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Bigelow Tea And The AFA Help Bring Tea To Our Troops

What a cool thing. We have a woman here Sherri who oversees our Tea for the Troops program and she was contacted by AFA (Association of Flight Attendants). This organization helps to bring items from the United States to the troops. They actually fly all donated items to Germany and distribute to our wonderful soldiers.

The AFA had this neat idea to have us sign each box of tea that we are donating so Sherri is arranging to have one box signed by each of our employees here in Connecticut.


How cool is that?

I know our employees, and I know how much they will love to sign each box!!  Nice job Sherri.

Cindi Bigelow


A Delicious Indulgence From Bigelow Tea!

Valentine’s Day has long been a day of love and romance, usually with the traditional Valentines card and candy for that special someone. At Bigelow Tea, we hope you’ll celebrate the day by showing allthose who are special to you, not only your spouse or swee-TEA, how much you care!

One distinctive, effortless—only 10 minutes of prep time!—and delicious way to do this is to make our delightful Individual Fudgy Brownies. It may not look like the conventional brownie bite, but rest-assured, you won’t be missing any flavor in this decadent indulgence.  Everyone will love this tea-infused treat!


Individual Fudgy Brownies


Tea Concentrate:

10 bags Bigelow Vanilla Caramel Tea
1 cup boiling water
2 tablespoons butter, softened, for custard cups


1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 eggs
3 tablespoons tea concentrate
½ teaspoon real vanilla extract
1/3 cup cocoa powder
¼ cup oat flour
6 tablespoons butter, melted
Whipped cream, optional
Ice cream, optional
Fresh mixed berries, optional

Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 10 minute

Baking Time: 48 minutes


Place tea bags in a 1-cup glass measure.  Add water.  Steep tea for 10 minutes.
Squeeze all liquid from tea bags into cup.  Discard tea bags.  (About ½ cup tea concentrate.)
Heat oven to 325 F.  Lightly butter 8 (1/2 cup) oven safe custard cups; set aside.
In medium mixer bowl place brown sugar and eggs.  Beat at high speed, scraping bowl often, until thick and light yellow (5 to 6 minutes).
Add 3 tablespoons tea concentrate and vanilla.  Continue beating until well mixed (1 to 2 minutes).
In small bowl stir together cocoa powder and oat flour.  Add cocoa mixture to tea mixture and mix only until combined.
Add melted butter.  Mix only until combined.
Pour brownie mixture into 8 prepared ½ cup custard cups.  Place the custard cups in a 13 x 9-inch baking pan and fill pan with hot tap water until water reaches ½ way up the custard cup.  DO NOT get water in the custard cups.
Carefully place pan in oven.  Bake for 45 to 48 minutes.  A wooden pick should be slightly wet.  Remove from oven; cool.
Serve with whipped cream, ice cream, or fresh berries.


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Spring Training And Terry Francona’s New Job With ESPN

Spring Training is almost here, and it’s just what we need to get us through the winter doldrums! It may be snowing where you are, but isn’t it comforting to know that the players are warming up in Florida and Arizona, preparing for another exciting season? With the new baseball season on our minds at Bigelow Tea, we thought we’d take a minute to congratulate Terry Francona, one of our favorite boys of summer, on his new gig as a Major League Baseball analyst on Baseball Tonight for ESPN!

You know that Terry is a major league Bigelow Tea fan and a great friend of ours at Bigelow Tea. When we learned last fall that Terry would no longer be managing the Boston Red Sox, President Cindi Bigelow shared that “Terry Francona is the quintessential gentleman.” An exceptional ambassador for his team and the sport, we’ll miss him on the field this year, but we can’t wait to hear his commentary from the announcer’s booth! Terry is sure to be a big hit with baseball fans – it’s already apparent that Terry has a knack for his new assignment. Although it surprised many fans and the media, it was clear that when he filled in for veteran sportscaster Tim McCarver at Fox last October that Terry was a natural. Newsday proclaimed: “Terry Francona Has Star TV Potential.”  We knew that!

Before long, the buzz started about whether Terry would accept a permanent job announcing … then ESPN signed Terry in December. He’s a class act on or off the field, and we’re looking forward to Terry Francona’s exciting new work. He’s always a winner in our book!

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Bigelow Tea Celebrates Black History Month And The Making of The MLK Memorial

As the nation celebrates Black History MonthBigelow Tea takes a moment to look at the making of the national monument to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a majestic dream that took more than 30 years of planning and $120 million in donations to realize. The story behind the MLK memoriam is fascinating, as is the richly textured life of the slain Civil Rights leader himself.

With the official unveiling in October 2011, the monument became the first on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to specifically honor a person of color. The idea for the memorial began to take shape in the 1980s among members of Alpha Phi Alpha, the black fraternity to which Dr. King belonged. Harry E. Johnson, the president of the MLK Memorial Foundation, took over management of the project in 2002, leading efforts over the next decade garnering donations and navigating the federal approval process.

There were many political and artistic concerns regarding the monument’s design and execution; the choice of a Chinese sculptor, Lei Yixin, raised some eyebrows as did the monument’s placement and the imposing 30-foot height of the memorial. And it has been reported that the scroll in Dr. King’s left hand was originally supposed to be a pen, until someone pointed out that Dr. King wrote with his right hand. In addition, renowned Poet Maya Angelou also observed that a poorly paraphrased quote on the memorial made Dr. King appear arrogant, prompting changes by the National Park Service to adjust the inscription.

The completion of the memorial is a remarkable achievement – and a testament to the power of Dr. King’s legacy as a great American. This Black History Month, Bigelow Tea raises a cup to all those who kept the dream alive!

Photo Ron Cogswell via

Enter Bigelow Tea’s Heartwarming Sweepstakes!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Bigelow Tea wants to share the love with a great sweepstakes – starting today! You have until Feb. 16th to enter for your chance to win our Valentine Gift Duet featuring two heartwarming teas: White Chocolate Obsession Tea and Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea. Talk about a dynamic flavor duo!

We know you’ll enjoy drinking them both, either during some precious “alone” time or with someone special. White Chocolate Obsession is a heavenly blend of decadent chocolate and robust black tea, and Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea is a tantalizing cinnamon and sweet apple herb tea. Yum! A total of 14 lucky winners will get two boxes (one box of each flavor). Each box contains 20 tea bags, for a total of 40 tea bags. Total value: $6.95.

To enter, simply “like” our Facebook page (if you haven’t already!), then click the sweepstakes tab under our profile picture and enter your name. Easy, right? The 14 winners will be chosen by random drawing on Feb. 16th!

Enter today! Good luck … and remember, all of us at Bigelow Tea wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!


Bigelow Tea Says I Do During National Wedding Month

February is National Wedding Month, and Bigelow Tea thinks that makes it the ideal time to celebrate romance! All month long, whether you’re married, single or in a relationship, you can make this wintry month one filled with warmth and love. So let’s get started!

To begin, why not consider checking out a good old-fashioned romance novel from the public library or your local book shop? This genre of books tends to be full of courtship and passion … and romance novels typically have “an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.” What’s not to love? We also suggest sipping a spicy tea while reading. Perhaps some Cinnamon Stick?

Also during this wedding-themed month, we think a romantic cocktail is in order! The Kisses-n-Cream Mar-TEA-ni is absolutely romantic and perfect to drink with someone special. The best part? It is made with our very own White Chocolate Obsession tea!

Now, if you are engaged to be married and are planning a wedding, we have a fantastic little suggestion for you! Our Charleston Tea Garden in South Carolina is a completely romantic and welcoming location for a special weddingAs we noted last year in our blog, weddings at our beautiful tea garden can include a trolley ride through the grounds for your wedding party where you’ll learn about the garden’s history and about growing tea.

So enjoy the month of February and all of the romance it brings! And if you’ll be saying “I Do” this month, or sometime in the near future, we wish you nothing but the best!

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Bigelow Tea, Perfect Anytime and Anywhere!

Awesome time at Okemo skiing last weekend with three lovely ladies from Fairfield Warde High School (daughters of my friends) Darci, Beca and Sophia. Oh and look what they are drinking….it’s Bigelow’s I Love Lemon.  Oh yes it was a good day!!!

Cindi Bigelow


Bigelow Tea Urges Women To Pump Up Their Heart Health IQ

Ladies, did you know that a heart attack can strike with very little or no chest pain? Many women don’t realize that they are less likely than men to experience that sudden crushing chest pain associated with a “Hollywood heart attack” – so named for the stereotypical movie character who grips his chest dramatically before hitting the floor. Because this is American Heart Month and the final day of Women’s Heart Health WeekBigelow Tea wants to share with you some important facts about heart health to consider the whole year through.

As we’ve talked about on our blog, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women over age 34. One reason behind that statistic is that heart attacks can act more like sneak attacks for women. While chest pain is certainly a common heart attack symptom for women and men, women often describe a pressure, tightness or an ache in the chest rather than severe pain. And, surprisingly, some women feel no chest pain at all during a heart attack. In one study of 515 women who experienced heart attacks, 43 percent said they did not feel any type of chest pain or pressure during the attack. So what should women look out for?

Atypical heart attack symptoms (more common in women):

  • Back, neck or jaw pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Weakness / Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness

Other common heart attack symptoms:

  • Pain in one or both arms
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating  (most common in men)

Being mindful of these symptoms can save your life. And of course it’s important to understand the risk factors for heart disease and how to maintain good cardiovascular health.  Luckily, drinking antioxidant-rich tea is a great way to pump up a heart-healthy lifestyle!

Photo by the Bush Library via

The Big Game May Be Over, But Your Chance To Win With Bigelow Tea Is Still On!

Bigelow Tea hopes you enjoyed the big game Sunday! It was another Superbowl for the history books with New York Giants star quarterback Eli Manning leading the Giants to victory over the New England Patriots! There are many famous rivalries in sports, from the Yankees and Red Sox in baseball, to Michigan versus Ohio State in college football – but now we might have to add the Giants and Patriots to that list.  Both teams are to be congratulated on an excellent game in Superbowl XLVI!

Eli also won the MVP award as he led the Giants to victory over the favored Patriots with feats that included a dramatic touchdown march with less than a minute left on the clock! Does this all sound familiar? Yes, Eli and the Giants also beat the favored Patriots four years ago in the 2008 Superbowl. Manning continues the great tradition of New York Giant Superbowl wins and super quarterbacks like MVP Phil Simms, winner of Superbowl XXl and a dedicated Bigelow Tea drinker!

The game may be in the history books now, but don’t worry, Bigelow Tea’s “Big Game Sweepstakes” isn’t over yet! You can still be a lucky winner of football memorabilia and a beautiful tea chest full of 64 tea bags. The Bigelow Big Game Sweepstakes is actually two separate sweepstakes that are running simultaneously, each with two equally fantastic prize packages featuring both super teams. You can enter one or both: the Bigelow Tea New York Fan’s Sweepstakes and the Bigelow Tea New England Fan’s Sweepstakes! Click here for more details on how to enter or just join us on Facebook and enter via the sweepstakes tab, but you must enter by midnight on Wednesday for YOUR chance to win!

Good Luck – and congratulations to both teams for an outstanding Superbowl performance!

Image by RonAlmog via Flickr Creative Commons

Purse Patrol: Fashion Designer Prashe Shah Has Bigelow Tea Routine In The Bag!

When fashionistas empty the contents of their super-chic handbags, we love to take a peek – and we’re excited when Bigelow Tea is found among the beauty booty! Witness up-and-coming Dallas designer Prashe Shah, who recently spilled her purse for the ShopTalk blog, revealing two packets of Bigelow Tea (check out item #3 in the photo above!) along with a quilted Chanel wallet and a vintage silk cosmetic bag, of her own design, no less. We say this collection reflects Prashe’s all-around good taste!

Prashe’s tea of choice? She had Pomegranate Pizzazz and Orange & Spice herbal teas in her Prada bag. Coffee, she says, has never passed her lips. She’s our kind of gal, for sure! Prashe, who uses gorgeous vintage saris in her clothing designs, isn’t the only tastemaker who has shown her appreciation for Bigelow Tea. A while back, we also captured the contents of Kimora Lee Simmons’ purse, which included Bigelow Green Tea. In fact, Kimora Lee says she “can’t go a day” without tea and the other staples in her bag!

As these ladies know, the foil-wrapped tea pouches keep Bigelow Tea fresh and make it easy to have a cup anytime. What could be more soothing during a fashion emergency? We’d love to know – do you carry Bigelow Tea in your handbag? Tell us what you’re toting via Facebook or Twitter!

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