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Earl Grey Bigelow Tea Makes A Lifelong Impression On A Navy Veteran

Bigelow Tea Earl Gray

Bigelow Tea received this note from Steve Hilton, a Navy veteran. We wanted to share it with you today and thank him for his service and also for taking the time to let us know how Bigelow Tea made an impression on him that has lasted a lifetime.

When I was in the Navy, stationed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, I was introduced to Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey by a man in the next room. He was a recovering alcoholic, and your tea—and my joining him for a cup of Earl Grey—was instrumental in keeping him sober, and working through the “rough patches” that are associated with maintaining sobriety.  I never drink a cup of tea without thinking of him, and the blessings that were made possible by a cup of Earl Grey.

-Steve Hilton


A Fan Shares Reflections Of Thirty Two Years Drinking Bigelow Tea


We were so excited to hear from Bigelow Tea fan Wanda from B.C., Canada, who started drinking Bigelow Tea 32 years ago! She began by drinking our mint teas and, she says, “I was hooked.”

Now, Wanda tells us, “Bigelow tea is the only tea I will use or have in my home.” Because they don’t sell her preferred varieties in Canada, she orders them directly from Bigelow Tea! One of favorites is Eggnogg’n Tea, which she orders by the case! She makes it “it with milk morning and night.”

Recently, Wanda ordered a “mixed selection (6 different kinds of tea in a case).” Her reaction?   “WOW … awesome.”

Best of all, Wanda says, “I always take my tea wherever I go. So far it has been to Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Mexico and soon to the Phillipines. You will always find a good selection in my RV just in case some of my friends want a great cup of tea.”

Wanda closed her note with the following: “Bigelow, don’t ever stop making the best tea. Sincerely, one very satisfied customer.”

Thanks, Wanda!


A Chari-Tea Event Run By A Fan Features Bigelow Tea


My name is Diane and I am from a little town near Erie, Pennsylvania. My daughter founded our Relay for Life team called The Forget-Me-Nots a few years ago to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Last year our team hosted a Chari-tea Party that was a huge success. It was a ladies only event and we asked everyone to decorate a hat and we awarded the various winners with a tea gift package.  We had some very interesting hats!

It was so much fun and we ran out of seating because the ladies came and stayed until the end!  Now we have to find a bigger place to hold our event!  Not a bad problem to have, huh?

I think we offered just about every flavor of Bigelow Tea there is and the ladies really enjoyed them.  We are constantly being asked “when is your tea party going to be”?

It was a great event for a great cause with a lot of great women drinking great tea!!!  It was a win/win!!!

Diane from Pennsylvania


“Constant Comment”® Tea Travels The World With A Bigelow Tea Lover


I was introduced to “Constant Comment”® tea by an American friend and promptly fell in love with it!

Twenty years ago as a new bride I moved to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. My husband was an engineer at a copper and gold mine. I was about as far as I could get from my home in Canada. I shipped over 2 large jars of loose leaf “Constant Comment” tea.

You had to be a very good friend to be offered a cup of “Constant Comment” tea! The Australians who constituted most of the expat community had never tasted the tea and came to love it too.

Now my daughter has come to love Constant Comment tea as well.

Alberta Canada


A Fan Takes A Spontaneous Trip To Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation


This past October, my husband and I were traveling south to Florida. When we camped for the night, I found a brochure for the Charleston Tea Plantation. We then made a point to visit the plantation, and I’m so glad we did.

The factory tour was very informative, I learned a lot about tea growing and processing, and the trolley ride was great, and our driver was funny too! While there, I drank 3 glasses of delicious Plantation Peach tea!!


Naturally, we bought some to take home with us. Personally I love iced tea, and when I made this, I wanted to continue to drink the whole pitcher—it was so good.

Thank you for saving this piece of history, and making a tour fun and DELICIOUS!


Hobe Sound, Florida

I Want To Tell You About Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea…..

Cindi Bigelow and Bill met at the Natural Foods East conference in Baltimore, MD last Fall. At that time, Bill praised Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea so much that Cindi asked if he could send along his story to share with our other passionate tea drinkers.  Below is Bill’s story.

“I wanted to tell you how much I love Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea. I have to admit that I go out of my way to drink only your brand of Earl Grey as I have tried various brands of Earl Grey. Bigelow has the perfect blend of tea and bergamot oil. I rarely travel without it. As I stay in various hotels and dine at different restaurants, I always ask if they serve Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea. When I find out that they do not, I must ask for hot water and pull out one of my Bigelow tea bags. This picture is of my Bigelow Earl Grey tea bag at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

This past winter, we took our kids on a 8 day Caribbean Disney cruise. During our first breakfast, our drink waiter brought out an assortment of teas. He did not have Bigelow Earl Grey but he went on a search for some. He did come back with a non Bigelow tea bag. I politely refused and pulled out one of my Bigelow Earl Grey tea bags. He watched as I pulled it out of the package and dipped the tea bag into the hot water. I then gave him the wrapper to smell. You would have thought I gave him gold the way his eyes became big. He was so impressed with the smell that he took it around the dining room and offered other waiters to smell the wrapper. I was so amused by this that I went back to my stateroom and gave him an unopened Bigelow Earl Grey tea bag. You would have thought that I gave him a crisp $100 bill. He was so grateful.

I do not start any day without Bigelow Earl Grey tea and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to start every morning refreshed!”

Have a great day!

Bill from Maryland

Tea with Mama, A “Your Story” Feature Entry

I come from a long line of Irish-American tea drinkers.  It has been a comfort as well as a great part of my joy and relaxation.  A year ago, I found out that my mother’s heart was failing.  There wasn’t much that the physicians could do.  She was not strong enough to have open heart surgery or angioplasty.

Since I had not seen my mother in over 8 years, my heart led me home.  You see, we live 14 hours away from each other.  It was just around Christmas time and the weather in West Virginia was getting bleak.  The forecast was calling for heavy snow.  So, just to be close to Mama, I stayed with her at the retirement center instead of in a motel. (I had to sleep on the floor.)

My second night there, the snows came.  We awoke to crisp, beautiful white purity covering everything in sight.  Knowing that we couldn’t go anywhere, we decided to make it as wonderful as we could.

During the three weeks that I spent with Mama, we shared our memories of old times.  We laughed.  We cried, then laughed some more.  All this joy and reminiscing started with a wonderful cup of Earl Grey Tea, just like when I lived at home.  Now, every time I drink a cup of hot tea, wonderful memories of Mama flood my heart with joy.

Cheers to everyone at Bigelow for bringing good teas and wonderful moments; a history that I pass on to my children and my grandchildren.

Sincerely, Sherry

Constant Comment® Moments with My Mother

My name is Louise, and I live in Illinois. I grew up in Rockford, in a totally Swedish community, but my mother was of English descent. Even though she enjoyed coffee with all our friends and relatives, our special time together was always over a cup of tea.

When I was very young, she introduced me to Bigelow’s Constant Comment. The spices and orange flavor made it especially yummy to my young palate.

When I was still in grade school, my mother baked a huge assortment of Christmas cookies every year, and I proudly carried a written invitation to my teacher for afternoon tea and cookies on the last day of school before the holiday break. I would dress in my finest new Christmas dress, and my mother would have the house all decorated, with the dining room table set for just the 3 of us. We would enjoy polite conversation, cookies, and of course, our favorite Constant Comment tea.

I eventually moved away from my home town, and my mother passed away 2 years ago, but I’ll always cherish those “grown up” moments with my mother over cups of Bigelow’s Constant Comment tea.


Bigelow Tea Drinker

Thanks to Our Bigelow Tea Friends on the World Wide Web!

At Bigelow Tea, we truly enjoy hearing from you, our customers–and from tea lovers all over the world! Whether you’re commenting on a blog post, Tweeting about your favorite tea or contributing thoughts on our Facebook page, we are always happy to hear from you. That’s why we’ve decided to post a monthly “thank you” to all our Internet pals!

In December we found our Facebook page hopping with activity! Many tea lovers became our “fans” and entered our exciting sweepstakes. In addition, many grateful customers visited our page to share their love of our teas! Thanks to Barbara Ellen Cornett-Gollwitzer (Spiced Chai tea), Brian Muller (Jasmine Green tea) and Jennifer Palmer (Vanilla Caramel tea) for the shout-outs about their favorite teas!

And there’s tea fan Toby Fauke Smith, who recently expresses his love of Bigelow Teas’ Earl Grey: “It’s my favorite and I’ve tried many including loose leaf tea shop varieties. Bigelow’s is the best!” We admire Toby’s good sense and taste!

This is just a small sample of what you’re saying about Bigelow Tea, and we look forward to highlighting additional conversations in the future. Thanks to all our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, readers and friends for sharing your thoughts, comments, exclamations and compliments with us this month! Happy New Year … and we look forward to connecting with you again throughout the month of January and beyond!

Teacup photo by Cate Sevilla via

Bigelow Tea Drinkers Share Top Tea Tips on Twitter!

We asked, and they answered! Recently, Bigelow Tea reached out to its faithful Twitter “tweeps” to ask for their top tea tips, and they responded with a plethora of wonderful ideas. Here are a few of our favorites!

@QueenEarlGrey told us her favorite tea tip: warming the tea cup before she starts steeping, to “give you more time to savor you warm cuppa” and it makes her hands nice and toasty! She also suggested mixing your cream and sugar together before pouring in the steeped tea. “It’s a little English secret. Shhhhh.” (Sorry we spilled the beans!)

@LisaKennally offered us two great tips; first, she recommends putting your used tea bags into the fridge, and then placing them on your eyes for treating puffiness. Her second tip was to toss a few chocolate chips in your cup of hot tea, swirl, and enjoy a “sweet” treat! (Yum! We are dying to try this with our Peppermint Herb Tea.)

@OnTimeSupplies told us that replacing that mid-morning/afternoon soda or coffee with Bigelow Tea’s black teas offers the same “pick me up” but gets rid of the “sour stomach” that can accompany those other beverages. Meanwhile, @ChanTeaShop raves about the convenience of using Bigelow Tea for “brewing on the go,” and @lazy_literatus recommended choosing types of tea that steep quickly, like “a nice Darjeeling or a Sencha,” which require two-minute infusions, tops.

Thanks so much to all tea lovers who responded to our query….and if you don’t already follow Bigelow Tea on Twitter, we hope you will…we offer Daily Tea Tips and we truly enjoy engaging with our customers. We’d love to receive your comments!

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