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Bigelow Tea’s Personalized Tea Tins Are Picture Perfect

bigelow tea tea gift

Do you have a great selfie or group photo (hopefully without a photobomb!) that you’d love to share? If so, check out these new Personalized Tea Tins: a tin full of Bigelow Tea with your image on top! For birthdays or holidays, a hostess, newlyweds or a new graduate, who wouldn’t love a tin brimming with tea and featuring a cool personalized pic?

bigelow tea gift tin

Ordering these tins is as easy as steps 1, 2, and 3. First, choose from five stylish tin options. Then comes picture time! Upload a photo for the cover or pick one from Bigelow Tea’s selections. Finish the product with a message, caption or monogram.

bigelow tea gift tin

Each tin holds 120 tea bags of Bigelow Tea’s green teasblack teas or herbal teas or a mixed blend (with a decaf version, too). Bigelow Tea fans like @agoeman gush over tea gifts all the time … now just imagine the reaction to a personalized tea tin! Who would you send one to?

Try “Tea For One” From Bigelow Tea

bigelow tea_green

Singing about “tea for two” is so 1925! Yes, sharing tea is awesome, but sometimes sipping solo is really the best part of the day. Here are two gift sets for people who like to have their mug of Bigelow Tea in peace.  The Tea for One and Green Tea for One gift sets each come with an exclusive Personali-Tea Mug, 44 Bigelow Tea bags and a 3-oz jar of Savannah Bee Company honey—all neatly packed in a keepsake box.

bigelow tea_gift

These gift sets are ideal for those who can’t live without their #dailycup and appreciate a good mug! It’s always fun to see adoring Bigelow Tea “mug shots” on Instagram, like this shot from @mandaleigh8905. Thanks Amanda, for sharing the love! So go ahead … make someone’s day with Tea for One!


Bigelow Tea For Dad On Father’s Day

bigelow iced tea

Father’s Day is coming up, and whether your dad is a guy on the go or a mellow sort of fellow, Bigelow Tea has two gift ideas that will make him smile on June 15th!

First up is Bigelow Tea To Go! Is your dad always on the go? Commuting, racing off to meetings or zipping around town to coach the lacrosse team? Then he’ll be thrilled to receive this double-walled 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler and an assortment of sixteen Bigelow Teas!

bigelow tea iced tea_2

Or is your pop the guy who enjoys his quiet time, reading the paper, checking the sports scores or doing the crossword with a nice mug of tea? If you said, yep, that’s my father … then he’ll love Bigelow Tea For One! The keepsake box includes a great Personali-tea mug, an assortment of 44 individually wrapped Bigelow Teas and a 3 oz. jar of Savannah Bee Company© Honey!

At Bigelow Tea, family is important to us, and we believe that a good, hot mug of tea—with a warm hug—is the best gift of all!! So let’s not forget the dads out there. @Ginny Buhler Warger shared on Facebook that Earl Grey Decaf is her dad’s favorite tea. Which one does your father enjoy? #Bigelowfamily


Say Happy Mother’s Day With A Bigelow Tea Chest!

Bigelow Tea 2

Mother’s Day is coming (May 11!), and Bigelow Tea is ready with TEA-rific gift suggestions! Check out these lovely wooden tea chests. Each one is filled with carefully selected teas for every taste— and refillable for a lifetime of teatime memories to share with your mom!

  • Wooden Chest with Flavored and Herb Tea (pictured above) – This elegant chest with clean lines and burled detailing comes with eight tea bags each of eight assorted black, green and herb teas. 64 tea bags in all. As Mimi Williamson said on Facebook, this gift is “love in a box.” Add a personalized engraving to share even more love!
  • Classic Tea Chest – Crafted with a rich cherry finish and handles, this tea chest also features 64 assorted black, green and herb teas.
  • 4 Flavor Tea Chest – A streamlined hinged chest with eight tea bags each of four of Bigelow Tea’s most popular varieties. Ideal if Mom has limited space. Personalized engraving is also available on this item.

So get your gift on … order soon to ensure delivery of the perfect Bigelow Tea keepsake by Mother’s Day!

Bigelow Tea Gifts For Easter Giving!

Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea makes an excellent  gift to tote to any gathering with friends and family—even an Easter brunch or dinner! Here are a couple of options that will have your host or hostess running to turn on the kettle!

Bigelow Tea

A perennial favorite is Bigelow Tea’s Trio of Chamomile Tea gift pack – providing a most delicious way to relax. The three-box set includes 60 tea bags of Bigelow Tea’s Chamomile Caffeine-free Herb teas in mint, mango and traditional blends!

Bigelow Tea

 Another idea is the Bigelow® Tea and Honey Gift Set. It features a keepsake gift box and everything needed to make teatime sweeter: a 44 tea bag assortment of individually-wrapped herbal teas, designer 3-piece Set Beehive Honey Jar with Dipper, matching tea towel, plus two jars of Savannah Bee Company® Honey.  And it includes Bigelow Tea’s popular Lemon Ginger Tea … so delicious that it moved @ShineDelux to tweet that she enjoys Bigelow Tea’s Lemon Ginger all day long!

From the Bigelow family to your family, happy Easter!

Top image by Macfarlandmo via

Passover With Bigelow Tea!


Spring is in the air and Passover starts today!  If you’re attending a Passover gathering, take a few boxes of Bigelow Tea, tie them up with a pretty bow and bring the package as a vibrant hostess gift! Most Bigelow teas are certified Kosher, making them the perfect ending to an abundant feast. Here are a few favorites!

bigelow tea

In packages the color of your spring flowers, traditional English Breakfast, rich and fragrant Darjeeling and delicate Cozy Chamomile are three of the many Bigelow Teas that are Kosher for Passover. Take your pick, and enjoy the flavors!

From the Bigelow family to your family, enjoy your Passover gathering … and welcome the spring. As Bigelow Tea assured @AmandaCram on Facebook, it’s finallyhere! #Bigelowfamily

Top Image by Anita Martinz via Wikimedia Commons

Do You Heart Bigelow Tea?

btthurs_Do You Heart Bigelow Tea?

Whether it’s true love, a little crush or even just a platonic bromance, the gift of Bigelow Tea can’t be misinterpreted. It means you think tea rocks and you want to share it. No mixed messages there!

Sure, you can give someone candies with messages like “Tweet Me” or “Be Mine,” but they’ll be scarfed down in no time. A few boxes of tea, however, will last a bit longer keeping those warm thoughts of you lingering! That’s why, for Valentine’s Day, Bigelow Tea has put together what could possibly be the sweetest little two-pack of tea ever. Sweetheart Cinnamon and White Chocolate Obsession. Together. No joke. “Soul Mates” indeed.

And if you boycott Valentine’s Day, snag the Valentine Gift Duet for yourself. Tea, of course, always loves you back. So sip your tea, take a selfie and watch “Love Actually” in your jammies. No date needed. Like our friend, The Life of Jess, you might just become #obsessed with Bigelow Tea!

Bigelow Tea’s New Variety Assortments Make Great Gifts!

btwed_Bigelow Tea’s New Variety Assortments Make Great Gifts!

The season of gift shopping is upon us, and Bigelow Tea is here to help you check people off your list. We have two spectacular Variety Pack tea assortments that will please just about any recipient—especially a tea lover! Our latest offerings pack a lot of flavor in our brand new packaging, and each box contains 64 teabags featuring a range of our popular Bigelow Teas! Here are the details.

 btwed2_Bigelow Tea’s New Variety Assortments Make Great Gifts!

First, our Fine Tea and Herb Tea Gift Assortment brings together the best of our blackgreen and herb teas in a robust sample selection. It’s great for longtime Bigelow Tea fans or offers a wonderful way to introduce newbies to our teas. Inside this box, the lucky recipient will find our Earl GrayEnglish TeatimeCozy Chamomile“Constant Comment” ®Lemon LiftMint MedleyOrange & Spice and classic Green Tea.

btwed3_Bigelow Tea’s New Variety Assortments Make Great Gifts!

Our second Variety Pack is for the person who is devoted to green tea! Our Green Tea Variety Gift Box includes a mix of traditional and flavored green teas. Along with peachmintlemon and mango, other offerings include green tea versions of “Constant Comment” ® and Earl Grey. Plus, we’ve included our decaffeinated version of green tea alongside our classic one.

Each assortment type is budget friendly, with a price of $13.95. Why not choose one—or both!—as a gift for a teacher, a neighbor, a friend or even yourself? We’re sure you’ve been good this year!

Top image by Brenda Gottsabend via Flickr

Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

btwed_Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

Since the beginning of time, honey has been used to sweeten what we eat and drink. And, of course, Bigelow Tea has always known that this nectar goes beautifully with tea. During September’s National Honey Month, we’re getting the buzz out about how to find quality honey, locally.

There are a number of places where we can buy this naturally sweet stuff. First, farmers markets are a great source as farmers and beekeepers offer samples and can answer questions. Natural food stores are another option. Or consider joining Community Support Agriculture (also known as a CSA), which is a network of farmers that sell their crops directly to you.

Honey in general is a golden color, yet not all types are alike. The color and flavor can depend on where the honeybees get their nectar. Honey can have a lighter hue and a mild taste or be darker with a stronger flavor. In fact, according to the National Honey Board, there are more than 300 types of honey available in the United States, from flower sources ranging from alfalfa to tupelo!

At Bigelow Tea, we are quite enamored with honey, so much that we’ve created honey-themed gifts. They include our Honey Spoon Gift Set, with spoons that dissolve right in your cup, and our Tea and Honey Basket (pictured below) which pairs our vanilla teas with a honey pot, honey spoons and a jar of honey. They truly are “the bee’s knees.”

btwed2_Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

Top image by Laura Zimmerman via

Bigelow Tea Shares A Special Garden Gift!


Gardens have a way of making the heart sing. Whether found in your own backyard or verdant landscapes in distant places, the alchemy that occurs with seeds, soil and the natural elements is something to behold! Here at Bigelow Tea, gorgeous spring blooms and plants remind us why we appreciate the earth and its many gifts, and why we make land preservation a major part of our sustainabili-TEA efforts. So we are excited to highlight the American Classic Tea Sampler, a lovely gift item from our very favorite garden: The Charleston Tea Plantation!


When you give someone one of these samplers, you are giving more than just tea. Along with three packets of each of our six delicious American Classic Tea flavors, the recipient will also get a little bit of Americana. You see, American Classic Tea is grown right here at the largest working tea garden in the United States. Since 2006, more than 200,000 visitors have toured our 127-acre tea garden on South Carolina’s Wadmalaw Island. People are drawn, year after year, by the tranquil setting and the opportunity to see the lush camellia sinensis tea plants that thrive in the island climate.

It’s hard to believe how close the U.S. came to losing this American treasure to new development. David C. Bigelow, son of founder Ruth C. Bigelow, tells the remarkable story of how the Bigelow family was inspired to purchase the tea garden at auction in 2003 to preserve it for future generations. One of the benefits of the purchase was that production of American Classic Tea resumed after a long hiatus, thrilling tea lovers who remembered the tea’s unique flavor and longed to taste it again. Now you can try this homegrown garden gift, too … and share it with others by giving an American Classic Tea Sampler!