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Bigelow Tea Takes A Look At The Origins Of National Flag Day

Bernard John Cigrand’s passion for the American flag and the freedoms it represents still resonates, more than 100 years after he began his quest for official recognition of National Flag Day on June 14. His story is quintessentially American – and inspires our admiration here at Bigelow Tea, where Old Glory is near and dear to our hearts!

As a 19-year-old teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin in 1885, Bernard placed a 10-inch, 38-star flag in a bottle on his desk and asked his students to write essays on what the flag meant to them. Thus began his commitment to commemorating the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777. In 1916, when Bernard was 50, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation calling for a nationwide observance of Flag Day. But it wasn’t until 1949 that President Harry S. Truman signed an Act of Congress designating the 14th day of June each year as National Flag Day.

Today, the National Flag Day Foundation continues the tradition started by Bernard with an annual children’s essay contest on “what the flag means to me.” We salute all the children who have submitted entries this year and also take a moment to recognize the men and women in uniform. They are the reason Bigelow Tea created Tea for the Troops, 100 percent American-grown tea from our own Charleston Tea Garden, packaged in a special box resplendent with the red, white and blue! It’s our way of thanking all those in the armed forces for their sacrifice and service.

So on June 14th, let’s all sip some tea and thank our troops along with Bernard John Cigrand for ensuring the U.S. flag’s enduring symbolism for all Americans!

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Cindi Bigelow Shows Us How To Chill Out With Bigelow Tea For National Iced Tea Day!


Now that June is here (yay!) we’re daydreaming about simple summer pleasures – good books, sand between our toes, and of course plenty of delicious iced Bigelow Tea! How about making a pitcher to celebrate National Iced Tea Day on Sunday, June 10th?  June is special all around, considering it ushers in summer and serves officially as iced tea month! So we’re raising a chilled glass to sharing iced tea tips and some mouth-watering product news!

There are so many creative ways to mix and match Bigelow Teas to suit your mood or taste. Winning iced tea combos include Green Tea with Mango and Perfect Peach Herb TeaGreen Tea and Red Raspberry Herb Tea, and Constant Comment and Plantation Mint – to name just a few. In this great new video, Cindi Bigelow showcases her faves in a rainbow of beautiful colors!

Speaking of complementary flavors, if you haven’t tried our new Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade Blends, now is the perfect time. We’re so excited about these products! We know that you will absolutely love the fresh-brewed tea flavor combined with lemon … and packaged in convenient quart-sized tea bags for easy anytime brewing (you can check out these simple instructions for brewing iced tea by the glass or the quart). And here’s another fun tip: try freezing extra Half & Half (or any iced tea) in ice cube trays and adding the frozen cubes to your next glass of iced tea for even more tea flavor. Delish!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have a favorite winning Bigelow Tea iced tea combo of your own? We’d love to hear about it via Facebook or Twitter.

Whichever varieties you prefer, be sure to stock up for summer … and let the good times roll!


Bigelow Tea Takes The Heat Out Of National Sun Safety Week

Hot fun in the summer time!  The season of summer brings to mind thoughts of the sun, beaches, water sports, and outdoor activities.  But during National Sun Safety Week, we at Bigelow Tea would like to remind you that, if you’re not careful, summer and the sun can come with unwanted consequences.

Most of us are all aware of the potential harm—sunburn, sun poisoning, or even skin cancer—that can come from spending too much time in the sun without the proper protection. Some of the easiest ways to avoid these summer time dangers are to apply broad spectrum sun-screen, wear clothing to protect the skin, and stay out of the sun between its strongest hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before entering the sun and to re-apply after swimming, sweating or at least every two hours. Also remember to protect your eyes when spending time in the sun.

When temperatures rise, we may forget about how the heat can affect our internal body temperature, especially if we are exercising. When our bodies become overheated we risk dehydration, which can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. How to combat this risk? Drink lots of fluids … like a cool and refreshing glass of Bigelow Tea iced tea! Or, for variety, you might want to try Bigelow Tea Coconut Water. Since the best way to avoid dehydration is to drink before you’re even thirsty, keep those beverages on hand, and sip away!

So, this summer, remember to play and have fun, but play it smart too.  And then have a nice glass of Bigelow Tea on ice to put a welcome chill into the heat of the summer.

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Follow Bigelow Tea On Pinterest To Share The Love Of Tea!

Bigelow Tea has joined Pinterest, the wildly popular new social network that lets you share online images of your favorite things – like tea, of course! We’re excited to develop our Pinterest presence and connect with our fans and the larger tea community with our love of tea.

New to Pinterest? Here are the basics: once you create your profile, you’re ready to create pin “boards” for your interests, and follow those created by your friends and others. As you browse images within Pinterest, you can “repin” appealing images to your boards. “Like” them, or just comment on them. A “Pin It” button (which is easy to install on your toolbar) allows you to pin images from your computer or anywhere online. Here’s a list of some of Bigelow Tea’s tea-centric pinboards:

  • Bigelow Tea Recipes and Gluten Free Living for those interested in unique recipes and healthy living
  • Tea InspirationsTea Party Ideas, and The Joy of Drinking Tea for all tea lovers
  • SustainabilitTEA to highlight eco-friendly living and the company’s green initiatives
  • Your Bigelow Pins to celebrate and acknowledge fan pins of favorite Bigelow Teas
  • Tea Cups and Tea Pots and Bigelow Tea Gifts for tea collectors
  • Notable Tea Drinkers to showcase well-known tea enthusiasts
  • GardeningFor the HomeHolidays and more

“At our house, tea was always a social event, something to be embraced. So it’s only natural that as a tea company, we would want to share our love affair with tea by fans pinning all things tea — favorite recipes, images, inspired accessories, news and party ideas on Pinterest,” says company president Cindi Bigelow. “We were pleased to discover there’s so much interest on the part of Bigelow Tea fans with pinning and repinning.  We’re all having a lot of fun exchanging ideas.”

We invite you to join the Pinterest party by following Bigelow Tea, sharing your favorite tea images and repinning ours. Happy pinning!

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Bigelow Tea Is Committed To The Environment

At Bigelow Tea, we are always committed to doing the right thing in all areas whether it is with creating the perfect teas or doing our part for the environment. We recently had our first pick-up of used cooking oil that was from our Fairfield. CT company cafeteria.  The oil is sent to a processing facility in Waterbury, CT where it is converted to biodiesel fuel. It was an exciting day for us at Bigelow as we watched the oil being recovered and carted off for reuse.

This is just one more step in our on-going sustainability efforts. Whether it is installing solar panels, instituting compost policy, working towards becoming a “Zero Waste to Landfill” Plant, recycling our overwrap, reducing our shrink wrap and undertaking countless other energy efficiency initiatives, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help protect Planet Earth.

Jim Gildea
Connecticut Plant Manager
Bigleow Tea


Bigelow Tea Wins Best Decorated For 2nd Year In A Row At The Kentucky Derby Festival

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a two week event in Louisville, KY that promotes all things Derby (Bigelow Tea has a manufacturing facility in Louisville). The festival started with the biggest Fireworks show in North America, “Thunder Over Louisville,”  then many other events followed suit ranging from The Great Bed Race, Great Steamboat Race, Pegasus Parade, Festiville (Chow Wagon) with lots of food and music, golf scrambles and many other things leading up to race day and the Kentucky Derby.

While most of the events are more community involvement related there are some that raise money for charities. With the bed race there was an award called the “People’s Choice Award” where the people could vote for $1 on the bed they liked best and profits went to the winning bed’s favorite charity.

The theme of this year’s race was bedtime stories.  We decided to have a momma teapot reading to her baby teacups and named our story “Sweet Dreams.”  Our bed won Best Decorated for the 2nd year and we were all thrilled. The event started at 11:30 am where all participants’ beds were to be viewed in the front of the KFC YUM Center. There was quite a crowd and we gave out lots of tea samples as everyone walked around and checked out the beds. The crowd was very impressed with all of our hard work. Around 5:30 pm the beds were taken into the YUM Center and the parade of beds began (this is where all participants parade on the floor of the YUM Center to show off their decorations). Right after this was completed we rushed to get all the decorations off of the bed in order to get prepared for the race which began at 7:00 pm with live coverage on WAVE 3.

Lots of hard work but a great time was had by all!

Kathy Van Sant
Bigelow Tea, Louisville KY

Bigelow Tea Goes All Out With Half & Half Iced Tea And Lemonade Blends!

Bigelow Tea proudly introduces our Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade … and we’re excited to announce that there’s nothing half-way about the flavor! Our new masterfully blended and naturally sweetened tea combos deliver double the taste and refreshment for a whole new way to enjoy fresh brewed iced tea with its natural flavor complement: lemonade. Plus, each serving has just 10 to 15 calories!  We know you’ll want to try them both:

As an added convenience, these half-and-half tea bags – the first of their kind on the market – come in family, quart-size tea bags, so a generous pitcher of a thirst-quenching beverage is easily brewed in minutes. Each variety features black tea balanced with natural lemon or pomegranate flavors, lemon peel and herbs.

“It is just the right combination of smooth black tea and lemonade, sweetened to perfection all for pennies a glass,” says Bigelow Tea President Cindi Bigelow. “The product is so delicious, and all made at your convenience in your home.” And, because consumers are not buying multiple glass bottles or aluminum cans, Cindi likes that “it is a win from an environmental standpoint as well as economical.”

With so many bottled tea beverages on the market, we know you have plenty of choices. But we think our Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade blends are altogether different because they offer great flavor, convenience and all the health benefits of freshly brewed tea. As we recently shared on our blog, one study suggests that when it comes to iced tea, brewed is the better choice over bottled if you want to preserve all the antioxidants in your tea. And we know you do!

So go all out with Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade!

To see the formal press release, please link here.

Employee Spirit Abounds At Bigelow Tea

We don’t like to brag, but we happen to think that Bigelow Tea has the best group of employees around! And because March is officially Employee Spirit Month, we think it’s the ideal time to again recognize our crew and share a much-deserved pat on the back!

Employee Spirit Month is designed to celebrate the unity of employees, and we have so much to celebrate! Not only do our Bigelow Tea employees complete their jobs with aplomb, but they go above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways. From community involvement to sustainability initiatives, our Bigelow Tea workers are truly top-notch. Last year they even made a hugely popular video about working at our company. We couldn’t be prouder!

You probably know that there is a special page on our website where we share employee stories, and we hope you’ll check it out. Take a look and meet an employee who takes a scooter to his train station to help keep the environment clean, and a couple of team members who took initiative at the plant – and insulated a drafty door. Then there is all that fantastic Bigelow Tea that our team produces every day, let’s not forget that!

Bigelow Tea says thank you to its talented team and hopes that all of you wonderful tea-drinkers out there have tons of employee spirit at your place of business too!


Go Green With Bigelow Tea’s March Sweepstakes!

Get ready to go green with our March sweepstakes starting today and running through the end of the month! That’s right, 25 lucky winners will receive a taste of the green with one Green Tea Variety Gift Box, featuring a delicious assortment of Bigelow green teas.

If you’re new to the pleasures of Bigelow Tea green tea, this is a great opportunity to try its distinctive delicate flavor, blended with your other favorite Bigelow Tea flavors. We think you’ll also appreciate the many reported health benefits of drinking green tea. Remember when brewing: take the kettle off just before the water begins to boil. That’s Cindi Bigelow’s tip for preserving all the flavor of those delicate green tea leaves!

Each Green Tea Variety Gift Box contains 8 each of the following teas (64 tea bags in all, total value $13.95):

  • Bigelow Green Tea
  • Bigelow Green Tea Decaffeinated
  • Bigelow Green Tea With Mint
  • Bigelow Green Tea With Peach
  • Bigelow Constant Comment Green Tea
  • Bigelow Green Tea With Lemon
  • Bigelow Green Tea With Mango
  • Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea

To enter, simply “like” our Facebook page (if you haven’t already!) then click the Green Tea sweepstakes tab under our profile picture and enter your name. The sweepstakes ends at midnight on March 31st. The 25 winners will be chosen by random drawing on April 1st!

Enter today, and enjoy going green with Bigelow Tea – anytime!


A Healthy Workplace Makes Bigelow Tea Shine!

Bigelow Tea was recognized by the Business Council of Fairfield County at its annual Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program. The event was held on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the efforts of area employers “who understand the competitive advantage of a healthy workforce and who have implemented cutting edge programs to promote a healthy workplace and assist their employees to live healthier lives.”

Bigelow Tea is thrilled to be one of the organizations recognized in this arena, and we are proud to note that it is our third time receiving this accolade! As we’ve said before, the health and wellness of our employees is a top priority at our company. Our efforts in this area include hosting a Health & Wellness Fair, where we all had the opportunity to learn more about topics such as healthy eating, natural remedies and zinc deficiency.  It’s wonderful to see so many members of our Bigelow team living healthy lifestyles—lifestyles that, of course, include drinking lots of antioxidant-rich tea!

At our Health and Wellness Fair

 “We applaud the hard work and resourcefulness of these individuals, as they have made [the] wellness mission critical in their organizations,” said Robert K. Janes, Jr., Director, New Sales, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (one of the event’s sponsors).

The Business Council of Fairfield County, a private, not-for profit corporation, is committed to strengthening the economic vitality of the region and the performance of its member firms, through research-based public policy initiatives, information services and network building programs. Bigelow Tea will continue to promote our healthy work environment for our employees, good for all our families, both at work and at home!

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