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Enjoy A Taste Of Paris With Bigelow Tea

Ah … the flowers of gay Paris! Gorgeous blooms abound on many Paris boulevards, displayed to entice in shop windows and right on the sidewalk. If a trip to France isn’t on your itinerary this summer, please allow Bigelow Tea to transport you to the flowers, colors and excitement of Paris with a floral-themed gift!

Our Filigree Metal Cup and Saucer, is oh-so reminiscent of those Paris flower shops we adore. It’s filled with seven delicious teas: Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Vanilla Caramel, Green Tea, Orange & Spice Herb Tea, I Love Lemon Herb Tea, and Peppermint Herb Tea (56 tea bags in all). This lovely gift comes in pink, lavender and white. Each accented with an adorable daisy. Ooh la la!

As your own garden flourishes, take a cue from the Parisians and bring the beautiful bounty indoors. Once you’ve finished enjoying the delectable flavors of Bigelow Tea in the Filigree Metal Cup, you can use the wire vessel as a holder for your favorite plant!

And remember … even if it’s just a daydream while we sip tea at home, we’ll always have Paris!

Image 1 via Peter’s Paris

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It’s Sweepstakes Time! Enter To Win A College Care Package Filled With Bigelow Tea

If your nest is feeling a bit empty, take heart because Bigelow Tea has the perfect college care package for a special undergraduate in your life—or anyone who needs a little taste of home! Enter our September sweepstakes TODAY for your chance to win a Fine Tea and Herb Tea Gift Assortment filled with a delightful variety of flavored and herbal teas … the next best thing to a hug from you.

As our own Cindi Bigelow learned while visiting Boston College, her alma mater, lots of college students love tea and associate it with happy childhood memories. Check out this sweet video of Cindi talking tea with the students on campus:


Now, for more about your prize! Twenty-four (24) lucky winners will receive eight each of the following Bigelow Teas:

That’s 64 tea bags in all, enough to warm your undergrad’s heart all semester long!  Total value: $13.95.

To enter, “like” our Bigelow Tea Facebook Page and click on the sweepstakes icon at the top right under our cover photo.  The sweepstakes ends September 28, and the winners will be selected by random drawing on September 29. Look for an announcement of the winners right here on our blog!

Good luck, and happy back-to-school season to all!


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Kick Back This Labor Day With Hot Or Iced Bigelow Tea!

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 at the height of the Industrial Revolution. The average American worked 12-hour days, and children as young as five years old toiled in mills and factories, often in poor and unsafe working conditions. Today, Bigelow Tea marvels at how far we’ve come in just over a century, and takes a moment to acknowledge all of the hard-working men and women who fought to make dignity and fairness reasonable expectations in the workplace.

Observed on the first Monday of September, Labor Day honors the contributions and achievements of American workers by giving them a day off. It also marks the unofficial end of summer for children and adults. We hope you will be enjoying a leisurely picnic or BBQ with friends and family, or perhaps a restful solitary afternoon with a cup of Constant Comment or Green Tea with Mango! And, of course, a pitcher of iced tea would be a lovely addition to any gathering. Check out our Everything Iced Tea page for creative ways to serve delicious, fresh-brewed iced tea.

We’re immensely proud of our teas … and the many Bigelow Tea employees responsible for bringing them to you. Each tea bag is expertly blended and carefully wrapped in individual foil pouches to seal in its freshness. We’re so thankful for our employees’ dedication and ingenuity, and we acknowledge them today, along with workers throughout America!

Finally, to all our Bigelow Tea fans, have a “tea”-rific Labor Day!

Photo by Matt Seppings via

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Bigelow Tea Ponders A Teapot Quote!

Quotes relating to tea are plentiful and often very apt and poignant! Bigelow Tea enjoys reading sentiments regarding tea, tea drinking and the many pleasures of sharing tea. Today we thought we’d offer this quote:

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

~Author Unknown

It’s true, right? Somehow the visual image of a teapot just exudes that vibe of warmth, comfort and coziness … feelings that we often associate with solitude. Being alone with a cup of tea is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and simply viewing a pretty teapot can remind us of that pleasure.

However, tea is also one of the world’s most shared beverages, so a teapot brings to mind images of everything from business associates and working out a deal over tea, to ladies sharing tea in a warm and comfortable kitchen. In his book Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson quotes a village chief in Pakistan who says, “Here we drink three cups of tea to do business: the first you are a stranger, the second you become a friend, and the third you join our family, and for our family we are prepared to do anything – even die.”

Tea represents so many things and means so much to people all over the world. It’s no wonder, then, that a teapot can represent solitude and “the pleasures of company” at the same time.

We hope you enjoy your tea today … and feel free to share your favorite tea quote with us on our Facebook page!

Image by domi-san via

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Try New Cranberry Hibiscus Herb Tea From Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea is excited to introduce Cranberry Hibiscus Herb Tea, the latest addition to our very extensive lineup of herb teas–all caffeine free and expertly blended with the finest herbs, fruits and spices!

We know there are many fans of our herbal teas, so we’re always working on new flavor combinations to add to your list of favorites. And we think Cranberry Hibiscus will make it to the top of your list as soon as you give it a try! This unique blend features hibiscus, roobios, apple, cranberry fiber, cranberry seeds, natural cranberry and raspberry flavors, and other natural flavors. Cranberry lovers will appreciate the invigorating taste of cranberry tempered with just the right amount of sweetness. Another great cranberry herb blend to try is Cranberry & Ginseng Herb Plus Tea.

It’s worth noting that herb teas don’t contain actual tea leaves. Their appeal is rich, bright flavors that can be enjoyed anytime of day or night since there’s no caffeine to interfere with your sleep. Try a cup of Cranberry Hibiscus Herb Tea with a breakfast scone or a sweet treat in the evening. Perfection!

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An Affirmative Commitment To Our Customers From Bigelow Tea

Let’s talk about the ubiquitous corporate mission statement, the sometimes dry statement of policy and priorities published by many companies.  A typical mission statement outlines the framework of overall decision-making and the company’s purpose for existence. This is all well and good, but what does it mean to us at of Bigelow Tea on a personal level?  And what does our mission statement mean to tea lovers who relish their cups?

Bigelow Tea’s Mission Statement serves as a testament for our deep values, a dedication to you and to everyone we do business with. It’s there, on our website, for all to read – our customers, employees and suppliers.

So what does the Bigelow Tea’s mission statement tell us about our daily cup? Let’s take a brief look:

  • Satisfied Consumers. The consumer is always number one, and our focus is on producing teas that offer a unique and gratifying experience. Flavor and freshness are prime considerations in creating our teas!
  • Strong Relationships. We continually work to build and maintain strong business relationships. Through excellent communication and mutual respect, we grow and prosper together.
  • Satisfied Employees. We’re dedicated to our employees, providing them with challenging and positive environments at work. We know that each employee plays a pivotal role in the success of Bigelow Tea!
  • Good Corporate Citizen. Our work is dedicated to strong ethical business practices of the highest standards. We support local communities and national causes; and we remain committed to protecting our environment, continually striving to improve the environmental responsiveness of our packaging.

That’s the living and breathing Bigelow Tea Mission Statement. When all is said and done, you could say that it all boils down to a fantastic cup of tea, every time!

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Bigelow Tea Appreciates Annie Lennox!

Remember the 80s classic song Sweet Dreams are Made of This?  We at Bigelow Tea always imagined that the song referred to dreaming of tea, but Annie Lennox, who sang the song as part of the British pop band Eurythmics, may tell us otherwise. Nevertheless, we still find Annie to be one of the most soulful, unorthodox, and energetic female singers of the 80s and today … and we’re even more enamored by her now that we know the Scottish-born singer loves her tea, for when she tours, Annie requests “a few bottles of water, raw ginger, some honey and tea” for her dressing room. Can we get some backstage passes?

In addition to the depth of the music she has produced with the Eurythmics and in her solo career, Annie is known as a selfless, strong woman. She is committed to raising awareness of the plight of women and children in Africa who suffer from HIV/AIDS. In 2010 she received the Barclays Woman of the Year Award, which “is given each year to an exceptional woman whose personal and public life has been both brave and bold. Such a woman is a modern maverick, combining extraordinary insight with determination and a visionary approach.” Amazing and inspiring at the same time! We envision Annie sipping our English Teatime with its rich flavor or perhaps our exotic Green Tea Chai with its exciting spices.

Just picture Annie with her short, cropped, signature hair as a “modern maverick” with “a visionary approach” drinking tea in her dressing room before a show. Brave … bold … tea. Yep, it fits.

Image via

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During National Water Quality Month Bigelow Tea Celebrates Essential H2O

Water. Pure, clean water … it makes up most of our body and it’s necessary for life. Quality water is also an indispensible part of making our favorite beverage, tea! In fact, Bigelow Tea’s own UniversiTEA tells us that well oxygenated cold water is essential to brewing a great cup. That’s one of the many reasons we appreciate that The Environmental Protection Agency designates August as National Water Quality Month.

Bigelow Teas are flavorful and aromatic because of the special partnership with H2O in making each cup perfect. Actually, it’s largely the oxygen in water that helps open up the tea leaf for full flavor extraction, so we suggest allowing the tap water to run a little before filling the tea kettle. And if you must use bottled water, shake the bottle ahead of time to aerate (or oxygenate) the water.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase the water quality in your own home with some simple water quality tips.

At Bigelow Tea, where we are commited to our environment, we think that August is a great time of year to highlight the importance of water and water quality. During this hot and steamy month, it’s a comfort knowing that the Clean Water Act gives the EPA authority to control water quality and monitor pollution of our water sources.

So keep hydrated this month … and keep fresh, clean, well-oxygenated water ready for all of your summer iced tea needs!

Image by Jenn Durfey via

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Summer’s A Peach With Recipes From Bigelow Tea

Peaches are at their peak, beckoning in all their sweet, juicy glory. In honor of August’s National Peach Month, Bigelow Tea suggests grabbing these plump beauties while they last. Peaches are packed with vitamin C and potassium, and let’s face it–in a few more months, they just won’t taste the same. Fortunately, you can enjoy that fresh-from-the-orchard peach flavor anytime with these simple treats infused with our Perfect Peach Herb Tea. Indulge … and here’s to a summer that’s just peachy in every way!

Berry Peachy Mar-TEA-Ni


Bigelow® Red Raspberry Herb Tea Bags
Bigelow® Perfect Peach Herb Tea Bags
1 ¼ cups boiling water
1 tablespoon sugar
4 ounces vodka

Serves 4


Place tea bags into a measuring cup and add 1 ¼ cups boiling water. Let brew for 3 minutes. Remove tea bags.  Add sugar and stir until it dissolves.

To chill place tea concentrate in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.

To make a martini, place 2 ounces of the cooled sweet tea and mix it with 1 ounce of the vodka in a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.

Peach No-Bake Cheesecake



4-6 Bigelow Perfect Peach® Herb Tea Bags
1 box No-Bake Cheesecake Mix
Box-stated milk amount
Sliced peaches (optional)


Slightly ahead of time, place milk and tea bags in a saucepan. Heat over medium heat until bubbles just start to form on sides, stirring constantly. Remove pan from heat. Let steep 10 minutes. Remove tea bags. Either refrigerate until cool or quick cool in the freezer. (Do not leave in freezer longer than 30 minutes.)

Prepare cheesecake according to package directions using tea and milk mixture instead of milk.

Garnish with sliced peaches, if desired.

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Are You Ready For The 25th Annual Bigelow Tea Community Challenge?

We’re all excited here at Bigelow Tea about the 25th Anniversary Bigelow Tea Community Challenge, coming Sunday, September 30th. The annual Community Challenge features a 5k Road Race, Non-Competitive Fitness Walk and Kids’ Fun Run —all of which promise to be great family fun for all.  The event attracts a crowd of 1000+ and is expected to raise $100k – 100% of which goes to 16 local charities which includes the Fairfield Senior Center, the Connecticut Food Bank and the Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center….all such important causes!

The event takes place at the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, located in historic Southport, Connecticut. There will be several events including:

  • 5K Road Race (begins at 10:10am).
  • 2-Mile Fitness Walk (begins at 9:30am).
  • Kids’ Fun Run (which includes the 100-yard Scamper, that dashes off at 9:00am., the 1/2 Mile Jog that starts at 9:10am, and the Kids’ Mile Run that begins after completion of 1/2 mile jog).

Click here to register, and check out this page for more information on directions to the event, donations and division sponsorships. Free T-Shirts, Goody Bags, Food, Drinks and Childcare and will be provided for all registrants.  Plus: don’t miss out on the exciting raffle with great prizes that range from our tasty and delicious Bigelow teas to the fantastic grand prize of two plane tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S., donated by Warren Travel Agency!

The Bigelow Tea Community Challenge is a family-friendly tradition that Bigelow Tea is proud to organize and sponsor for 25 years. Participation has grown and the proceeds make an incredible difference in the lives of many people in Fairfield, Bridgeport and surrounding communities. We can’t thank you enough your support and we hope you make plans to attend on September 30th!


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