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Bigelow Tea Appreciates The Busy Tea Service At Downton Abbey!


It’s the hot drama of the season, BBC’s Downton Abbey, with its aristocratic family and servants living on a country estate in the early decades of 20th century England. The show started off as a huge hit in the UK, and by season two it was cemented as a worldwide event, more popular than any other offering in the history of “Masterpiece!” Here at Bigelow Tea we’re mesmerized by the drama … and we’re particularly enthralled by all of the tea being consumed! The busy Crawley house is ensconced in tea culture, with everybody, both master and servant, enjoying their daily cup. Accordingly, Downton has become a cause for celebration among millions of tea fans like us!

The passion runs deep. Many fans on this side of the pond greeted season three with afternoon tea parties, from New York to San Francisco, celebrating all the stars of Downton, including Maggie Smith, the newly introduced Shirley McClain, and their prominent co-star: tea!

The abbey that serves as the setting of the BBC production is also a star. For centuries Highclere Castle has been the real-life home of the aristocratic Carnarvon family, hosting kings and queens.  The family also welcomes visitors and guests for special events. What an experience it would be to enjoy high tea at this world famous castle!

We have our own kind of tea-loving “aristocracy” in the U.S. too, from Tom Cruise to Meg Ryan, and many other tea-drinking celebs! Just like in Downton Abbey, Bigelow Tea knows that tea is for everyone, and we’re proud help write that script.


However you enjoy your tea—whether it’s English Teatime from silver teapots with savory finger sandwiches or English Breakfast in a big ol’ mug on the couch in your jammies—watching the latest intrigue and gossip from Downton Abbey is most certainly our cup of tea!

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Celebrate National Wedding Month With Bigelow Tea And Our Charleston Tea Garden!

Despite its bleak reputation weather-wise, February still shines as the season of love! Many proposals take place on Valentine’s Day, and for couples planning a spring, summer or even a fall wedding … now is the time to begin preparations. No wonder the bridal industry has declared it National Wedding MonthBigelow Tea knows that one of the first decisions brides and grooms make when planning a wedding is picking the venue. And boy do we have a wonderfully romantic suggestion: our own Charleston Tea Garden—the largest working tea garden in the U.S.!

Tucked away on Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the Tea Garden features breathtaking views of tea fields and towering live oaks, as well as several options for planning a unique celebration in a natural setting brimming with old-fashioned southern charm. One lovely tradition is for couples to trade vows under the branches of the Tea Garden’s oldest live oak, fittingly named “the Wedding Tree.”

And the Pavilion, located in the tranquil tea fields, is an ideal spot for the reception. It provides overhead lighting and ceiling fans, and can be decorated myriad ways to reflect a special theme or your personal style. In need of inspiration? Wedding trend watchers are seeing a growing preference for elegant details evoking the style depicted in the popular PBS series Downton Abbey and recent film adaptations of Anna Karenina and The Great Gatsby. Think crystal glassware and gold silverware and chargers, darling. But elegance doesn’t have to be stuffy. As wedding planner Ivy Robinson tells Bridal Guide, couples often take an eclectic approach “combining natural, outdoorsy details with elegant elements.”

Whether you prefer minimalist décor or plenty of glitz, Charleston Tea Garden provides a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable wedding day. Cheers!


Bigelow Tea Sweet February Sweepstakes Winners Announced

We are so excited to announce the winners of our “Sweet February” sweepstakes, congratulations to everyone!!



The below 14 winners won our I Love Tea tin (pictured above).  Bigelow Tea will contact you to confirm your address for delivery of your prize.

Robin from Missouri

Karen from California

Joseph from Michigan

Juli from Texas

Donna from Ohio

Kim from Ontario

Kendall from Colorado

Suzan from Indiana

Alisa from Kentucky

Marsha from New Jersey

Darryl from Missouri

Mona from Texas

Charlotte from Alabama

John from West Virginia


And the below 14 winners won our Valentine Tea duet (pictured above).  Bigelow Tea will contact you to confirm your address for delivery of your prize.

Sheila from New Mexico

Shannon from Pennsylvania

Martha from Michigan

Beverly from Texas

Shannon from North Carolina

Marina from New York

Lora from Arkansas

Erica from California

Maureen from Ohio

Teisha from Maine

Tara from New Mexico

Mike from California

Holly from Ohio

David from North Carolina

Congrats to everyone!!  Now check out our latest sweepstakes on Facebook featuring the Life of PI movie…many many winners!!  Good luck!

Enter Bigelow Tea’s and 20th Century Fox’s Life of PI Sweepstakes!

Do you love a good movie and a hot cup of Bigelow Tea?  If you do, be sure to enter the “Bigelow Tea Relaxing Moments Life of PI Sweepstakes” this month! The sweepstakes, which starts today, is co-sponsored by 20th Century Fox, and there are some amazing prizes that include a Blu-Ray Player, the Life of PI movie, and a personalized Bigelow Tea chest!

Life of PI, one of the feature prizes in the “Bigelow Tea Relaxing Moments Sweepstakes,” is an exceptional movie that garnered eleven Oscar nominations (in just a few days we’ll see how many the film takes home!).   A gripping tale of wonderment, and discovery, Life of PI is the story of how one boy survived for 227 days on a boat in the middle of the ocean. You won’t want to miss it! A movie for the whole family, Life of PI is perfect for a movie night accompanied by your favorite variety of Bigelow Tea!

Here’s a run-down on the prizes for this months’ sweepstakes:

Grand Prize

Twenty-five (25) lucky Grand Prize winners will receive one (1) Panasonic Blu-Ray Player and one (1) personalized Bigelow Tea chest (pictured above).

First Prize

Fifty (50) lucky winners will receive one (1) Life of PI video (available at Walmart on March 12, 2013) and one (1) personalized Bigelow Tea chest.

Second Prize

One hundred (100) lucky winners will receive a $25 Walmart gift card and one (1) box of Bigelow Tea (winner’s choice with a coupon).

To enter for a chance to win, go to our Bigelow Tea Facebook page, “like” us (if you haven’t already), then click the “Sweepstakes” icon under our cover photo and follow the instructions.

It’s our way of celebrating life’s quiet moments and togetherness. Look for an announcement of the winners on our Constant Comments blog. Good luck!


Celebrate Presidents’ Day With a Cup of Bigelow Tea!

It’s Presidents’ Day, and Bigelow Tea wants to take a moment to recognize the leaders of our country! Officially, President’s Day is still called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government.  However, this national holiday is now viewed as a way to honor and celebrate all United States presidents both past and present on the third Monday of February.

A perfect Presidents’ Day activity this year might be to brew up a cup of tea and watch Lincoln, the Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis. It would be a great way to honor of one of the nation’s most respected presidents. Bigelow Tea sure likes “Honest Abe,” and it has been said that his nickname came from a tea-related experience! As the story goes, Lincoln mistakenly gave a customer ¼ of a pound of tea when the person had ordered ½ pound. So, very early the next morning, Lincoln walked a long way to deliver the correct amount of tea. Clearly, even President Lincoln appreciated the importance of tea!

Interestingly, with Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis hailing from London, England, we think he probably enjoys a cup of tea on a regular basis too!

Beginning with the tea trade in the colonies, continuing with the Boston Tea Party and the U.S.’s many tea loving Presidents, tea has been an important part of American life, both past and present.

So celebrate today’s holiday with one of America’s favorite traditions by brewing a cup or two of your favorite Bigelow Tea in honor of all of America’s presidents.

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The Time To Enter Bigelow Tea’s “I Love Tea” Sweepstakes … Is Now!

Don’t forget to enter Bigelow Tea’s February sweepstakes to win the fantastic I Love Tea Tin or our Valentine Gift Duet! The deadline to enter is approaching fast … midnight EST, February 19!  Don’t miss out!  Our tin is filled with a variety of 120 individually wrapped Bigelow Tea black and flavored black teas that fourteen (14) lucky winners will receive and our Valentine Gift Duet is our White Chocolate Obsession Tea, which blends the heavenly taste of rich, decadent chocolate and robust black tea and Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea, a tantalizing cinnamon and sweet apple herb tea.

But in order to possibly enjoy all of the delicious teas, you have to enter to win! Remember, taking a chance is easy! Just “like” our Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the Sweepstakes icon under our cover photo and follow the instructions. That’s it!

Look for an announcement of the winners on our Constant Comments blog. Don’t miss out on your chance of winning and enter now! Best of luck to all of our tea loving friends!


Bigelow Tea Takes Valentine’s Day To Heart

Today is Valentine’s Day, and Bigelow Tea has discovered some fun facts about this holiday. So, while sipping a cup of your favorite Bigelow Tea, read up on our neat findings for this special day!

*The origin of Valentine’s Day appears to come from both pagan and Christian traditions. In ancient Roman times, an annual celebration called Lupercalia was held in February and featured fertility ceremonies. Around 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

*The story behind the real Saint Valentine remains unclear. One popular opinion is that he was a priest who performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He was put in prison and sentenced to death.

*In Japan, for Valentine’s Day, women give chocolates to men. Men reciprocate on “White Day,” or March 14.

*Valentine greetings, first in words and song, go as far back as the Middle Ages. The oldest known Valentine, still in existence, dates back to 1415. After being captured in battle, Charles, the Duke of Orleans, penned one to his wife from the Tower of London.

*In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass-produced valentines in the U.S. Last year, Americans purchased 150 million Valentine’s Day cards, according to the Greeting Card Association! And Valentine’s Day is the second-largest holiday for giving greeting cards, behind Christmas.

*During Valentine’s Day 2009, according to The Nielsen Company, consumers bought more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy. It rang up $345 million in sales!

At Bigelow Tea, we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our seasonal teas. Our White Chocolate Obsession Tea blends the decadence of white chocolate with robust black tea, and Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea provides warmth with its sweet cinnamon taste. Do you “heart “one or the other, or want to try them both? Consider our Valentine Tea Twin Pack, which makes for a lovely pairing year-round.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fellow tea lovers!

Top image by AForestFrolic, via

Bigelow Tea Makes It Easy To Warm Up Après Ski!

After last season’s record low snowfall left skiers and snowboarders feeling cheated, “snow country” is bouncing back this season with lots of the white stuff at many resorts. Epic! The weather, of course, is notoriously unpredictable from week to week, but one thing skiers can always depend on is the warming effect from a nice cup of hot Bigelow Tea. What could be better après ski?

Winter sports lovers working up a sweat under their layers will also benefit from the hydration tea delivers along with its wonderful flavor and aroma. Die-hard skiers and snowboarders know that it’s easy to forget to replenish fluids while squeezing in as many runs as possible. So stop for a cup of tea a few times a day.

Bigelow Tea has convenience covered, too. Our individually foil-wrapped tea bags make it easy to stash your favorite flavors in a pocket before hitting the slopes.

As for which teas to take in your pocket, we’re all for toting your personal favorites. Still, there are several flavor varieties we daydream about while riding the chairlift. Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Chai and “Constant Comment®” all chase away the chill with a generous hit of spices. And the delicate flavor of Green Tea is extremely refreshing. Maybe try Green Tea with Wild Blueberry and Acai or Green Tea with Mint! And if you prefer Herb Tea, wait ‘til you taste Cranberry Hibiscus Herb Tea packed with natural fruit flavors!

You can’t go wrong, no matter which teas you choose. So grab a bunch, and enjoy the snow while it lasts! Here’s hoping for more fresh powder and plenty of tea when it’s time to hit the lodge!

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Bigelow Tea Digs Out From The Blizzard Of 2013

The Blizzard of 2013 will long be remembered for dumping historic amounts of snow in the Northeast. Here in Fairfield, Connecticut, we were pounded with snow all day Friday and into the morning hours on Saturday. At times, we were hit with 4 inches of snow per hour! When the snow cleared, Bigelow Tea was dealing with about 36 inches of snow in our parking lots, on our roofs and in the roads.

As Saturday led into Sunday and then early Monday morning, our snow plow removal vendor (R & M Custom Contractor) was hard at work clearing our roofs and our parking lots. As Monday morning rolled around, most major highways were clear and safe, but many streets remained unplowed. In true team fashion, Bigelow Tea employees carpooled and we were able to get enough people safely into the building. After a slow start, we were soon running machines and getting back to the business of making and supplying tea bags to all of our loyal customers!

Jim Gildea

Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea Pays Tribute to Black History Month

At Bigelow Tea, we are proud to recognize the legacy behind Black History Month and the countless men and women who have made major contributions to U.S. history—and continue to do so.

The origin of Black History Month is an interesting story. In 1926, it began as a weeklong public observance that was initiated by Carter G. Woodson, an educator and historian who helped to found an organization now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. This history week was held on the second week of February to coincide with birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

What we now know as Black History Month took shape by the late 1960s, with the rise of the Civil Rights Movement and as public awareness about this subject grew nationwide. In 1976, Gerald Ford made the first official presidential proclamation for Black History Month. Since then, every U.S. president including Barack Obama has kept this tradition going.

Each year, Black History Month has a theme. 2013 will acknowledge two significant milestones in African American history. The first one is the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Issued by Lincoln, this act paved the way to adding the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished slavery. The second marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, where Martin Luther King gave his famous speech, “I Have a Dream.”

Throughout February, we raise our teacups to recognize Black History Month. Join us by filling yours with “Constant Comment®,” our very first tea which started our company’s history. Or enjoy any one of our other blends, which are just as notable.

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