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Is the World Cup a Tea Cup?!

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At Bigelow Tea we admit it … we cannot hear the word “cup…” without immediately following it with the words “…of tea.” The simple phrase “cup of tea” is without a doubt, one of our favorites! So, with all the talk of the World Cup right now, we find ourselves constantly thinking about tea and about how important it is to so many countries all over the world…when you consider it, tea is truly the world’s cup!

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world besides water and has a rich history on almost every continent. Tea’s worldwide presence can be found from Asia, to Europe to the New World – and right down to tea-rich South Africa, who is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2010.

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Moreover, many of the teams competing in the 2010 World Cup, held every four years, are countries that have fascinating tea histories and famously love their tea. Countries in the World Cup hunt this year include such tea-devoted countries as the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and Korea…then there are the English, who enjoy their tea all day long and the U.S.A. – with our independence and tea forever intertwined – both fighting it out in the same section this year!

So, here’s to team USA and all of the athletes of the World Cup! May their cups overflow with success on the field, and with tea after the match!

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Music, Merriment and Friendship: More from Jose Feliciano’s Visit with Bigelow Tea

When most people think of Jose Feliciano, they think: “Christmas.” At Bigelow Tea, when we think of Jose Feliciano, we think: “friend.” Mr. Feliciano visited us in our Fairfield, Connecticut headquarters and chatted with Cindi Bigelow about everything from growing up in a large family to his feelings about Braille and, of course, how he wrote the incredibly popular holiday song, the indelible “Feliz Navidad.” We promised you we’d share the video of his visit, and here it is!


With his wonderful laugh and his warm personality, Jose charmed our employees. And, when it came to talking tea, he made everyone smile by explaining how much he enjoys sitting with his lovely wife Susan and sharing a cup of Constant Comment tea. We couldn’t be more pleased.

We’re so glad to know Jose and his family, and we hope he’ll come by and visit more often. In the meantime, we’ll continue to hum the sweet melody he strummed on his guitar while singing, “Bigelow Tea, Bigelow Tea. Nothing like a cup of Bigelow Tea…” That little ditty is, quite literally, music to our ears!

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Bigelow Tea Stays Cool! June is National Iced Tea Month!

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With the very warm summer weather—and the longest day of the year—approaching, the thought of a nice, cool beverage is definitely appealing. That must be why National Iced Tea month is in the month of June, as well as the official start of summer!

While iced tea can be enjoyed all year long, it is especially refreshing during the summer months. What could be better than a tall glass of fresh-brewed iced tea from Bigelow Tea after gardening, mowing the lawn or taking a good, long bike ride? Iced tea is also the perfect beach beverage that the whole family can enjoy.

Though it’s hard to imagine, iced tea is a relatively new “invention.” Its origins can be traced as far back as 1890, but it was widely popularized at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Mo. Now, some 120 years later, summertime and Bigelow iced tea go hand in hand, like summertime and sunshine.

At Bigelow Tea, we love all our tea flavors on ice, but some varieties really tickle the summertime palate. Try Plantation Mint for a crisp, clean beverage, or Red Raspberry Herbal Tea for a delicate, sweet drink. Or, if you’re in the mood to experiment, give one of our delicious iced tea recipes, like Peach Chai Iced Tea a whirl. (Today, Bigelow Tea even makes iced tea bags specifically for brewing iced tea!)

This June, as the summer solstice arrives and the days are long and lingering, take a moment and brew yourself a pitcher of iced tea with Bigelow Tea. Then, sit back, sip and relax. You’ll wish every month could be National Iced Tea Month!

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Discontinued Teas: Blueberry Harvest and White Tea with Tangerine

A wise poet once said “all good things must come to an end.”  Sometimes, that includes tea.

We therefore announce the end (or, in business terms, the discontinuation) of two Bigelow Tea flavors:

Blueberry Harvest Herb Tea
White Tea with Tangerine

Our decisions to discontinue certain teas are based on a number of reasons, from sales to production cost to ingredient availability.  The good news is, while these teas have been discontinued, fans of these flavors can still stock up on what’s left, while supplies last.

These teas are available for purchase by the case, AKA six boxes of one flavor.  Each case costs $17.75 plus $ 6.50 for shipping & handling charges (in the continental US).  Also, if you purchase 3 or more cases (even of 3 different flavors), you will receive a $7.00 discount for each 3 case purchase.

You can order through our website or by calling our toll free number: 1-888-244-3569 and select prompt 2.

Thanks, and remember our other favorite piece of timeless wisdom: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.   So stock up on your favorite flavors today!

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Water Saving Tips from Bigelow Tea

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Every known form of life on earth, from mammal to microbe, requires water to survive.  In a world where drought has become a serious problem, clean water is a precious resource which must be conserved, otherwise it will eventually run out. In order for this not to happen, each of us can do our part to reduce our household water footprint. As part of our Sustainabili -TEA program, Bigelow Tea is committed to preserving the environment – everything from energy conservation to waste reduction. We’d like to also share some simple water-saving tips that everyone in your family can use:

  • Don’t keep the water running while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Install water-saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators
  • Insulate your pipes
  • Take shorter showers
  • Don’t flush the toilet unnecessarily
  • Minimize the use of your sinks/sink garbage disposal unit
  • Use the dishwasher /clothes washer only when you have a full load
  • If you wash dishes by hand, don’t keep the water running
  • When washing vegetables/fruit, don’t keep the water running
  • Water your lawn only when it needs it
  • Check faucets, pipes, toilets  and water meter for leaks
  • Layer some mulch around your trees and plants (it slows the evaporation of the moisture)
  • Don’t keep the hose running when washing your car
  • Invest in a tankless water heater

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A great way to get started is by checking your household water footprint, using this online H2O Calculator. It will give you an idea as to where and how you and your family can conserve water.  Good luck and have fun with it!

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Bigelow Tea Co-CEOs Honored by University of Bridgeport

Eunice and David Bigelow
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Do the right thing and good things will follow. In recognition of the kind and generous support that David and Eunice Bigelow have provided the school and its students, the University of Bridgeport honored the Bigelow Tea Co-CEOs with a new library learning center dedicated in their name. The David and Eunice Bigelow Foundation, Inc. Discovery Pavilion, a state-of-the-art facility located in the University’s Wahlstrom Library, will be used by students, faculty and visiting scholars, for conferences, webinars and other academic events. What a beautiful complex!

Over the years, students demonstrating academic excellence and financial need have been recipients of annual scholarships bestowed by The David and Eunice Bigelow Foundation.  By encouraging and empowering students to realize their hopes and dreams through higher education, the Bigelows are contributing to the future of our community – our next generation of leaders, professionals and, hopefully, philanthropists.

Bigelow Tea is a family-owned company that, since its foundation by Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945, has been dedicated to doing the right thing – for our employees, customers, vendors, community and the planet at large. We’ve seen firsthand that when you promote positive energy and kindness, it blooms and spreads; like wild flowers in a meadow, the results are beautiful!

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It’s Tea Time for Michelle Obama!

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As tea lovers know, sharing a cup of tea is the essence of hospitality. Friends share tea to enjoy each other’s company, and tea ceremonies are an important part of many cultures. In addition, heads of state sip tea when conducting important business. It’s no wonder, then, that Michelle Obama has been drinking tea quite a bit as the First Lady of the United States.

Mrs. Obama participated in several high profile teas during her trip to Europe with the President in April of 2009. She had tea with Sarah Brown, wife of then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown during a visit to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, in west London. And, most memorably, the First Lady and President Obama also joined Queen Elizabeth II for tea in Buckingham Palace.

This May, Mrs. Obama hosted a Mother’s Day tea that was attended by notable political figures like Hillary Rodham Clinton and celebrities such as Cynthia Nixon…and of course for Mother’s Day, Mrs. Obama’s mother Marian Robinson. The menu included Earl Grey tea, cucumber-watercress sandwiches and blueberry scones with White House jam. Sounds divine!

Although we only have proof of Michelle Obama drinking tea in these highly publicized instances, we suspect she enjoys a cup at home too. After all, her husband, President Barack Obama, drinks it instead of coffee in the mornings.

Let’s all take a cue from Michelle Obama and share tea with others, even if it doesn’t happen to be the Queen of England. Sharing tea is a lovely tradition, whether you’re in the White House or home in your own house!

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Bigelow Tea Salutes Dads on Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month!

Father’s Day 2010 is upon us. Not only does Father Know Best, he deserves the best. That’s one reason why a gift of Bigelow Tea is a great way to express your gratitude to Dad on Father’s Day June 20. It’s also a healthy message for Dad during Men’s Health Month!

Fathers are generous and giving. They support and protect. They meet their children’s needs and help to make their dreams come true. And this includes stepfathers, grandfathers, surrogate fathers, adoptive fathers and fathers-in-law, all of whom play big roles in our lives. Make the most of Father’s Day to honor these hardworking fellows.

It’s no coincidence that Men’s Health Month is June, the month that always includes Father’s Day. The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems, encouraging early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. It gives health care providers, public policy makers, the media and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. Bigelow Tea provides healthful properties that can be a positive part of that!

Classic Blends Tin from Bigelow Tea

So to show your Dad respect and admiration, how about a 120-tea-bag salute?  With 10 different kinds of tea in an elegant tin, the Classic Blends Tin may just be the ultimate gift of tea.

Novus Tea Gift Sampler from Bigelow Tea

A really classy gift would be the Novus Tea Gift Sampler, a box of 18 tea bags of six different flavors. It’s just waiting for you to sign the convenient gift tag…

Fenway Park Cookie Tin & Tea from Bigelow Tea

For baseball fans there’s the Fenway Park Cookie Tin & Tea with 48 tea bags, and scrumptious baseball cookies! And don’t forget our venerable Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees versions.

So to all the Dads out there, we raise our Bigelow Tea cups in salute!  Play ball!

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Bigelow Tea Bids A Fond Farewell To An Old Friend And Tea Lover, Art Linkletter

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At Bigelow Tea we were saddened to learn of the passing of the actor, writer and legendary television/radio personality Art Linkletter, at the age of 97.  Mr. Linkletter was most well known for his long-running TV and radio shows, “People are Funny” and “House Party,” both of which ran from the 1940s until well into the 1960s.

And while we will all remember Art for his ad-libbing, laughter and his endearing way with children, Bigelow Tea also has fond memories of our professional association and his appreciation for our tea. Art was one of our first spokesmen, sharing with his radio listeners the virtues of Bigelow’s very first tea, Constant Comment.

As one publication, Telefood Magazine, stated in an article in the mid-60s, “Every week, coast to coast on his CBS Radio House Party, Art Linkletter is telling millions of his loyal fans about ‘Constant Comment’— Bigelow Tea’s famous blend of tea flavored with golden bits of orange rind and sweet spice.” We couldn’t have asked for a better spokesman.

Art was one of the first in an auspicious line of Bigelow Tea spokespersons that has included Joe Torre and, most recently, Wayne Gretzky, all giants in their fields like Art Linkletter was and, even more importantly, all great fans of Bigelow Tea. We send our sympathies to Art Linkletter’s family, and we bid our good friend a very fond farewell.

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Bigelow Tea Wants To Know: What’s The Best New Tea from Bigelow that You’ve Tried in the Last Year?

Bigelow® Herb Plus Teas

Bigelow® Organic Teas

Bigelow® Bottled Organic Green Teas

It’s always exciting to try something new. And in the past year, Bigelow Tea has introduced so many flavorful (and nutritious) teas, that the chief dilemma is: so many teas, so little time!  We’d love to know what your favorite new tea is, so please take a few seconds to reply to this survey.  Thank You!

What Is Your Favorite New Bigelow Tea?online survey

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