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Comment Policy

Bigelow Tea Blog Comment Policy

The Bigelow Tea blog is a site for you, and we welcome your comments.

We want this site to be a safe and friendly place, so we ask that you adhere to these guidelines when writing comments:

  1. Remember that this site is open to the public, so do not disclose any personal information that you wish to remain private. This includes private information or email addresses from other people that you do not have permission to disclose.
  2. Please refrain from making comments that are obscene, racist, libelous, or plagiarized.
  3. If you have any customer service issues, or wish to talk to us about other matters, you can reach us via our contact us page.
  4. All comments are moderated, and we reserve the right to not publish anything which we feel violates these guidelines or otherwise detracts from the positive experience we wish people to have when they visit our blog.
  5. You cannot use any material on this blog for commercial purposes, unless authorized by Bigelow Tea.
  6. Bigelow Tea reserves the right to use these comments in any way we deem appropriate, including publishing or quoting in other venues.
  7. By submitting a comment, you are stating that you agree to these guidelines.