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Bigelow Tea Celebrates Fun In The Great Outdoors


We’re so excited about June here at Bigelow Tea, with all the invigorating outdoor activities taking place all around! People are playing tennis, swimming, taking hikes and biking … playing basketball, kayaking, climbing, tossing a frisbee, walking the dog, golfing, gardening … hey, welcome to June the official month of the Great Outdoors!  We look at this month as an excellent opportunity to enjoy the exhilaration of communing with nature. And we are blessed to have so many options to explore, from our majestic national parks, to plenty of free outdoor activities, to tons of stuff to do outside with kids!

Great Outdoors Month also highlights the importance of our precious world’s health. You know that Bigelow Tea has been a staunch advocate for the environment and our natural resources. We love our tea alfresco too, and we always do our best to protect our natural resources as we stay busy producing the finest teas. As it’s laid out in our Mission Statement: we will “do the right thing and good things will follow.” Our forests, parks, lakes and rivers provide us with beauty and wonder today, and are all part of our legacy for future generations.

Enjoying the majesty of nature with our amazing Bigelow Tea varieties simply doubles the enjoyment. Whichever activities you choose to do this month, enjoy a cup of our tea before, during and after! And when you work up that great outdoors thirst, look no further than an iced glass full of our Half Iced Tea-Half Lemonade, perfectly blended and made for just such an occasion as Great Outdoors month, as well as the whole summer!


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Bigelow Tea Welcomes the Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21, will mark one of Bigelow Tea’s favorite days of the year (and favorite month, June is Iced Tea month too)! The sun is high, the temps are rising and it’s the first day of summer! And with summer comes walks on the beach, kite flying, and catching fireflies. Yes, summer solstice is a day to celebrate the beginning of one of our most-loved seasons!


For those living north of the equator, the question is what to do on this first day of the summer months … the day with the longest hours of daylight in the year? In ancient times, feasts and festivals marked the season of growing crops. In today’s world it would be the perfect day to plan a picnic, a modern day spin on the ancient feast. All you need is a tablecloth, a basket of goodies, maybe a Frisbee and some glasses for a batch of refreshing Bigelow Iced Tea! In fact, this plan sounds too good to limit to just the day of the Summer Solstice … so let’s plan on having picnics throughout the summer. Why not choose a different flavor of Bigelow Iced Tea each time?

But really, with these longer hours in the day, the possibilities are endless. What’s on your agenda to accomplish this summer? Whatever you plan to do—from yard work to pure relaxing—don’t forget to pour yourself a wonderful glass of Bigelow Iced Tea first.

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Bigelow Tea Gets Its Serving of Fruits and Veggies This Month!


June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, and Bigelow Tea wants to make certain we’re eating them regularly. With its new MyPlate icon, the USDA recommends having fruits and vegetables fill half our dishes at every meal or occasion. That’s hefty real estate! So, in honor of this month, Bigelow Tea recommends two salad dishes that incorporate different fruits and veggies. Here’s how to make them.

Chopped Veggie Salad



½-1 cup each:

Cucumber (scoop out seeds) diced
Tomatoes (scoop out seeds) diced
Green yellow and red peppers diced
Carrots diced
Zucchini diced
3 tablespoons scallions diced
3 tablespoons fresh dill
2 tablespoons fresh parsley
½ cup of fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon lemon zest
Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: n/a

Serves: 4-6


Cut up all veggies and place in a bowl. Mix. Add dill, parsley, lemon juice and lemon zest.

Dress with any Bigelow Tea Vinaigrette such as Lemon Ginger Herb Plus Salad DressingBlueberry Acai Vinaigrette or Red Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Fabulous Melon and Blueberry Fruit Salad



Bigelow Wild Blueberry With Acai Herb Tea Bags*

1/2 cup (125mL) water
4 tablespoons (60mL) lime juice
3 teaspoons (15mL) sugar
1 pint (500mL) blueberries*
1 cup (250mL) honeydew melon balls*
1 cup (250mL) cantaloupe melon balls*
1 cup (250mL) watermelon balls*
Mint leaves for garnish

Yield: Serves 4 – Prep Time: 10-15 minutes – Cook Time: 10 minutes.

*You can use any assortment of fresh fruits depending on what is in season. Add a different flavor sensation by substituting one of Bigelow’s Herb teas such as Red Raspberry or Pomegranate Pizzazz in place of the Blueberry Acai.


Add lime juice, water, sugar and Blueberry Acai Herb Tea Bags to a saucepan, simmer for 10 minutes to infuse flavor. Squeeze to extract as much liquid as possible then remove tea bags. Cool.

Add fruit to large, attractive bowl, pour syrup over fruit and toss gently. Garnish with mint leaves.


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Bigelow Tea Employees Spruce Up Fairfield’s Sandcastle Playground


For our Bigelow Tea employees, no task is too great or small. Yet their rewards for volunteering in our community are absolutely plentiful!  As part of our company’s commitment to community service, workers at our Fairfield, CT plant recently gave their time to help out at another “plant” in town: a special playground.


This “tea” team eagerly got their hands dirty at The Sandcastle Playground by pulling weeds and planting new flowers in the playground’s planting beds. Our handy workers started off their day by focusing on the space near the playground’s sign. First they removed dead bushes and weeds, and then they planted colored lilies.

castle4 csatle5

Over the years, Bigelow Tea has partnered with the Town of Fairfield and local parents to help in maintaining The Sandcastle, a community playground built in the mid-nineties. Being a stone’s throw from Fairfield’s beach area, The Sandcastle has many fun options for kids: slides, swings, a sandbox, a trapeze ladder, and even a mini-amphitheater.


Being proud to help on our Community Service Day, our Bigelow Team looks forward to going back to The Sandcastle Playground again. We want to thank our team members Mike Marenna, Manny Leon, Jenny Vongxay, Tomas Rivera, Jose Santiago, Rob D’Agostino and Rich Queen who made this space brighter for the countless children who use it. Good job!

cstle8 castle9


Bigelow Tea Offers Clear Perspective on Cataract Awareness Month


Our eyes are like cameras, taking in images of what’s around us. With June being Cataract Awareness MonthBigelow Tea is getting a clear perspective on how cataracts can impact our lenses and our sight.

According to the American Optometric Association, a cataract can impact the eye’s lens, which focuses light onto our retina to transmit what images we see to the brain. A cataract blocks light from properly passing through the lens, which in turn can make our vision blurry or dim. Just like with a camera, a blurry lens affects how our images come out!

Cataracts can happen at any age, but they often develop as we become older. Treatment can really make a difference in handling cataracts, so it’s important to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis.

Nutrition, too, plays a factor, as lutein and Vitamins C and E appear to help with eye health.  And let’s not forget about tea! Some studies have indicated that drinking green tea and black tea may reduce the progression of cataracts.


In this warmer weather—and during Iced Tea Month—perhaps enjoy our Green Tea with Pomegranate Iced Tea. However you like your Bigelow Tea—hot or iced—let’s sip a little while we plan on having a clearer view of taking care of our eyes!

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Watch Our Garden Grow At Bigelow Tea!

bt green

The Bigelow Tea Green Team has started a community garden and invites you to follow our progress! The team has been hard at work establishing planting beds in the front grass area of our Fairfield headquarters for the initial phase of this exciting Green Wellness Community (GWC) initiative.

bt green2


The Bigelow Green Team will be planting, maintaining and hopefully growing vegetables in these plantings beds. We are starting this year with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. We are hopeful that the garden will yield enough product to donate to a local nonprofit organization such as the Bridgeport Rescue Mission where they can use these freshly grown vegetables to help feed those who may be less fortunate.

bt green3


The Bigelow Green Team feels that this project touches upon each of the GWC areas as the gardening touches upon greening and sustainabili-TEA, the vegetables touch upon our wellness efforts, and we will serve our community by donating what we grow.

Stay tuned for more pictures documenting our gardening progress!


Bigelow Tea Salutes Flag Day and Our Troops


On National Flag Day, June 14, let’s pay tribute to our country’s symbol of red, white, and blue: our American flag. We at Bigelow Tea decided to brush up on our “flag etiquette” through the United States Flag Code, a how-to list on displaying our Stars and Stripes. Here are some pointers to share:

  • When raised, the flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously. Don’t allow it to touch the floor or ground, nor carry or hold anything in it. It’s common to fly the flag from sunrise to sunset, but it can also be flown throughout the night if properly illuminated. And don’t fly it in bad weather, unless it’s an all-weather flag.
  • The term “half-staff” means that the flag is lowered to “one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff.” In this manner, the flag should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position.
  • Parades have rules too. When the U.S. flag is carried in procession with other flags, our nation’s flag should be either on the right of the line of flags, or in front of the center of the line. On floats, the flag should be displayed on a staff. With cars, the flag is attached to the right fender, or chassis, not draped over the vehicle. No laying it on a train or a boat either.

Bigelow Tea also shows its patriotism by sending a special care package to our armed forces. We ship our “Tea for the Troops,” to those serving our country. The American Classic Tea is made from tea grown at our Charleston Tea Plantation and put into special red, white and blue packages. It’s a wonderful way for our soldiers overseas get a taste of “home.”


And let’s not forget that June is also Iced Tea Month! So, as we celebrate our country’s heritage, let’s raise a glass of iced tea and salute our flag and those who defend it!

Top image by Valerie Everett via

Bigelow Tea Honors All Dads on Father’s Day


This Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of June, and that means it’s Father’s Day! We at Bigelow Tea would like to thank all the fathers out there who take the time to be an inspiration, a role-model, and a supporter of all that their kids do. On this special day, there are sure to be golf matches, baseball games, barbeques, and family gatherings. But if you’re wondering what Dad would really love on Father’s Day, we have the answer: dads just want a little time with their children. Yes, a great day of relaxation and kid-time with nothing else to get in the way—that’s the best gift of all.


And, to make a beautiful afternoon in June even more relaxing, offer your father a tall glass of iced tea! Caring kids (with Mom’s help) can make iced tea for Dad. In fact, they can even try to figure out what flavor—or flavor combinations!—their dad might like best! Maybe he’s a Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade kind of guy. Or perhaps he’d like to try a mix of our Pomegranate Pizzazz Herb Tea and Green Tea with Pomegranate. Whatever his choice, we know he’ll appreciate iced tea and time with his family. You might even consider surprising him—even if it’s after Father’s Day—with our World’s Best Dad Tea Chest so he can make tea all year long!


Tea and time … sounds like the perfect combination for Father’s Day this year! It will leave Dad wishing that every Sunday could be Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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Bigelow Tea Thinks About Men’s Health This June!


A message to all the men out there: you’re not invincible! Really—even though many guys think they are indestructible when it comes to their own health. In fact, men’s tendency to take their health for granted—by ignoring symptoms and failing to keep regularly scheduled doctor’s visits—can be a problem. That’s why Bigelow Tea looks at National Men’s Health Week as an opportunity to remind men, and those who love them, to be aware of preventable health problems.

This year Men’s Health Week runs from June 10th to the 16th, and one of the aims is promoting healthy living by stamping out the stigma in men’s physical and mental health. Early detection and treatment of disease is important for us all of course, but as Robert Sobut, MD, clinical instructor of psychiatry at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine tells us: men and women receive different messages early on in regards to their health. “A man is acclimated from an early age to tough it out, so they tend to not like to ask for help.” 

But there’s plenty for men to be aware of. The list of the greatest threats to men’s health includes heart diseasecancer and chronic lung conditions. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that the most important thing is understanding health risks and taking action, starting with healthy lifestyle choices. Eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, quitting smoking and getting regular checkups are all important.


And don’t forget our many fantastic Bigelow Tea varieties like our tasty and soothing Green Tea! No calories, less caffeine than coffee (or none at all if you choose an herbal option) … and it’s pretty relaxing too! Plus, nothing beats a refreshing iced tea after a good cardio workout! Men: take action!

Image by Mike Warren Via

It’s National Iced Tea Day-Have A Glass Of Bigelow Iced Tea!


We simply can’t get enough iced tea this month … and we’re especially excited because today, June 10th, is National Iced Tea Day! So let’s all get a nice, tall glass and fill it with cold, refreshing iced Bigelow Tea!

Today is the perfect day to relax with Bigelow Iced Tea. Whether you brew up a single flavor like Red Raspberry or try a delicious combination of several flavors and varieties, it’s a super-easy way to turn your favorite hot beverage into your favorite cold one! Just boil some water, pour it over your favorite tea, let it steep and then add the ice! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


To make life even simpler, we’ve created some quart-sized tea bags that can be used to brew a whole batch of iced tea! We think you’ll love our Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade combo. In this beverage, rich black tea is combined with sweet lemonade for a truly refreshing drink that you can enjoy every day … but especially today on National Iced Tea Day!

Top image by Growing Up Biligual