew milk thistle, a native wild plant. bigelow tea jasmine tea

Herbal teas, green teas and black teas can all be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle, and research has indicated that drinking tea can reduce non-cardiovascular mortality. So, sip some Bigelow Tea, take a walk around the block and strengthen your social ties by inviting friends and family over to share a cup! Sounds like a recipe for a great—and possibly long—life!

Bigelow Tea’s Top Five List Of Most Fun Teapots 

bigelow tea tea pots list

For 70 years, Bigelow Tea has been brewing in the kitchens of many tea lovers. Just think of how many teapots and tea kettles have been used over the years to serve a cuppa tea! Colorful, artistic, sometimes even “short and stout” (like @kvley’s beautiful cornflower blue teapot, above!), here are a few fun teapots from around the world.


Debuting about two decades after Bigelow Tea was founded in 1945, Doctor Who has collected millions of fans over the years. Depicting the Doctor’s unassuming time machine, the TARDIS, this teapot might be able to make your tea steep even faster! And ever a proper gentleman, The Doctor always has tea on-board!

bigelow tea dr who teapot

The Bigelow Tea “Chester the Cat” Teapot

Who’s feline like a cuppa tea? A well-brewed pot of tea is the cat’s meow, and so is this adorable kitten-themed teapot from Bigelow Tea! Gotta have one? Find it here.

bigelow tea cat tea pot

The Vintage Teapot

Classy and timeless, this delicate teapot looks like the perfect complement to a vintage kitchen. You can almost imagine its original owner brewing cups of Bigelow Tea “Constant Comment®” for guests throughout the years!

bigelow tea rose tea pot

The Modern Teapot

For a more 21st century vibe, check out these two gorgeous teapots. Simple yet stunning, they can be found at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong. How modern and exquisite!

bigelow tea po-mo tea pot

The Traditional Teapot

Sporting some flashy floral patterns and a ceramic body with a uniquely quilted look, this teapot looks like what you’d see at a traditional afternoon tea in the eighteenth century. No wonder it’s housed in the National Museum of Scotland! Cheers!

bigelow tea traditional tea pot

So, sit back, steep your favorite Bigelow Tea blend (or wait in anticipation like @Denise0223) and remember—whatever your mood, whichever teapot you choose, it’s what’s in the inside that counts!

Image of TARDIS teapot by F_A via Flickr
Image of vintage teapot by Rosmarie Voegtli via Flickr
Image of modern teapots by istolethetv via Flickr
Image of traditional teapot by dun_deagh via Flickr

Bigelow Tea Is In Orbit Over British Astronaut

bigelow tea lemon lift mugFor more than 70 years Bigelow Tea has been shipping its assorted teas to stores and tea lovers across the globe … and more recently even offering cups of tea on a traveling Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar! Now it might be time to think of sending tea into outer space!

British astronaut Tim Peake did just that. While preparing for his six-month stay at the International Space Station, Peake insisted that his favorite beverage would be waiting for him up there! Brewing tea in orbit, however, is quite different from doing it on Earth. While in orbit, Peake must prepare his tea inside a special drinks pouch instead of a kettle. To make sure that he won’t end up with stewed tea, Peake created a technique of using a second pouch as a decanter so that his tea comes out just right.

bigelow tea lemon lift tea

As for his choice of tea, Bigelow Tea thinks Peake will find English Teatime or Earl Grey to be stellar and traditional. Facebook fan Shirley Smith, an Earl Grey lover, would certainly agree! Or perhaps Lemon Lift after liftoff? Which Bigelow Tea blend would you be set to launch with?