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Kerli Invites Listeners to Her Tea Party

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We already know that a good cup of tea is enjoyed around the globe, everywhere from China to England. Perhaps not as well known in the tea drinking world is Estonia, which recently came to our attention at Bigelow Tea because of the rising new star Kerli.

Born in 1987 when Estonia was a part of the Soviet Union, Kerli always knew that she wanted to sing.  Even after being discouraged numerous times, she never let her dreams dwindle. Her hit album, “Love is Dead,” which hit the Billboard 200 chart fast, is proof that anyone can accomplish what they want when they work hard.

Watch Kerli’s latest video Tea Party, from the album “Almost Alice;” it’s the most exotic and colorful tea party display since the Tim Burton film “Alice in Wonderland.”  Kerli’s Tea Party advises listeners to drink their tea with “elbows down and pinkies up.” Traditional or new age, you’ve never seen a tea party like this!

So even though Estonia might not be the first country one thinks of when it comes to tea, Kerli reminds us that a cup of tea really is a universal experience. As she sings in Tea Party; “Down to the last cup, we keep it boiling hot!” It’s true that all across the world we all share in the simple pleasure of a cup of hot Bigelow Tea!

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Bigelow Tea Employees: My Shareholders, My Family

Just finished having employee meetings with all the employees at our Fairfield, CT facility….year-end stuff, bonus checks, etc.

What a great group of people…receptive, caring, open. You name it, my team of people cannot be better! After I finish talking to them about the recap of the year, many of them line up to chat “off-the-record.”

The stuff they say is so heartwarming….yes, they are my shareholders. But more importantly, they are my family…..

Cindi Bigelow

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In Many Ways, Tea Is A Dutch Treat

Dutch East India ship building site in Amsterdam, 1750

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Tea is sometimes thought of as the quintessential English drink, but it was the Dutch who introduced tea to Europe and America. Holland began importing tea to Europe in 1610 when it was the world’s most successful seafaring nation.

Initially, tea was a luxury item throughout Europe, costing what would today be $100 a pound. Early on, the Dutch began to drink tea with milk and sugar, which contributed to its growing popularity. The introduction of clipper ships in the 1730s brought the price dramatically lower and helped make tea ubiquitous.

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Some historians say that Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant brought the first tea to America in 1647, when he arrived from Holland as governor of New Amsterdam, the Dutch settlement later renamed New York.

Along with tea, the Dutch imported Chinese tea ware too, since European pottery, including Delft pots, couldn’t handle boiling water. Later, the Dutch were the first Europeans to fabricate the ceramic vessels for making and serving tea that are similar to the ones we use today. The Dutch also introduced the term thee (“tay”), the Chinese word for tea. Tea is still pronounced “tay” in Holland, Ireland, France, Spain and many other countries.

After it began importing tea, the powerful Dutch East India Company established a tea monopoly that lasted most of the seventeenth century. Its best customers were England and the American colonies. In the mid 1700s, the Dutch aided the American revolutionaries by providing a steady supply of tea to smuggle past the English!

So, even though Holland is a relatively small country, it has played a big role in spreading the wonder of tea around the world.

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New Study Suggests Regular Tea Consumption May Help Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

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At Bigelow Tea, we’re always happy to share encouraging news, especially when it relates to how the properties found in tea might possibly impact our health for the better.  So when we heard about a recent study indicating that tea may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, we couldn’t wait to pass the information on to you. The research, conducted in Australia by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) surveyed 2700 women – half with ovarian cancer, half without – on their diet, lifestyle and tea-drinking habits. Dr. Christina Nagle, lead researcher from QIMR’s Gynecological Cancers Group, stated “Our results indicate that drinking more than four cups a day of tea may reduce ovarian cancer risk by almost 30%.”

Dr. Nagle recognized that the findings did not specifically differentiate between black, green or herbal tea. She further specified that “…combining all of the evidence worldwide suggests that…one or more cups of green tea per day may reduce your risk of developing ovarian cancer by 40%,” although further research is certainly needed.

Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer-related death among women in the United States. From all the cancers of the female reproductive system, the mortality rate for ovarian cancer is the highest as the symptoms are difficult to detect in its early stage. Therefore it is often diagnosed at the advanced stage when the cancer has already spread beyond the ovary. Early detection is critical and that’s why it is so important for women to visit their gynecologist regularly and be attuned to unusual aches and pains, as well as any changes in their appetite and energy level.

So, ladies, treat your body like a temple. Make healthy choices. And, do sip some tea!

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SustainabiliTEA In The Summertime: Eco-Tips From Bigelow Tea

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There’s nothing like a little summer gardening to make you appreciate nature…hikes in the woods, a camping trip, or a canoe ride on the lake. And, if you don’t really like the prospect of some dirt under your fingernails, you may enjoy spending weekends grilling mouthwatering food on the barbecue, surrounded by family and friends. Whatever your pleasure, one thing is for certain: summertime and sustainability go hand in hand. At Bigelow Tea, we are all about SustainabiliTEA. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to share some tips to help you make the rest of your summer sustainable and fun:

  • Everybody loves a summer picnic, but try to avoid packaged foods in favor of produce from the local farmers’ market. Fruits and vegetables abound in the summertime!  And remember your re-usable containers.

  • Recycle your water bottles. Better yet, bring your own water container.
  • Worship the sun, yes, but please protect your skin by using sunscreen!
  • It’s fun to be outdoors, but not so fun to be bitten by bugs! Use a natural insect repellent like lemongrass. You can rub the stalk on your skin, plant it in the yard or dab yourself with lemongrass oil.

  • Keep your beaches, campsites, and RVs clean.  Carry a bag to store your garbage.  Be an Eco-Samaritan – if you see litter, take the initiative by picking it up and discarding it appropriately. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Have a green barbecue. Don’t throw the excess food away, but do give your guests a doggie bag.

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And, as you sit on your favorite patio chair, marveling at the beauty of the summer evening sky, pour yourself a cup of your favorite Bigelow tea. Sip it slowly, relax and savor your summer!

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Afternoon Tea with Sir Elton John?

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Fancy a spot of tea with Sir Elton John? In a recent charity fundraiser for the launch of British soccer pro Rio Ferdinand’s Live The Dream Foundation, the hot ticket item on the docket was a personal tour of Elton John’s English home in Windsor, England – complete with an Afternoon Tea with the legendary singer/composer himself! At Bigelow Tea, we’re thrilled, albeit not surprised, that Elton knows the value of an Afternoon Tea. In fact, the bidding was enthusiastic, and it went for a cool £30,000 (approximately $48,000)!

Bigelow Tea is intimately familiar with the harmonious relationship between Philanthropy and Tea. We derive great joy from raising funds to benefit the community. After all, it’s the right thing to do. The great news is that Charity Teas seem to be catching on, whether it’s an Afternoon Tea or a Morning Tea. There’s nothing like a good tea gathering to inspire generous-hearted people to reflect on their own blessings and to extend themselves to those in need.

The significance of tea time is well represented in the folksy-blues song from John Baldry, “Everything stops for tea,” coincidentally co-produced by Elton John nearly 40 years ago!

Oh, a lawyer in the courtroom
In the middle of an alimony plea

Has to stop and help ‘em pour when the clock strikes four
Everything stops for tea

It’s a very good English custom
Though the weather be cold or hot
When you need a little pick-up, you’ll find a little tea cup
Will always hit the spot”

~ From Everything Stops for Tea, Long John Baldry, 1972.

Produced by Elton John and Rod Stewart

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Tee Off with Bigelow Tea and Family Golf Month!

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The great thing about summer is that school’s out, the sun is shining and families can gather together to share in fun, outdoor activities.  So how about some golf? After all, July is Family Golf Month, sponsored each year by Play Golf America. Here at Bigelow Tea we encourage you to soak up the warm weather and take up a relaxing round at your local golf course. Don’t know how to play? No worries! During the month, golf courses across the country will be offering a series of programs for you to learn and play golf as a family. Some of these programs include Bring Your Kids to the Golf Range, Family Golf Clinics, and Family Golf Play Days.

And, after you finish a few rounds, chill out with some thirst quenching Bigelow Iced Tea.  Mix and match your Bigelow flavors. After all, variety is the spice of life! (That and plenty of iced Bigelow Tea all summer long!)

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Tee off with Iced Tea!  Have fun during Family Golf Month with these Bigelow Tea Iced Tea specialties!

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

For Iced Tea by the Glass:

4 to 5 fl. oz. boiling water

1 Bigelow Tea  bag

Ice Cubes*

For Iced Tea by the Quart:

1 cups (8 fl. oz.) boiling water

6 Bigelow Tea bags

Ice Cubes*


By the Glass:

Pour 4 to 5 oz. boiling water over 1 tea bag.

Steep 3 to 5 minutes.

Sweeten to taste.

Pour into tall glass filled with ice…and enjoy.
By the Quart:

Place 6 tea bags in a one quart container.

Pour 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) boiling water over tea bag.

Steep 10 minutes.

Remove tea bag.

Add 3 cups (24 fl. oz.) cold water.

Serve over ice.*

Sweeten to taste.

* For fun, try combining some of your favorite Bigelow Tea flavors when you make iced tea.

Then, try freezing your iced tea concoction in an ice cube tray.

Use your ice tea cubes instead of regular ice cubes.

How refreshing – and flavorful!

Iced Tea Cubed

Cool Summer Tips:

For a hint of mint, try Iced Tea Cubes made with Bigelow Mint Medley or Plantation Mint.
For a splash of fruit, try Bigelow Red Raspberry, Perfect Peach, Orange & Spice,

Pomegranate Pizzazz or Raspberry Royale.
For a citrus sensation, try cubes made with Bigelow I Love Lemon or Lemon Lift.

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George Steinbrenner “The Boss” Impacted Baseball, Bigelow Tea and All of Us

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From the beginning with the (then) down-on-their-luck NY Yankees, back in 1973, George Steinbrenner demanded the optimum performances from the team. Over the next decades he built a legacy of excellence with his challenging style, truly earning his nickname “The Boss.” He became the game’s most successful and best-known owner with his larger than life Yankees – and larger than life personality.

You know that here at Bigelow Tea we are huge baseball fans. “America’s Pastime” is like a long, cool glass of ice tea to us; refreshing, invigorating. Perfect. And George Steinbrenner’s many contributions to the great game of baseball, as well as his significant philanthropy, speak volumes. His passing comes eight months after the Yankees won their 27th World Series title, the first since 2000 – when Bigelow Tea spokesman Joe Torre was at the helm of the Iconic organization.

George Steinbrenner and Joe Torre as Yankees

Image: Al Bello/ via

Joe Torre started with the Yankees in 1996, and guided them to an incredible four World Series titles in five years. Of course today, Joe (when he’s not enjoying his tea) is the skipper of the venerable Los Angeles Dodgers. He shared that George “…was a very special man. He made an impact on everybody that was connected with baseball.”

Sure, George Steinbrenner butted heads. He fired managers. He rehired them, and then famously fired them again. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He also brought some of the greatest players to New York, for top salaries, and accepted nothing less than World Championship efforts. The results? Under George’s direction, the Yankees won seven World Series and 11 American League pennants.

And while returning the Yankees to greatness, George Steinbrenner changed the way baseball works today. At Bigelow Tea we raise our cup to a man who was ahead of his time.

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Four Generations and a Hammer

Just got back from an amazing week in West Virginia with 180 fellow companions (approx 120 young adults and 60 adults)-what a week!

I have gone now for 5 years and never cease to be blown away by the level of compassion and the amount of good work done over the course of the week.  This year my team (always two adults and 5 high school kids) worked on a family’s home but what made it even more extraordinary than usual was that we got to meet four generations from the same family.  We worked directly with a mother and her son every day putting up siding and underpinning, then visited her mom at her home and then we even got to meet her grandmother (the young boy’s great grandmother!).

The warmth and abundance of appreciation they all showed us will stay with me forever.  The grandmother insisted we visit her at her home where we spent over an hour with her as she told us story after story and walked us around her home showing us all her flowers and vegetables with such great pride.  I could have listened to her all day.

It was a heartwarming a trip as I could ever have imagined….my team performed miracles.

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What’s Your Favorite Everyday Tea?

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Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, according to The Tea Association of the USA. Moreover, as research continues to support the health benefits of tea, more and more people are switching from a morning cup of “joe” to a cup of tea instead.

So, knowing that so many people enjoy their daily tea time, those of us at Bigelow Tea started wondering what type of tea people drank on a daily basis. Let us know: participate by telling us which of our teas is your favorite “everyday” tea!

What’s Your Favorite Everyday Tea?online surveys

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