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The Avett Brothers Headline Bigelow Tea’s 8th Annual First Flush FesTEAval

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Bigelow Tea is feeling flushed with good reason: everyone—including the amazing The Avett Brothers!—is gearing up for the eighth annual First Flush FesTEAval onSaturday, May 24! The celebration of tea and music takes place at Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation, located on Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

This yearly event celebrates the first harvest of 2014’s tea crop with a lot of great music, food, fun and tea! Headlining this year’s bash are The Avett Brothers, a popular indie rock/folk/bluegrass band that will be busily playing across the country this summer. The group has been letting their fans know about their stop in Charleston. Facebook fan @CourtenyAdler couldn’t be more excited: “Tea, Charleston and the Avett Bros. Heaven has been perfected.”

bigelow tea

Other scheduled acts will include Stop Light ObservationsLuke Cunningham BandAtlas Road CrewTyler Boone BandBen Fagan and the Holy City Hooligans and The Executives.

Tickets are at $37.50 Advance, and $45 Day of Show. Purchase them through and the Music Farm Box Office. Gates open at noon, with the show starting at1 p.m. Check out food trucks and a kids area, and enjoy some American Classic Tea too! The Bigelow family can’t wait to see you there! #Bigelowfamily #CharlestonTeaPlantation

Top image via The Avett Brothers’ Instagram

Sip Green and Plant Green: Bigelow Tea & Arbor Day

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The Bigelow Tea family is noticing how things are getting greener every day. Spring is in full swing, cups of Certified Organic Green Tea have been spotted, and today, caring communities are celebrating Arbor Day.

bigelow tea  

After such a long winter, Bigelow Tea employees are especially grateful to enjoy the great outdoors (with iced tea in hand!), promote sustainabili-TEA, and using their green thumbs in the Bigelow Tea Community Garden. Last year, the Green Team worked hard to plant an area in front of headquarters as part of the Green Wellness Community (GWC) initiative. They planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and herbs, which were donated to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

Everything in Mother Nature is interconnected—and trees play an especially important role. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, trees:

  • Conserve energy–They shade your house, act as wind barriers, and help your air conditioning run more efficiently.
  • Help fight climate change–Communities with trees are cooler communities.
  • Provide wildlife habitats, clean air, and drinking water.
  • Tame storm water–They help prevent mudslides and keep our waterways cleaner.

Whether you’re working towards sustainabili-TEA in the office or outside planting trees for Arbor Day, tea fan @poetgunslinger on Instagram notes that there’s  “Nothing like #Bigelow green tea… to get me through work.”

Sip green. Plant green. Happy Arbor Day!

Top image by KIUKO via

Wedding Dreams At Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation!

bttues_Wedding Dreams At Bigelow Tea's Charleston Tea Plantation!

So you’re engaged to the guy or gal of your dreams (congrats!), and now it’s time to plan your dream wedding! February is National Wedding Month—a reminder that it’s not too soon to begin preparing for that spring, summer or fall celebration. Deep breath! Did you know that Bigelow Tea has a fantastic venue? It’s the Charleston Tea Plantation, tucked away on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina’s Lowcountry!

How romantic to exchange vows under the branches of “The Wedding Tree,” the plantation’s largest live oak. Or you could have the ceremony out in the open surrounded by acres of lush tea plants. Picture your wedding party making a grand entrance shaded by a canopy of oaks that form a charming archway. And for the reception, get the party started at the covered pavilion, which has overhead lighting and ceiling fans to keep things cool on warm summer days. Dress the tables and decor up or down to suit your style! As for your guests, treat them to a trolley tour of the grounds, home to the largest working tea garden in the United States.

Need a bit more inspiration? Grab a mug of Island Green Tea (grown on-site!) to set the mood and check out Bigelow Tea’s Wedding board on Pinterest, where you’ll find more gorgeous wedding photos. And be sure to follow @charlestontea on Instagram to see pics like this one of Mr. & Mrs. Bigelow (which @stardusthippie declared “Charming!”) and of the tea garden’s stunning natural beauty … truly a magical place where wedding dreams are made. Clearly, as a family-run company, Bigelow Tea is more than excited to help you start your new family! Cheers!

Determination And Collaboration: Stories Of Success At Bigelow Tea

bttues_Determination And Collaboration- Stories Of Success At Bigelow Tea

Bill Hall and Cindi Bigelow at the Charleston Tea Plantation

Yes, Hot Tea Month is in full swing, but why not enjoy it with some cool family stories from Bigelow Tea! Here are three tidbits about collaboration and good old-fashioned stick-to-it-ness. Check out more stories on Bigelow Tea boxes and in previous posts.

• Back in 1955, just after Ruth C. and David E. Bigelow moved their 10-year-old tea company from New York to Connecticut, they were hit with back-to-back hurricanes. The new factory was flooded and all the tea washed down the Norwalk River! Fortunately, the determined couple worked with employees and patient creditors to get the factory up and running again.

• Much more recently, in 2003, the amazing Charleston Tea Plantation faced a developer’s bulldozer. The Bigelow family purchased the land and worked with local farmers to preserve 127 acres of beautiful tea bushes and the American Classic Tea line.

btfri2_Bigelow Tea Is All Smiles Over Dental Study

• Collaboration was also key to the creation of Bigelow Tea’s signature Earl Grey recipe, a favorite of many tea lovers (#besttea, according to @danielledhein and #FavoriteFallDrink says @NickChancey!) The secret? Unparalleled oil of bergamot from Calabria, Italy. The Bigelows discovered it 40 years ago and loved it so much, they bought the whole crop and have used it ever since!

National Organic Harvest Month Is Growing On Us At Bigelow Tea

BTtues_National Organic Harvest Month Is Growing On Us At Bigelow Tea

At Bigelow Tea we are dedicated to our stewardship of the land and committed to sustainabili-TEA in general. In recent years we have preserved land in New Hampshire and acquired the beautiful Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina. That’s one of the reasons why National Organic Harvest Month is so important to us, and to those who are concerned about organic growing practices.

National Organic Harvest Month is a great opportunity to incorporate more organically grown and produced fruits, meats and vegetables into our diets. Did you know that a generation ago, 75% of the meals consumed in the US were made at home? Today the number is reversed; three-quarters of meals are prepared outside of the home, and mainly at fast-food restaurants. National Organic Harvest Month aims to stop that slide.

One way that Bigelow Tea supports that idea is with our Community Garden project. We are growing tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and basil and delivering them to those in need at the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

On your end, there are many ways to embrace National Organic Harvest Month. Consider visiting a farmers market this weekend or learning to cook with locally grown or organic foods.

BTTUEs2_National Organic Harvest Month Is Growing On Us At Bigelow Tea

Or, simply brew a cup of Bigelow Tea’s Organic Tea! We have an excellent selection of Certified Organic Teas, grown by socially responsible farmers that meet the organic industry’s natural, earth-friendly standards. Click here for some more tips on how you can increase your “organic quotient…”and maybe look them over as you enjoy a cup of Organic Imperial Earl Grey!

Image by Rosewoman via

Bigelow Tea Thinks It’s Time for a Staycation


A visit to Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation
and a ride on our classic trolley, is a Staycation idea if you live nearby!

Bigelow Tea understands when family budgets get tight and big travel plans have to be put on hold. Yet we all can still “get away” by having a Staycation, which puts a spin on the meaning of vacation by encouraging people to enjoy the “fun parts” of staying home. And if you happen to live near Charleston, South Carolina, we have the perfect day trip idea for you: a visit to our Charleston Tea Plantation! (Read more about that below!) For those of you in other geographic regions, here’s how to get started planning your Staycation:

• Get everyone’s input. Although interests can vary, encourage all family members to speak up on what they might like to do. Have them think of activities at home they may want to try or local places they would like to visit. Or, come up with a list of suggestions for youngsters to pick and choose from.

• Play tourist in your area. Explore your county, region or state like a newcomer might. Revisit old favorites or give overlooked places a chance. Possibilities include museums, beaches, parks, farms, historic venues and neighborhoods.

• Put your itinerary in place. Schedule plans before heading off or staying home. Indoor activities could involve movie/board game nights—with Bigelow Tea of course!—or camping out in your backyard. Plan ahead on mealtimes too. Dine out at a new restaurant or set aside time to cook as a family or make dishes in advance.

For our Bigelow Tea fans who live in South Carolina, please come visit our Charleston Tea Plantation, America’s largest working tea garden, where we produce our American Classic Teas. And with August being National Peach Month, we highly recommend our American Classic Plantation Peach Tea!


No matter where you choose to go (or stay) this summer, we hope you take Bigelow Tea with you!

Top image by Kevin Krejci via

Bigelow Tea Shares A Special Garden Gift!


Gardens have a way of making the heart sing. Whether found in your own backyard or verdant landscapes in distant places, the alchemy that occurs with seeds, soil and the natural elements is something to behold! Here at Bigelow Tea, gorgeous spring blooms and plants remind us why we appreciate the earth and its many gifts, and why we make land preservation a major part of our sustainabili-TEA efforts. So we are excited to highlight the American Classic Tea Sampler, a lovely gift item from our very favorite garden: The Charleston Tea Plantation!


When you give someone one of these samplers, you are giving more than just tea. Along with three packets of each of our six delicious American Classic Tea flavors, the recipient will also get a little bit of Americana. You see, American Classic Tea is grown right here at the largest working tea garden in the United States. Since 2006, more than 200,000 visitors have toured our 127-acre tea garden on South Carolina’s Wadmalaw Island. People are drawn, year after year, by the tranquil setting and the opportunity to see the lush camellia sinensis tea plants that thrive in the island climate.

It’s hard to believe how close the U.S. came to losing this American treasure to new development. David C. Bigelow, son of founder Ruth C. Bigelow, tells the remarkable story of how the Bigelow family was inspired to purchase the tea garden at auction in 2003 to preserve it for future generations. One of the benefits of the purchase was that production of American Classic Tea resumed after a long hiatus, thrilling tea lovers who remembered the tea’s unique flavor and longed to taste it again. Now you can try this homegrown garden gift, too … and share it with others by giving an American Classic Tea Sampler!


Bigelow Tea Bloggers Visit Charleston Tea Plantation


All year long, Bigelow Tea proudly welcomes visitors to our Charleston Tea Plantation, America’s largest working tea garden! Recently, it was a special honor for the Bigelow family to sponsor a gathering for a group of Bigelow Tea fans who have highlighted our teas on their blogs. The bloggers were thrilled by the experience and eager to share a “blog’s eye view” of the visit for their readers – and you!

The bloggers met with Cindi Bigelow, third-generation CEO, and her parents, David and Eunice Bigelow, Co-Chairmen of Bigelow Tea (fyi David’s mother–Ruth Campbell Bigelow—started the company nearly 70 years ago). The bloggers also enjoyed a trolley tour of the 127-acre grounds, a tea tasting, and learned about different types of tea and tea production. One guest, Rebecca Parsons of Cre8tive Compass Magazine, mused before the three-day trip that she looked forward to “many delightful tea moment memories.”


For Rebecca, the trip was all she hoped for: “Green tea leaves shimmer in the midday sun as our trolley rambles along a sandy path on Wadmalaw Island. The sky is bluer than I have ever seen against the straight rows of tea. Cindi Bigelow stands to share her Tea Moment Memories … a tear fills my eye. I am here. I am moved. I am blessed.” And Whitney from Rambles of a SAHM called the tea garden visit “the ultimate field trip.”

Meanwhile, Kristy, a former Bigelow fan of the month and founder of Mommy Hates Cooking, and Tammy from Three Different Directions, appreciated learning about Bigelow Tea’s SustainabiliTEA program. Kristy was also impressed that Bigelow Tea remains a family-owned business that blends and packages all tea varieties right here in the USA! All the bloggers had a chance to sample American Classic Teas, which are grown at the Charleston Tea Plantation.

Bigelow Tea thoroughly enjoyed making tea memories with these bloggers, and looks forward to many more visits from all our tea fans! Come on down anytime!

Don’t Wait: Get Bigelow Tea’s 2013 Limited Edition First Flush Loose Tea


At Bigelow Tea we’re feeling flushed and want to share some important and tea-rrific news! Down at our Charleston Tea Plantation, we’ve harvested the very first tea leaves of the season … and that means our special American Classic First Flush® Loose Tea is now stocked and is ready for sale! This unique black tea comes out only once a growing season, and is made entirely from tea plants grown at our tea garden on South Carolina’s Wadmalaw Island.

This “First Flush” tea is produced from the leaves of the tea plants’ new growth for the season, which is called their “first flush.” The leaves from this early part of the growing season produce a smooth and mellow flavor for a truly pure and fresh cup of fine tea. We’re certain that our customers will appreciate this tea with its defined taste and amazing freshness!

As we focus on quality rather than quantity, our selection of First Flush® is quite limited. Can’t get to South Carolina? We understand. You can also purchase this tea through our website, and we will ship it right out to you. Each 2.3-ounce canister, which is a lovely shade of ivory, costs $15. We hope you’ll give it a try … and we can’t wait to hear what you think of this very special tea!


7th Annual First Flush FesTEAval Provides A Day Of Fun And Bigelow Tea!


It’s almost here! The Charleston Tea Plantation and radio station 105.5 The Bridge proudly present the 7th Annual First Flush FesTEAval, a fantastic tea happening taking place on Saturday May 18thBigelow Tea encourages you to join us on Wadmalaw Island at our Charleston Tea Plantation, a tea-lovers paradise and the location of this annual event, which celebrates the first harvest of the year’s tea plants. There will be top-notch entertainment, food vendors, kid’s areas … and plenty of our delicious American Classic Tea! It’s no wonder that the First Flush FesTEAval was named one of the top 100 events in North America!


America’s Tea Garden is the perfect place for a spring event and of course celebrating our American Classic Teas. It’s TEA-licious! Prepare yourself for an outstanding entertainment lineup too, highlighted by Old Crow Medicine Show, a nationally renowned group of musicians! Other acts on our two busy stages will include The Luke Cunningham Band, Gaslight Street, Quincy Mumford, Sun Dried Vibes, Southwood, Tyler Boone and Stop Light Observations. Many more acts are still to be announced, and there’s even a surprise guest scheduled to appear—all part of the fun and excitement of the day!


Tickets are available now at and the Music Farm Box Office. Check out all of the details about this year’s event. Gates open at 1:00pm and the stage entertainment begins at 2:00pm We’ll see you there!