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Bigelow Tea Wishes Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving!

btthurs_Bigelow Tea Wishes Your Family A Happy Thanksgiving!

Founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow with her husband David Bigleow

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Happy Hanukkah From Bigelow Tea!

btwed_Happy Hanukkah From Bigelow Tea!

As the Festival of Lights begins tonight, the Bigelow Tea family wishes all those celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving a happy “Thanksgivukkah”!

Image via @flickr by Robert Couse-Baker


During Family Week Bigelow Tea Looks Forward To Thanksgiving

 btwed_During Family Week Bigelow Tea Looks Forward To Thanksgiving

The Bigelow Family: Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow with daughter Cindi Bigelow

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of the biggest and best days of the year for family gatherings. And, in case you didn’t know, this entire week is also National Family Week! At Bigelow Tea we love anyreason to gather with family, so let’s all embrace this sentiment and do some family bonding today,tomorrow on Thanksgiving, and all week long!

As a family-run company, we know the importance of kinship and family ties. Because of that, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year.  It’s a day full of good food, a little football, and plenty of time to enjoy the company of loved ones.

This year, as you sit around your family’s Thanksgiving table, why not make an effort to really learn more about those in attendance? We found some great family “story starters” courtesy of the AARP. These are a fun way to share something new about yourself and hear some family stories that might not have been told before.

So, as you nibble your pumpkin pie and sip a cup of English Teatime (or whichever Bigelow Tea variety you prefer), we hope you will remember to cherish your family and friends … and be grateful for everyone who has made a difference in your life.

btwed2_During Family Week Bigelow Tea Looks Forward To Thanksgiving

Image via StillBlondeAfterAllTheseYears

Some Bigelow Tea Wisdom…On the Philosophy And Practice Of Being Nice

bttues_Some Bigelow Tea Wisdom... On the Philosophy And Practice Of Being Nice

Cindi Bigelow Visiting Local Wakeman Boys and Girls Club During Art Class

“Being nice” is a very basic concept, really. Yet, it doesn’t always make it to the Top Ten on most  “To Do” lists. At Bigelow Tea, we know that the traditional values of being nice, of practicing kindness and compassion, are just as important in today’s fast-paced, complex world as they were back when times were a whole lot simpler.

So, when Bigelow Tea CEO Cindi Bigelow went to a local high school to speak about leadership, she surprised a crowd of students and parents alike by asking them whether “being nice” was as much of a goal as being a doctor, lawyer or an investment banker. True to her own family values, which the Bigelows have instilled throughout their company, Cindi set out to dispel the notion that “nice guys/gals finish last” and stressed that a “good” education must focus on teaching young people the importance of these basic values and virtues.  Saying “please” and “thank you” or “I’m sorry” ― these are all rudimentary manners, but how refreshing it is to hear them spoken out loud … and with sincerity!

Interestingly enough, the Millennial Generation does seem to be embracing values like integrity, kindness, a sense of community, and a deep concern for the environment. That’s great news! It’s nice to think that Cindi’s message did not fall on deaf ears.  These kids already get it.

“Do the right thing, and good things will follow.”

It’s a message that rings true for all of us.


Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

In our ongoing efforts to celebrate our GWC (Greening Wellness Community) program and initiatives, the Bigelow Green Team decided to flip the age-old “Christmas in July” concept and sponsor an Earth Week in November. The intent of this week was to engage Bigelow Tea employees by having a fun week of greening and environmentally friendly activities and events. We began work back in September, creating a theme for each day, and then we began to fill in the details. Each day had a project leader and a raffle prize associated with it. The days and their events were the following:

  • On Monday, November 11, 2013 we launched our Used Coat Drive where we collected gently used coats, hats and mittens for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Anyone who donated was eligible for a $50 gift certificate at the Burlington Coat Factory.

 btthurs_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

  • On Tuesday November 12, 2013 we held a “Made in Connecticut Holiday Fair” where 10 vendors came to Bigelow and sold their products—all of which were made in Connecticut. All employees who shopped were given a reusable Bigelow Tea tote bag and were eligible for a number of gift baskets as donated by the various vendors.

btthurs2_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

  • On Wednesday November 13, 2013 we held a “Grow Your Garden Indoor Day” on site and held a seminar on the best way to bring your garden indoors. All participants were entered into a raffle to win an indoor terrain.

btthurs3_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

  • On Thursday November 14, 2013 we conducted a “Trash to Ornament Contest” where employees were asked to make ornaments out of trash or those products that are recycled. We put up our Christmas tree early this year and all ornaments were hung. Participants were eligible for a raffle prize of a $50 gift certificate at Jones Family Tree Farm.

btthurs4_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

  • On Friday November 15, 2013 we held an America Recycles Day event. All employees who signed an “I will recycle” pledge card were given a reusable water bottle complete with Bigelow Tea logo. All those who signed the pledge were also entered into a raffle to win a reusable solar panel designed to charge electronic devices via the sun’s natural power.

btthurs5_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

As it was a companywide event, Bigelow Tea’s other plants in Boise, Idaho and Louisville, Kentucky also participated. While they held they similar events, there were also a few different events.

btthurs6_Earth Week In November With Bigelow Tea

  • In our Boise and Louisville plants, they also showed recycling educational videos that highlighted such topics as what happens to a water bottle that is not recycled or what happens to a used cigarette butt that is thrown on the ground.
  • Our Boise plant conducted an event centered on “How to Build a Hydroponic Farm.” During this day, the Boise plant actually conducted and held an exercise on how to build a working and functioning hydroponic water farm.

All of this was part of Bigelow Tea’s ongoing commitment to our GWC (Greening Wellness Community) program and initiatives. It was a fun week and successful week. One employee was heard saying, “this is the most fun that I have had at work … ever.”

Jim Gildea
Connecticut Plant Manager
Bigelow Tea


FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT: Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

btmon_FACEBOOK TEA CHAT ALERT- Join Cindi Bigelow on Nov. 21st!

Cindi Bigelow, third generation CEO of Bigelow Tea, invites you to chat with her—live!—on Facebook on November 21st from 2 to 3 pm EST. Whether you have a question regarding the new packaging, want to talk about sustainabili-TEA, would like to share a favorite tea memory, or want to know how to brew the perfect cup of tea, Cindi is eager to hear from you and answer your questions!

To participate, join us on our Bigelow Tea Facebook page anytime between 2 and 3pm EST on November 21st and join the conversation! Can’t wait to meet you live!


Bigelow Tea Invites You To ‘Talk Trash’ For America Recycles Day

btfri_Bigelow Tea Invites You To ‘Talk Trash’ For America Recycles Day

Bigelow Tea is proud to celebrate America Recycles Day and the many benefits of recycling the “stuff” in our lives. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, helps decrease pollution and saves money. These are among the reasons our sustatainabili-TEA team has maintained an ongoing commitment to waste management and recycling programs throughout our company.

Chances are, you and your neighbors are recycling too. Bravo! The more we all recycle, the bigger the benefits for the planet and economy. You can help spread the word by hosting a Recycling Day event in your area or joining one.

Here at Bigelow Tea, we have been thrilled and amazed to see the success of our recycling efforts. One of our proudest milestones was achieving Zero Waste to Landfill status. That means that no more than 10 percent of waste from all three Bigelow Tea manufacturing operations ends up in landfills. In addition, 85 percent of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable – including all tea bags, strings and paper tags!

btfri2_Bigelow Tea Invites You To ‘Talk Trash’ For America Recycles Day

Composting is one key to reducing waste in our Fairfield, CT facility. The employee cafeteria is now composting 12 tons a year! We’ve also reduced the amount of shrink wrap used to wrap pallets of tea boxes in all three of our warehouses. By using alternative methods—like large rubber bands—to secure the tea boxes on the pallets, we are using 54 percent less shrink wrap.

How about you? Has your family, neighborhood or business found novel ways to reduce waste? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Image by via

Bigelow Tea Supports The Fight Against Diabetes

btwed_Bigelow Tea Supports The Fight Against Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas can’t produce insulin, or make use of what it produces. Our bodies need insulin to break down carbohydrates into glucose. Over 370 million people worldwide have diabetes, and Bigelow Tea thinks it makes sense that World Diabetes Day, recognized November 14th, has combined efforts with two other November recognitions: National Diabetes Month and American Diabetes Month.

All of these associations have the same primary objectives: raising awareness and understanding of diabetes and its possibly severe consequences. Bigelow Tea appreciates all the work that goes into modifying lifestyles and following the dietary restrictions of diabetes. People with diabetes must check their blood sugar levels several times a day, take insulin and be careful about eating certain foods. That last part is not a worry when it comes to Bigelow Tea however, because all of our fantastic teas are excellent choices with or without sugar, or any added sweeteners.

 bttues2_Bigelow Tea’s “Constant Comment”® Spices Up Our Cupcake Recipebtwed6_Bigelow Tea Shares Gluten-Free Recipes For Celiac Disease Awareness Month

btwed4_Bigelow Tea Supports The Fight Against Diabetes

From our Black Teas to Green Teas to Herb Teas and everything in between, Bigelow Tea offers a wide range of selections. If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, you know family support is important, and it gives us a good feeling that our Bigelow family can be a part of supporting you too with so many tea choices!

We all should be aware of the risks of diabetes. In fact, some people have the disease and aren’t aware of it; one in four Americans with diabetes doesn’t know! So put on the kettle and take a minute out of your busy day to take this test to see if you are at risk!

Logo Image Via the International Diabetes Federation

Bigelow Tea Earl Grey Fan Tells Cindi Bigelow Why It’s The Best!

Cindi Bigelow never knows when she will meet a passionate Bigelow Tea fan, but this time we captured one of these lovely—and entirely impromptu—moments on camera! Bob, Cindi’s CPR instructor, tells why he has been a Bigelow Tea Earl Grey devotee for more than 40 years. As he explains emphatically in this fun video, the best thing about our Earl Grey is the purity of the ingredients: black tea and natural oil of bergamot.

btfri2_Bigelow Tea Is All Smiles Over Dental Study

Bob was also happy to hear that Cindi is headed to Calabria, Italy, where Bigelow Tea sources the highest quality oil of bergamot!


Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

btwed_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

Watching the New York City marathon last Sunday was inspiring! The men and women who run those 26.2 miles to complete the marathon through the five boroughs of New York are truly amazing. We at Bigelow Tea tip our hats, our sneakers, and of course our teacups to them as they recuperate from their milestone race. But gosh, how do they do it?

btwed2_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

btwed3_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

btwed4_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

Athletes train for hours on end, for months at a time, leading up to a big race. And tea can actually help prepare them! Runners need to hydrate their bodies up to an hour before the race with up to 20 ounces of liquid. Hot or iced tea counts as a liquid for this. Our suggestions? Maybe a mind soothing Green Tea for just a hint of zip, or a relaxing Chamomile to calm your nerves, or perhaps an amazing and rewarding Chocolate Chai.

Even if you aren’t a marathoner, tea can get you moving in the right direction. If you do run, remember to hydrate before and after your workout. And don’t worry about running 26.2 miles … just lace up those running shoes, hit the pavement, and then come inside for a cup of tea.

Image by Bob Jagendorf via