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Practice SustainabiliTEA And Celebrate Earth Day With Bigelow Tea!

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“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

~ Chief Seattle, 1855

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and communities all over the world have made great strides in the ongoing effort to protect our planet. We’ve come far, but there’s still much work to be done. This is a phenomenal time in our history when each of us can effect change through sustainable initiatives like energy efficiency, recycling, reducing air and water pollution, and forest preservation. Challenges like Climate change are often opportunities in disguise. Annual events like Earth Day and Arbor Day (on April 30th), are valuable resources whose goal is to re-energize people in their efforts to live sustainably.

At Bigelow Tea, our respect for the environment is reflected in everything we say and do, which is why we established a Sustainabili-TEA program. We are definitely Green advocates – of Green Tea and Green Power! One of the ways that we, as a company, have reduced our impact on the environment is through the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of our corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant. Also, 85% of our teabags are wrapped in biodegradable or recyclable packaging because waste reduction has become a way of life for us.

There’s an old Native American proverb which says “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” So please join Bigelow Tea in their unwavering commitment to create a global green economy so that future generations may thrive. After all, it’s the right thing to do.

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How To Decaffeinate Your Favorite Tea


Here’s some good news for tea drinkers who prefer to limit their caffeine intake: Cindi Bigelow has put together a brand new video demonstrating how to take your favorite caffeinated tea and significantly reduce its caffeine content.

Cindi has covered this subject before, but now—with updated studies and additional detailed information regarding the decaffeinating process—Bigelow Tea realized that it was a good time for a Tea-V (video) update!

Of course, many Bigelow teas come in decaffeinated varieties, and herbal teas are completely caffeine free. But if your favorite flavor or type of tea isn’t available in decaf, this is a proven way to reduce (by over 50%) the amount of caffeine in your cup. Give it a try!

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Christina Aguilera Drinks Her Green Tea in Ireland and the US!

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We’ve seen some talented singers featured on this blog before, like Lady GaGa, Jordin Sparks, and Joss Stone just to name a few. Now we can add the petite superstar with a powerful voice, Christina Aguilera! The photo (right) is from a recent trip she made to Ireland where she of course, took some time out for tea at the Matchabar Tea Emporium.

Aguilera made her mark on the world of music over a decade ago with her chart-topping self-titled album. At 5’2 Aguilera proves that great voices do come in small packages; when she was in her teens, she could reach the same musical notes as Whitney Houston. With those powerful pipes, it’s no surprise that Aguilera is a dedicated green tea drinker!

Plus, with all those also healthy antioxidants in her tea, perhaps the busy mom/wife/singer feels even more powerful while she’s jet-setting around the globe, or helping out with her many philanthropic causes.

If you’ve been missing her music, fear not, fans. Keep an eye (and both your ears) out for her upcoming album, Bionic!

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Say “I Do” at the Charleston Tea Plantation

“Then, we shall walk through dusty lanes
And pause beneath low-hanging boughs,
And there, while soft-hued beauty reigns
We’ll make our vows

(Oliver Jenkins, Love Autumnal)

The Season of Love is upon us once again! As couples begin to plan the intricate details of their wedding days, the first question they face is “When?” That being decided, the most pressing issue is “Where?” We’ve all heard the expression, “Location. Location. Location.” Wedding planners sing in unison that venue is everything!  The romantics at Bigelow Tea couldn’t agree more…Saveur feels the same way. It just so happens that we have the most idyllic setting for the perfect summer or autumn wedding: our very own breathtaking Charleston Tea Plantation.


America’s only tea garden is nestled on the charming and secluded Wadmalaw Island, a short distance from Charleston, South Carolina. The Plantation welcomes the beginning of a new harvest season with millions of tea blossoms and thousands of butterflies decorating the fields.  It is a picturesque setting for bride and groom to share a formal afternoon tea with guests, or listen to the sound of rustling leaves while sipping a refreshing glasses of Constant Comment® and Plantation Mint® Iced Tea.


Take advantage of this extraordinary tea garden where warm and knowledgeable staff will help make your special day one to remember. Celebrate everything Tea with a bridal tea party for just the girls. The Charleston Tea Plantation’s secret recipe is really quite simple: combine purity of nature and the delightfully fresh American Classic Tea with Southern hospitality and charm. Exquisite memories are waiting to be made. See more wedding events information on our new Tea Garden web site and say “I do!”


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We All Love Choices! Bigelow Tea Asks: What Do You Like Best?

We know how much tea drinkers love their tea; that’s why at Bigelow Tea, we have varieties to please everyone! What are your favorites?

Our classic black teas have been around a very long time, including Constant Comment (65 years old this year) and Chinese Oolong. There’s also the herbal tea family with herbs, fruits and spices, and Bigelow Herb Plus which combines herbal tea with antioxidants, probiotics, b-complex or omega-3.

We also offer green teas – “straight up” or infused with a fruits and flavors — and organic teas! It’s good to have choices, so what’s your choice? Chances are it’s one of our favorites too!

What Kind Of Tea Do You Like Best?polls

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Bigelow Tea Salutes The Red Hat SocietyAnd Their Tea Parties!

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On April 25th the members of the Red Hat Society will celebrate the organization’s 12th anniversary. You may know The Red Hatters are an amazing group of women with a wonderful outlook on life. But did you know that it all began with a tea party?

Back in 1998, “Queen Mother” Sue Ellen Cooper bought a red hat and found the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph (which depicts an older woman in purple clothing with a red hat). Sue Ellen then decided to give copies of the poem and red hats to a few friends. According to the society’s website, “One day it occurred to these friends that they were becoming a sort of ‘Red Hat Society’ and that perhaps they should go out to tea in full regalia. They decided to don purple dresses which didn’t go with their red hats to complete the poem’s image. The tea was a smashing success.”

At Bigelow Tea, we congratulate the Red Hat Society and its members for enjoying life and for simply being themselves. Plus, it’s nice to know that they enjoy a good tea party!

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Funny Man Jason Bateman Sips Sweet Tea

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Whether you remember him best from Silver Spoons or were a fan of Arrested Development, there is no question that Jason Bateman has mastered the art of funny.

And with decades of prolific performance experience under his belt, the Hollywood comic actor has also tried (and succeeded) at playing the part of director as well. How does a multi-talent like Bateman quench his thirst?  With tea, of course!

In an interview with Best Life Magazine, Bateman wowed the interviewer with his talent and masculinity. And when it came time to order drinks, he chose a sweet tea.

We just love that macho guys in Hollywood and in the world of sports world proudly claim tea as their drink of choice!

We’ve written about plenty of male celeb tea drinkers. So, who has been your favorite so far?  Let us know!

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All You Need Is Tea!

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“Sail me on a silver sun, for I know that I’m free Show me that I’m everywhere, and get me home for tea”

–  George Harrison

It’s no surprise that the Liverpool foursome known as The Beatles were huge tea fans. With tea references in their lyrics throughout their incredible years together as The Fab Four, they were for a time the world’s most notable tea ambassadors! As in the line above from the 1967 song, It’s All Too Much, tea played an important role in their music.

There are actually several tea references in Beatles music; from asking Lovely Rita, Meter Maidwhen are you free to take some tea with me?” to All Together Now, where the question is posed “A – B – C – D – can I bring my friend to tea?”

Photo via

We at Bigelow Tea just had to share this great photo (above) with you, taken at Abbey Road Studios, where John, Paul, George and Ringo are taking a break from recording, From Me to You. They’re enjoying tea time with George Martin, (Now Sir George Martin) producer of most of their recordings from 1962-1969, and who is considered by many to be the “Fifth Beatle.”

Run a search of Beatles and tea and you’ll find more great pictures of the group at tea time. We also came across this caricature from The Beatles cartoon series, titled Tea and Crumpets.

Their musical and social impact on the world was immense, and their tea-fueled creativity just adds to their appeal. Also, check out this video of Paul McCartney’s English Tea, from his highly regarded 2007 album “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.”

Have a favorite Beatles’ tea moment?  Tell us about it!

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Bigelow MV-Teas: Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp Was a Winner!

Now that’s a hat trick…Wayne Gretzky, Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp and Bigelow’s Gretzky Green Teas all together in Las Vegas. That’s right, over 70 hockey enthusiasts got together with Wayne Gretzky, Wayne’s father Walter and other hockey greats to live a dream out on the ice for five action packed days. And front and center throughout the camp were Bigelow’s Gretzky Green Teas that everyone enjoyed and took home with the remarkable memories of the camp.





Spread the word…Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp is “the place to be!”


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Join Bigelow Tea In Celebrating World Health Day – April 7th, 2010

Yes, ladies and gents, urbanization is constantly on the rise and here to stay. What this means for us city dwellers is that now, more than ever, we need to focus on making our city environment healthier.

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That’s why this year’s World Health Day, sponsored annually by the World Health Organization (WHO) will focus on the relationship between urbanization and our health.

As the public health arm of the United Nations, the WHO has launched a worldwide campaign “1000 Cities, 1000 Lives” in an effort to raise awareness of a global initiative to open up the streets to healthy activity.

As the urban landscape spreads, so do the health challenges associated with it: violence, compromised water/sewage, car pollution, second hand smoke, alcohol/drug use, and physical inactivity. On World Health Day 2010, urban communities around the world will organize events to promote healthy living in the city.

Bigelow Tea says hooray to that! Not only do we value our community – local and global – we are also ardent advocates of healthy living and preserving the environment. Our wonderfully flavorful teas, with their biodegradable or recyclable packaging, are bursting with anti-oxidants!  And, in an effort to get everybody outside and exercising, we also host and sponsor urban events like our annual Bigelow Tea Community Challenge, where the proceeds go to local charities.

So for World Health Day 2010–from New York to Down Under–people will be cycling, walking, dancing and breathing easier in car-free streets.  And they will all be sharing their ideas about how their community is working towards making their city more health-friendly. Watch this inspiring video on World Health Day 2010 here:


Please join us in the global effort to make our cities healthier… today, and every day.

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