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Bigelow Tea Wants To Know: What’s Your Tea Frequency?

bigelow tea survey mugs

Bigelow Tea knows that when tea lovers are ready for that perfect cup, nothing else will do. Whether sipping one cup in the morning or relishing your tea all day, Bigelow Tea lovers will not be denied! That’s why since 1945 Bigelow Tea’s family run business has been making America’s best cup, with now more than 120 flavors too good to pass up. That’s 70 years and brewing strong! Bigelow Tea appreciates determined tea lovers like @PammPeterson, who tweeted “I drink Bigelow Tea all Week long!” But what about your daily tea – what category of tea cup tipper are you every day? Tell Bigelow Tea!

Tell Bigelow Tea Which Tea You Want to Unwrap!

Bigelow Tea variety

This time of year, Bigelow Tea loves to fill cups with good cheer! And although it is always better to give than receive, it’s still fun to think about the little treats that might arrive over the holidays! If Bigelow Tea is on your wish list, take a moment to share which of these Bigelow teas you would like to unwrap during the holidays! Maybe you’re excited about the return of seasonal flavors like Eggnogg’n as much as Instagrammer @valabama152 is. Or you’re still brewing “Constant Comment®”, a year-round favorite. Let us know!

Share your thoughts … and feel free to chime in with your choice through FacebookTwitter or Instagram!


What Time Of Day Is Bigelow Tea Time?

bigelow tea tea time

The Bigelow Tea family firmly believes that any time―morning, noon or night―is tea time! Whether you like your tea as soon as you wake up in the morning, as an afternoon pick-me-up or just before you close your eyes at night … it’s all good! Enjoy your Bigelow Tea any hour of the day— just like @nicole_armeno who’s “forever drinking tea!

So let’s find out:  What time of day Is Bigelow Tea Time for you?

Photo by Linda Peall via

Best. Teatime. Ever. With Bigelow Tea


For tea fanatics, every minute of the day is the right time to break out the Bigelow Tea. But if you had to pick one very best time of day for your steaming mug, what would it be? Take the survey below and see what everyone else is saying. Yup, you need to choose. If you find this decision highly stressful, breathe deeply and brew up some Sweet Dreams. That’ll do the trick.

If your fave isn’t listed, feel free to ad lib. Is there anybody else out there like Anabell who tweets about brewing her tea at 2:40 in the morning? Yikes that’s super early but we say tea is for anytime of the day!!

Image by @ajay2castros on Instagram

Drinking Bigelow Tea With Friends? Do Share!

btfri_Drinking Bigelow Tea With Friends? Do Share!

Forget drinking alone! Tea is all about fun and chatter with friends. It’s a time to catch up, laugh, snap a few pics to share with Bigelow Tea on Instagram! All this #ConstantComment requires a posse whether you’re Ozzie and Slash, a band from back in the day called the Beatles, or the one-and-only Liam Payne from One Direction.

We’re sipping our #dailycup right now and wondering:

Image from Green Wedding Shoes via Pinterest

Bigelow Tea Has The Ultimate Question: Which Is Your Favorite Bigelow Tea?


Let’s face it, we all love tea. And we absolutely couldn’t do without our Bigelow Tea on a daily basis. Some of us like it this way or that. But what if you could have only one kind of Bigelow Tea (shudder to think!)? Which would be your tea of choice? Would it be our uniquely spiced “Constant Comment”®, our stately Earl Grey, our Cozy Chamomile or our mellow Green Tea?

Tell us! We want to know! Which is your favorite Bigelow Tea?

If your favorite wasn’t listed, let us know either here, on our Facebook page or via Twitter!


Take Bigelow Tea’s Survey And Tell Us: Which Green Tea Flavor Is Your Fave?

bttues_Take Bigelow Tea’s Survey And Tell Us- Which Green Tea Flavor Is Your Fave? bttues_survey2 bttuessurvey3 bttuessurvey bttuessurvey5

We are loving Bigleow Green Tea today, and we have a funny feeling that some of you are too! So, if you getgreen with envy when you see a mug of steaming, hot Earl Grey Green Tea … or Green Tea with Mint … or Green Tea with MangoGreen Tea with Pomegranate … or even “Constant Comment”® Green Tea, let us know!

And, if you have another favorite we haven’t listed, feel free to weigh in here in the Comments section. You know we love those constant comments!


Bigelow Tea Wants to Know: What’s Your Favorite Way to Volunteer?

bttues_Bigelow Tea Wants to Know- What’s Your Favorite Way to Volunteer?

Sharing time with others as a volunteer is something we respect immensely here at Bigelow Tea—it’s even part of our mission statement. Whether we’re holding a huge fundraiser like our Bigelow Tea Community Challengetraveling to Appalachia to help build homes or participating on smaller ventures, community involvement is a huge part of who we are. We know our customers are heavily committed to volunteering as well.  So, while you sipping your favorite tea today, take a moment to let us know …

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Bigelow Tea Asks: Where Is Your Perfect Iced Tea Sipping Place?


Celebrated writer Tom Holt wrote that iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day. Here at Bigelow Tea we couldn’t agree more; our delicious iced teas and a sunny day were simply made for each other! Summertime just seems to give us more opportunities—and more places—to enjoy extra glasses of fresh, delicious Bigelow Iced Tea!

So we’re wondering … during this summer of iced tea, what is your favorite warm weather spot to enjoy that long, cool glass? So many options, so little time!

Image by Like_the_Grand_Canyon via

Which Celebrity Would You Like To Share Bigelow Tea With?


Have you ever played that game at a party asking “who would be the famous person, dead or alive, that you’d most like to meet?” Being tea-lovers, we at Bigelow Tea know that a first encounter is one thing, but relaxing over a newly poured cup of our favorite tea (whichever that may be), with the steam gently rising, the aromas wafting up … well, that’s something all-together different. It brings people to a whole new level of relaxation. Plus, when you are sharing a cup, it just seems easier to get to know each other. It’s one of our favorite things about tea!

Well then, let’s play our own party game. Say you are sitting in a comfy chair with a cute little table in front of you, another cozy chair just across. Tell us: which famous tea enthusiast (past or present) would you most want to share your afternoon tea?