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Bigelow Tea Lovers #GetSocial

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Last Thursday was Get to Know Your Customers Day, and Bigelow Tea is taking a moment to give a shout-out to all of you who share your passion for Bigelow Tea via social media! Thank you for talking tea online and even offering the occasional peek inside your tea cabinet by sharing photos, as a few Bigelow Tea Facebook followers did in this recent post. Several tea fans chimed in to answer the question: Is there a Bigelow Tea you enjoy morning, noon and night? Here’s a sampling of this lively tea chat:

Constant Comment” –Karen H.

Peppermint is always my favorite!!!! – Carl B.

“It depends on what kind of mood I’m in (said in a Timothy Hutton George Stark voice) lol.” – Heather Z.

Earl Grey in the afternoon and cinnamon stick in the evening” –Jody Q.

Plantation Mint, me favorite!” – Maria T.

The fantastic response shows that kindred tea spirits always love to share what they’re sipping! And it’s true that your input really does help Bigelow Tea get to know you and serve you better. Plus, the smiley icons and humor brighten everyone’s day … so keep sharing!

Image via Instagram by @berrybecky_

FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT: Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

btmon_FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT- Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

Cindi Bigelow, third generation CEO of Bigelow Tea, invites you to chat with her—live!—on Facebook on November 21st from 2 to 3 pm EST. Whether you have a question regarding the new packaging, want to talk about sustainabili-TEA, would like to share a favorite tea memory, or want to know how to brew the perfect cup of tea, Cindi is eager to hear from you and answer your questions!

To participate, join us on our Bigelow Tea Facebook page anytime between 2 and 3pm EST on November 21st and join the conversation! Can’t wait to meet you live!


Every Day Is “Get To Know Your Customer Day” At Bigelow Tea!


Getting to know our tea Fans has been a top priority here at Bigelow Tea. We love hearing your tea stories! So it has been deeply gratifying—and just plain fun—to celebrate the lives of several remarkable individuals through our Fan of the Month feature, which we introduced back in September. Since Get to Know Your Customer Day is tomorrow, July 18—and we also happen to be celebrating all things “made in the USA” this month—we’d like to take a moment to thank our Fans, formal and otherwise, for sharing their all-American passion for Bigelow Tea!

It has been fascinating to learn about Fan favorites, from Green Tea with Mint and “Constant Comment®” to several flavors in between. We’ve also loved learning about the myriad ways in which our Fans integrate tea into their busy days.  We have profiled many talented bloggers whose specialties span the realms of art, food, homemaking, sustainable fashion, music and more. Although their lifestyles and interests are diverse, they all agree on one thing: tea time is an essential daily American ritual!


Now that summer is in full swing, we get lots of great Fan feedback about how refreshingly delicious Bigelow Teas are over ice. In fact, any Bigelow Tea flavor can be enjoyed iced after fresh “homegrown” brewing! Be sure to check out our Everything Iced Tea page for iced tea tips and easy recipes. And, as always, keep in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, because as far as we’re concerned, every day is another opportunity to get to know our valued consumers!

Image by Busy At Home blog

February Was Another Great Month for Communicating with Bigelow Tea!

It seems that tea lovers really like to speak their minds! Bigelow Tea is thrilled that during February we heard from so many of you through Twitter and Facebook. Our communication channels were packed with great feedback from our tweeps and Friends, and we can’t thank you enough!

On Twitter lots of people were tweeting about their favorite teas. For starters, @AliBabaAuctions let us know that he likes to start the day with Bigelow Earl Grey Tea “with honey and half-and-half.” Sounds good to us! Similarly @WebThingy told us that his “fav tea (I drink it 2x a day at least) is Green Tea w/ Pomegranate.” And @reddpups tweeted that she was “lovin the Chamomile Mango tea right now.” Thanks for letting us know!

Finally, @colinmorris made us chuckle with this one: “Oh, thank god. @BigelowTea has a @Twitter account. Now I can tell them every time I’m brewing their lifesaving chai. (I annoy even myself.)”

Our Facebook page was really hopping too! So many of you posted updates on our page, and we got literally hundreds of responses to some of the questions we posed last month! More than 100 of you responded to one question alone: when we asked if it was possible people were drinking iced tea in February! The answer? A resounding yes! All of this great back-and-forth communication is truly remarkable … and it actually caught the attention of Chris Brogan, a social media consultant to Fortune 500 companies, who put Bigelow Tea’s Facebook page on his list of “Compelling Facebook Fan Pages!”

Way to go, tea drinkers! Thanks for making your voices heard and for letting us know what you like and how you like it. We can’t wait to hear more from you next month!

Image by netzanette via

Thanks to Our Bigelow Tea Friends on the World Wide Web!

At Bigelow Tea, we truly enjoy hearing from you, our customers–and from tea lovers all over the world! Whether you’re commenting on a blog post, Tweeting about your favorite tea or contributing thoughts on our Facebook page, we are always happy to hear from you. That’s why we’ve decided to post a monthly “thank you” to all our Internet pals!

In December we found our Facebook page hopping with activity! Many tea lovers became our “fans” and entered our exciting sweepstakes. In addition, many grateful customers visited our page to share their love of our teas! Thanks to Barbara Ellen Cornett-Gollwitzer (Spiced Chai tea), Brian Muller (Jasmine Green tea) and Jennifer Palmer (Vanilla Caramel tea) for the shout-outs about their favorite teas!

And there’s tea fan Toby Fauke Smith, who recently expresses his love of Bigelow Teas’ Earl Grey: “It’s my favorite and I’ve tried many including loose leaf tea shop varieties. Bigelow’s is the best!” We admire Toby’s good sense and taste!

This is just a small sample of what you’re saying about Bigelow Tea, and we look forward to highlighting additional conversations in the future. Thanks to all our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, readers and friends for sharing your thoughts, comments, exclamations and compliments with us this month! Happy New Year … and we look forward to connecting with you again throughout the month of January and beyond!

Teacup photo by Cate Sevilla via

What Fuels You?

This year, Bigelow Tea turns 65.  And in the United States, 65 is synonymous with retirement.

Does that mean we’re retiring from tea?  Never!

Our family company has been making tea for three generations, and we get better every year.  In fact, in a recent interview with World Tea News, our own Cindi Bigelow explained why she’d never consider taking the company public:

Why would I? We are so committed to this business, so committed to the product, the consumer and the employee. As soon as you bring somebody else in, that focus changes. They’d propose things that we don’t feel are good for the family long-term. Their concern is profit; our main concern is our people and our product.

That’s because Cindi knows what fuels her: she’s committed to the quality of our product and the well-being of our employees.  She’d never sacrifice her values for the sake of a dollar — and that commitment has made Bigelow Tea profitable and sustainable for generations.

Last year, while visiting our Charleston Tea Plantation, Cindi stopped to chat with some of the entrepreneurs in Charleston’s tourist district.  She learned a bit about their businesses, but she also recognized a kinship they share with the Bigelow family: each of them is fueled by the desire to succeed, on their own terms, doing what they love.

(Of course, it helps that some of them keep themselves fueled with tea, too…)


So, as we celebrate our own 65 years of success, we’d like to know: what fuels you to succeed?

See What Happens at Our Bigelow Tea Socials!

On January 21st, we hosted our first-ever Bigelow Tea Social in New York City.  The event was a big success, but if you weren’t there, you may be wondering what you were missing.  Stephanie at The Tea Scoop wrote a great recap of her experience, and she’s also one of the happy attendees we featured in our own video recap of the evening.

Maybe we’ll see you at our next tea social?  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be sure you hear about our upcoming events!


A Question for Cindi Bigelow from a BlogTalkRadio Listener

A listener of the BlogTalkRadio interview loved hearing what Cindi Bigelow had to say and wanted to know the following:

“I loved hearing the history of Bigelow Tea, I would have liked to know if messaging sent via social media are the same as the ones in traditional adverts?”

Cindi Bigelow answers:

Great question, to me they are completely different. With traditional advertising, it is very hard to make a real connection with the consumer. Social media truly allows you to talk to the consumer. We can let them know who we are, what our company is all about and how much our brand means to us as a family company. Social media has also allowed us to listen and understand more about our tea drinkers and tea drinkers in general. I think traditional media has real value but for our company that does not have tons of money to spend in this area, we would have a very hard time establishing a better connection with the consumer without being able to spend a large sum of money in that traditional form. Social media has really worked for Bigelow Tea.

Spice it Up… Bigelow Tea’s “Add Flavor to Your Life” Campaign Targets Hispanic Market

Bigelow Tea has launched a national Hispanic marketing campaign.  The company is excited about ‘Dale Sabor a Tu Vida’ or ‘Add Flavor to Your Life’ as a way to reach out to Bigelow Tea’s Hispanic consumer base.  “Hispanics are a very important part of our consumer base and the research clearly shows that, as consumers, they remain loyal to brands based on taste and quality, both areas where Bigelow Tea differentiates itself,” said Cindi Bigelow, President, Bigelow Tea.  “The theme ‘Dale Sabor a Tu Vida’ echoes this sentiment as well as reflects a passion and zest for adding flavor to life that is culturally-relevant.”

With Miami, Los Angeles, Houston and New York City being the first cities targeted for broadening the market of Bigelow tea drinkers within the Hispanic community, future marketing efforts in this regard will also include Spanish language website, print, advertising, direct mail, public relations that will extend to promotional events and samplings.  The campaign was created by Bauza and Associates.

Bigelow is proud to celebrate its Hispanic consumer base!  For more updates go here.

Fruit and Almond Tea Announcement

I have exciting news we have enough ingredients to make 400 cases of Fruit & Almond tea.  The tea will be available to purchase online ( in approximately two weeks.  The tea will be packaged in white generic boxes but the foil will be in the standard Fruit and Almond overwrap.  I am also working on making it available (on line only) from this point forward.  More news to come on that front – but for now, we are making up 400 cases for you amazing wonderful consumers.  Thank you so much for enjoying our tea!!!

Cindi Bigelow, President