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Bigelow Tea Supports The Imus Ranch For Kids With Cancer




The Imus Ranch, founded in 1998 by Don and Deirdre Imus, is a unique organization that provides kids with cancer, and other serious illnesses, the opportunity to have fun again and regain their perspective.  More than just a respite, it instills pride, restores dignity, a sense of achievement and self-esteem through a real life “cowboy experience.”

Bigelow Tea has been a proud supporter of the Imus Ranch Radiothon, the ranch’s annual fund raiser, for each of the past 15 years.

“It’s always great spending time with Don and Dierdre Imus on the Radiothon,” says Cindi Bigelow. “I love the event because of all the amazing stories about these kids and their experiences on the ranch. They are doing some fine work.  Bigelow Tea is glad to be a part of it!”

To watch today’s segment of the Imus Radiothon which includes Cindi Bigelow pictured above, visit here and click on “Cindi Bigelow on Support for Imus Ranch.”





Bigelow Tea Wins Best Decorated For 2nd Year In A Row At The Kentucky Derby Festival

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a two week event in Louisville, KY that promotes all things Derby (Bigelow Tea has a manufacturing facility in Louisville). The festival started with the biggest Fireworks show in North America, “Thunder Over Louisville,”  then many other events followed suit ranging from The Great Bed Race, Great Steamboat Race, Pegasus Parade, Festiville (Chow Wagon) with lots of food and music, golf scrambles and many other things leading up to race day and the Kentucky Derby.

While most of the events are more community involvement related there are some that raise money for charities. With the bed race there was an award called the “People’s Choice Award” where the people could vote for $1 on the bed they liked best and profits went to the winning bed’s favorite charity.

The theme of this year’s race was bedtime stories.  We decided to have a momma teapot reading to her baby teacups and named our story “Sweet Dreams.”  Our bed won Best Decorated for the 2nd year and we were all thrilled. The event started at 11:30 am where all participants’ beds were to be viewed in the front of the KFC YUM Center. There was quite a crowd and we gave out lots of tea samples as everyone walked around and checked out the beds. The crowd was very impressed with all of our hard work. Around 5:30 pm the beds were taken into the YUM Center and the parade of beds began (this is where all participants parade on the floor of the YUM Center to show off their decorations). Right after this was completed we rushed to get all the decorations off of the bed in order to get prepared for the race which began at 7:00 pm with live coverage on WAVE 3.

Lots of hard work but a great time was had by all!

Kathy Van Sant
Bigelow Tea, Louisville KY

Bigelow Tea LIVE Facebook Chat



What a crazy hour! I just held my first Facebook LIVE chat and it was really fun.  I could not type fast enough.

I thought our Facebook friends were so kind and came to our chat with very good questions.  We actually had five of us on the Bigelow team working non stop to make sure I was able to answer everyone: if I didn’t have an answer at my finger tips, we had a person going to the appropriate company personnel to get the right answer, we had individuals checking to see how many people were asking questions and directing me where to go (it is hard to go in order but we tried), and we had someone checking all my responses for spelling errors…it was like this amazing swat team!

Wow that was crazy….I can’t wait to do it again!

Cindi Bigelow

Bigelow Tea Attends Sports Illustrated 2011 Sportsman of the Year Awards


David Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Chris Evert join Cindi Bigelow at Sports Illustrated 2011 Sportsman of the Year Awards

"Big Papi" (David Ortiz) with Cindi Bigelow

I was so excited to be able to attend the Sports Illustrated Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year event in NYC Tuesday night.  I met incredible athletes including Chris Evert, Sugar Ray Leonard, David RobinsonWayne Gretzky, and David Ortiz (Big Papi).

I was honored to be in the presence of this year’s honorees, Pat Summit and Mike Krzyzewski.  Their acceptance speeches captivated the entire audience as they reflected on their life journeys and spoke about commitment and dedication to the principals of teamship and excellence. Most important was that they honored the players they met and worked with throughout their careers.

I’d like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Coach Summit and Coach Krzyzewski!

Cindi Bigelow



North Pole at Bigelow Tea


What a beautiful Saturday morning yesterday was.  We decorated Bigelow Tea to look like the “North Pole” and invited all of the employees to bring their children and grandchildren for a festive event.  Great food, a very funny magician, and of course a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus-it was absolutely wonderful!  The kid’s huge smiles and the parents’ and grandparents’ overwhelming joy was what the holidays are all about.

We have a team at Bigelow Tea that takes months to plan this day and what was so fantastic was I wasn’t sure who was more delighted with the morning, the North Pole team or the little children!  It was a the perfect way to start the holiday season….HO HO HO


Cindi Bigelow




Another Great Event for Bigelow Tea!

We had a great turnout for the Michael Quinlin Brain Tumor Foundation Walk in downtown Louisville, KY.  We had over 40 Bigelow Tea employees and their family members participate.  I was particularly blessed to see nearly all of our leadership team participate (minus those out of town).

Bigelow was prominently recognized for our sponsorship and participation. We were listed as a corporate sponsor on all of the walker’s shirts.  Dawn Gee, a popular local news lady, referred to our tea as “fabulous” in front of the crowd and encouraged everyone to get samples at our booth.  We were able to distribute many samples both teabags and brewed samples.  Another great event for Bigelow!

Steve Keys
Plant Manager
Bigelow Tea


Bigelow Wins Best Decorated Bed at Annual Bed Race in Louisville, KY!

This week our bed race team enjoyed the grand honor of being selected as best decorated bed in the bed race held in the new KFC YUM center arena in downtown Louisville, KY, home to a major Bigelow production facility.

The theme for this year’s race was super heroes.  Our team came up with the brilliant idea of promoting our product’s antioxidant properties in developing the bed decorations.  The team made a large frame shaped like a teapot and put a cape on it.  It was highly decorated with ruffled paper including recycling scrap pieces of our teabag paper (for the white color needs).  The bed also had 4 pivoting teapot signs on each corner representing our 4 new herbal plus tea products.  Many sample teabags of our new herbal plus products were distributed to the crowds of people present for the event.

The actual bed race itself was not so successful.

The Bigelow bed ran into some cones in the course which severely impacted the runners.  Despite this we still placed 33rd out of 42 beds entered.  We beat several teams that normally place high each year like Coca Cola, PPG paints & Knight’s School of Welding (who makes the beds for many of the teams).  The event was carried on a local NBC affiliate WAVE 3 (and cable channel 441) and spots were included on several of the local news programs.  Bigelow was also listed for the award in the Louisville Courier Newspaper.  The team received a prize of a stereo system which I suspect will be raffled off among the team.  A nice trophy was also presented to the team which will be placed in our display case.

The amazing thing that came out of all of this was an invitation to show the decorated bed in the annual Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade.  This parade is one of the top events in the entire 2 week festival (behind the Kentucky Derby horse races and the Thunder over Louisville kick-off event).  The parade route is typically lined with ~100,000 people, maybe more with the good weather that is forecast!  The event is a very popular TV event locally and will be televised live Thursday afternoon.  We will again have an opportunity to pass out sample teabags.

This is such a big deal in our goal to recognize the awesome work done by our employees.

Steve Keys
Plant Manager
Bigelow Tea

Blue Jean and Snack Drive for The Hope House in Boise, Idaho

The Bigelow Tea Boise Plant recently completed a “Blue Jean and Snack Drive” for The Hope House, a local children’s home located in Marsing, Idaho.  We collected 100 pairs of blue jeans and many boxes of snack food to help this worthy cause.   Nicki Cunningham and Barbara Marcum, team members of the Boise Plant who are pictured above,  were instrumental in organizing our effort.  They delivered our collections to the Hope House and were met with a warm welcome by the kids.  Oh, and we also gave them lots of tea!

Bigelow Tea Thanks Veterans for Their Service

Bigelow Tea handed out boxes of the specially made Tea For The Troops to veterans and visitors in Primary Care at a Connecticut VA hospital in West Haven in November. The special boxes, designed in red, white and blue colors are inscribed with the words, “Thank you for your service.”

Above (left to right): Bigelow Tea’s Cindy Brancucio (Research Division), John McCraw (Vice President/Tea Division) and Lisa Feather (Research Biologist) are joined by Robertson Sheehey (Primary Care).

Bigelow Beverage Throwdown

Our Bigelow Tea plant in Boise, Idaho, hosted the “Bigelow Beverage Throwdown” at the Western Idaho Fair this month. Thirteen contestants created a wide variety of Bigelow Tea based beverages, with such notable entries as “Hotty Toddy French Vanilla,” “Just Peachy,” and “Spiced Chai Banana Smoothie.”

Prizes were awarded for the top eight entries. Winners and judges alike enjoyed the event.

A raffle was held in our plant to pick the three contest judges. Nicki Cunningham, Terri Hamilton, and Abel Morel had a blast testing their palates and chose Tracey Wade of Boise as the contest winner.  Tracey won for the second year in a row with her “Cranberry Pomegranate Pizzazzi.”  Try Tracey’s recipe for yourself … or create a beverage of your own!

The judges enjoy the winning entry



¾ Cup Cranberry Juice

¾ cup Sparkling Apple Cider

1 ½ cups Crushed ice

1 ½ cups Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Cozy Chamomile Bigelow tea bag

1 Pomegranate Pizzazz Bigelow tea bag

1 Plantation Mint Bigelow tea bag

¾ cup boiling water

Optional:  Little decorative umbrellas.


Place ¾ cup boiling water over the Bigelow tea bags in a heat-stable container.

Let steep 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags. Allow the tea to cool.

To serve:

Combine the cranberry juice, sparkling apple cider, crushed ice vanilla ice cream and ¾ cup of the cooled blended Bigelow tea. Blend well. Pour into glasses and serve.

Optional: Use little umbrellas as a decoration on top of the glasses.