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Bigelow Tea Supports ‘Cups Of Care’ Tea Parties For Breast Cancer Awareness

bigelow tea health

Meet the awesome girls and their moms who have teamed up to create the Cups of Care Program with the Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut. These creative mother-daughter duos host in-home springtime tea parties to raise money for breast cancer treatment and build awareness about breast health. Bigelow Tea is incredibly proud to support this great cause by providing tea for the parties and encouraging others to join the effort!

If you know the story of “Constant Comment,”® you also know that the company began 70 years ago with one woman’s initiative and passion for tea. So it’s inspiring to see what these girls and their mothers are doing to make the world a better place—and to know that Bigelow Tea is a part of it. And while Bigelow Tea supports many charitable causes, there is a special connection to Cups of Care because founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow battled breast cancer.

Cups of Care began last year as a fun way to not only raise money for women struggling to pay for treatment, but also to educate teens about breast health, inspire overall wellness from an early age, and empower young women with the knowledge that they can make a difference in the community and lives of others.  Several mother-daughter teams came together to host eight tea parties and raised nearly $11,000. Wow!

“At Bigelow, supporting good work like this being done by these special young ladies makes each of us feel so fortunate” says Cindi Bigelow, third-generation President & CEO of Bigelow Tea. “They are truly making a difference and we could not be more proud to help, if even in just a small way. Brava young ladies … brava!”

bigelow tea health cups for care

For spring 2015, two parties have already taken place and another is scheduled for April 12th. The program is looking for volunteers to host their own in-home parties from now through May. To find out how you can host a Cups of Care Tea Party, contact Mari-Jo Gordon at the Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center, 203-255-5546.

You too can help make a difference “one cup of tea at a time!”


Both Bigelow Tea and Jennifer Lawrence Make The Right Choices!

bigelow tea Jennifer Lawrence

Bigelow Tea appreciates the determination that tea lovers have for enjoying their tea. Since 1945, tea and community have been the passion of this family run business, and today more than 120 flavors of specialty teas provide a wealth of options that tea lovers just can’t pass up! Kind of like the many acting options available for sought-after actress, Jennifer Lawrence, star of 2014’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1—and she is a tea fan too!

Bigelow Tea noted last year that J-Law drank tea during the film Silver Linings Playbook. The following year at the Academy Awards, Jennifer was asked what refreshment she wanted in her dressing room, and she politely requested some English breakfast tea!

Bigelow Tea is a perfect choice for any time, and it would certainly help an actress freshen up when winning an Oscar!  Bigelow Tea lovers also appreciate English Breakfast Tea, like Bigelow Tea fan Joanie Torre who tweeted, it’s “My absolute favorite!” You can’t go wrong with the American made tradition and love that the Bigelow Tea family puts into every cup!

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Bigelow Tea Likes That Actress Shailene Woodley Savors Life’s Simple Things (Including Tea!)

There’s something special about finding the joy in the little things in life, like family or a hot mug of Organic Chamomile Citrus herbal tea from Bigelow Tea. The aroma, the feeling of holding it in your hands … simple, relaxing and delightful. It turns out that Shailene Woodley shares this same philosophy.

bigelow tea shailene woodley

In an Interview magazine article, Emma Stone spoke with Shailene about her upcoming films and interests. When asked about her rituals before going to sleep, Shailene said that her ideal evening is “to sit in bed with my journal or a book of poems or a novel and a cup of tea, is the perfect way for me to ensure a good night’s rest.”

Considering Shailene’s commitment toward healthy and natural living, we think a mug of hot Organic Chamomile Citrus or Organic Moroccan Mint Herbal Tea would be ideal for her next night in!

bigelow tea chamomile citrus bigelow tea moroccan mint organic


Image by Nick Step via

Bigelow Tea’s American Breakfast Energizes Fashion Week

bigelow tea fasion week american breakfast

Looking for a fashionable way to kick start your day? Bigelow Tea’s American Breakfast Tea will have you bouncing through your morning routine and out the door ready to face the world. With 50 percent more caffeine in every tea bag, there will be no more hazy and lazy morning wardrobe choices.

American Breakfast Tea gives you a different lift than a cup of coffee. Tea gets help from Theanine, a naturally occurring compound unique to tea. This, combined with caffeine, not only gives a sustained energy boost, but also a feeling of calm and focus that only tea can provide. Move over coffee because tea is fashionably hot!

bigelow tea american breakfast

With New York Fashion Week off to a chic start, it’s important to sustain that high level of energy. Fashion Week favorites Gwen Stefani and Donna Karan both know the vigor it takes to produce couture shows —and Bigelow Tea knows that camellia sinensis is definitely their “cup of tea”! Designer Hassan Sheheryar even takes time out for a tea break and photo op with his team during rehearsals. Now that’s a great way to relax and refuel!

Sip for yourself to see why American Breakfast Tea is both high quality and high fashion.

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Bigelow Tea Gets a Chuckle Out of How Comedian Ricky Gervais Takes His Tea

bigelow tea ricky gervais

Bigelow Tea was wondering: when your résumé includes writer, director, actor, producer, author and stand-up comedian, how do you find time for a good cup of tea? By not being too particular about how you take it, according to British funny man Ricky Gervais! In an interview with Bon Appétit, Ricky shared, “I’ll have what we call a builder’s tea, which is an English Breakfast with a little bit of milk.” He also enjoys a cup of Earl Grey or a bit of chamomile to relax.

Perhaps Ricky’s love of tea influenced the American version of The Office, which he co-produced­­. Bigelow Tea made a prominent cameo in the kitchen of the popular workplace sitcom during one of its episode! And wouldn’t it be nice if Bigelow Tea could also make a guest appearance in Ricky’s cup?  Here’s hoping that Ricky Gervais keeps a carton of milk in his fridge and a box of Bigelow Tea English Breakfast in the cupboard.

If you could host one celebrity for afternoon tea, who would you invite? Cheers!

Image by Thomas Atilla Lewis via

Bigelow Tea Likes Glenn Close’s ‘A Delicate Balance’ And Her Cup of Tea

Bigelow Tea celebrity

No stranger to challenging roles—from the most unhinged woman ever scorned, Alex Forrest, in Fatal Attraction to the cunning Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous LiaisonsGlenn Close is one of the finest female actors of this generation. She is also a devoted tea drinker. And given Ms. Close’s impressive range of work, Bigelow Tea can only surmise her palate for tea is equally extensive.

Now, this three-time Tony, three-time Emmy award winning actress and six-time Oscar nominee returns to the Broadway stage for what she describes as the “very challenging” role of Agnes—opposite John Lithgow as Tobias—in the Edward Albee Pulitzer prize winning playA Delicate Balance.

While sitting down for an interview about her latest project, the magnificent actress curled up in the communal backstage room with a cup of tea reflecting on history and connections. As a company built on these very same pillars, family-owned Bigelow Tea wishes we could have been part of the conversation!

 bigelow tea jasmine green tea

bigelow tea cozy chamolmile

So, what kind of tea was she drinking that day? Perhaps Cozy Chamomile or Jasmine Green Tea? (It was reported around the time her gender-bending film Albert Nobbs hit theaters, that she was in an English Breakfast mood!) Bigelow Tea is curious to find out what herbal tea lover and Glenn Close fan @hampsonwrites thinks!Whichever tea it was, it’s just nice to know that tea is a part of this star’s life.

What’s your favorite Glenn Close role? Tweet about it now!

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Rethink your Drink During Diet Resolution Week And Throughout 2015!

bigelow tea diet resolution week

As the New Year rings in a fresh start, put the champagne glasses away and get the tea mugs out! Bigelow Tea thinks last week’s Diet Resolution Week is a great time for tea fans to get fit, get healthy and “Rethink your Drink”!  Taking small steps—like drinking Bigelow Green Tea and staying hydrated—is the best way to adopt positive lifestyle changes!

Bigelow Tea knows that minor adjustments such as eating more fruits and veggies, daily exercise and staying active can make a big difference. Staying hydrated is important too. And of course tea can be a healthy and flavorful part of any diet. It’s zero calories and it’s also gluten-free! Bigelow Tea has so many varieties and flavors, ranging from herbal to strong black tea like American Breakfast. There’s also Organic Green Tea, which @iamanitamarie praises for its many pluses on Instagram. And don’t forget our delicious seasonal and holiday teas are a good substitution for high calorie desserts.

To brew up additional support for getting healthy, the Bigelow Tea family found a few motivational posts from celebrity tea drinkers. Demi Lovato tweeted that she is working out and “just killed a 90 minute cycling class.”

Share your New Year’s resolution with Bigelow Tea!

Top image by lavender_wolf via Instagram

Bigelow Tea’s Three Things to Love About Jessica Chastain

Bigelow Tea Jessica Chastain

Grab a cup of your favorite Bigelow Tea and get ready to learn more about the Oscar-nominated actress, Jessica Chastain. While she keeps her personal life to herself (understandably), she has been spotted sipping tea and dishing about her rise to fame and an upcoming project.

Here’s the scoop:

Jessica Chastain is a Green Tea drinker.

When the actress sat down in New York City for an interview with The Telegraph, she had a cup of Green Tea in hand as she answered questions about her life, fame, and upcoming projects.

bigelow tea classic green tea

The actress worked hard to get to where she is today.

Before Chastain’s rise to fame, she had more than a decade of acting experience under her belt. She did theater work in San Francisco and starred in a number of independent films. Then two of her films made it to the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Help. Since then, her career and personal life have been cause for constant comment.

Interstellar is her next big film.

Jessica’s latest role in Interstellar might be her biggest role to date. Pour a mug of American Breakfast Tea before you see it! Why? First, because the movie is over 3 hours long and with 50% more caffeine, it could help you stay alert and second, theanine, a naturally occurring compound unique to tea combines with caffeine to give you a sustained energy boost along with a feeling of relaxation and focus that only tea can provide. Moviegoer and tea fan @Sheona tweeted about going to “the filling station for tea” before seeing Interstellar. Good idea!

Image via Commons

Bigelow Tea Applauds Actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s Precise Love Of Tea!

Bigelow Tea celebrity

You might say that British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has a pedigree for drinking tea. Born and raised in London to actor parents, he is the grandson of a submarine commander and the great-grandson of a distinguished British diplomat. Bigelow Tea, which also boasts three generations of tea-drinking family members, can imagine teatime at the Cumberbatch’s with a whole house full of notable tea drinkers!

Benedict’s diverse film and TV career is also impressive and includes playing Kahn in Star Trek Into Darkness and the voice of Smaug in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.Currently he’s starring in 2014’s The Imitation Game (which recently landed him on the cover of TIME magazine!) and as a modern day Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s SherlockBenedict’s even famous for some amazing celebrity impressions!

Along with all his talent, Benedict also loves his tea. No surprise. And like his demanding roles, he upholds precise expectations for his cuppa, saying “Never ever, ever push a tea bag with a spoon. You’re out the front door if you do that!” Tough talk … and 3rdgeneration President and CEO of Bigelow Tea Cindi Bigelow agrees—do not squeeze that tea bag!  Another item Cindi has in common with Benedict? Family!

In a Twitter interview, Benedict was quoted as saying his Dad made the best tea (he and Cindi Bigelow share that same sentiment) while Benedict’s fiancée, theatre director Sophie Hunter, dished about how seriously the actor takes his tea. If she has any questions about brewing and serving tips for married life with Benedict, she can look at Bigelow Tea’s important tea tips! Even Bigelow Tea fans are a wealth of information, like @LifeCrustCutOff who tweeted her own tea brewing tips. It’s all good, even for an old school tea-lover like Benedict Cumberbatch!

Image by bellaphon via

Bigelow Tea Catches The Amazing Emma Stone Sipping Tea!

bigelow tea emma stone

It’s so fun when Bigelow Tea catches an A-list celeb like Emma Stone in the act of one of the world’s favorite pastimes: tea drinking.

In late September, several weeks before her film, Birdman, released nationwide, Emma was snapped drinking tea with a girlfriend in the new downtown Tribeca Italian eatery, Gran Morsi.

It seems she was off to yoga, so in the world of Bigelow Tea, that can only mean one thing: a blend that’s detoxifying, warming and muscle-relaxing like a classic Green Tea or perhaps Novus Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea. Either will do the trick!

bigelow tea classic green tea

bigelow tea novus ginger

What’s your personal favorite tea to sip before yoga or a workout? @katie_maso tweeted that she drinks “green tea in the sunshine, then yoga.” Sounds like a perfect morning plan!

Image by Gage Skidmore via