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Bigelow Tea Announces “Green” March Sweepstakes Winners!



We are so excited to announce our Celebrate Green March Sweepstakes winners.  Please note that it might take up to two weeks to contact the winners (so we can confirm your mailing address). Congrats to all!!!

Jodi from Wisconsin

Gerald from North Carolina

Anthony from Ontario, Canada

Angela from Ontario, Canada

Jennifer from Ontario, Canada

Richard from Mississippi

Lee from Arizona

Eric from Michigan

Deonnamarie from South Carolina

Erin from Massachusetts

Eva from Texas

Michelle from New York

Kim from Texas

Kathie from New York

Elaine from Oklahoma

Melissa from Pennsylvania

Jasna from Ontario, Canada

Have You Entered The Bigelow Tea Celebrate Green Sweepstakes?


Don’t let the clock run out on your chance to win a Green Tea Triple Pack from Bigelow Tea! That’s right, the Celebrate Green March Sweepstakes ends at midnight EST on March 27! A total of 17 lucky winners will grab this awesome tea prize!

Bigelow Tea is celebrating sustainabili-Tea and all things green this month, and that means you get a shot at taking home these popular Green Tea flavors—Green Tea with Wild Blueberry & AcaiGreen Tea with Lemon and Green Tea with Pomegranate. All three are delish and reflect Bigelow Tea’s steadfast commitment to quality, purity and sustainable practices. Here are just a few “green” facts to note:

1.     880 solar panels were installed in 2007 on the roof of Bigelow Tea’s headquarters, which has allowed Bigelow Tea to generate 900,000 kWh—enough to power 70 homes for year!

2.     The cases that carry Bigelow Tea’s precious tea bags are made from 100% recycled materials!

3.     The Bigelow tea bag filter is 100% compostable!

So if you haven’t already, head over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, hit “Like” and then follow the entry instructions once you click the Sweepstakes  icon at the top of the page under the large cover photo. Want to improve your chances of winning? Share the sweeps on Facebook and Twitter to get bonus entries! The winners will be announced on the Constant Comments blog.

Good luck, everyone!

Bigelow Tea: Proud Member of the Ethical Tea Partnership

  BigelowMonTea partnership

In 1997, a group of tea companies decided to work together to monitor the social and environmental aspects of global tea production. The result was the formation of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Today, the organization monitors and advises tea growers in areas ranging from employment practices to energy use. As the Ethical Tea Partnership states, “Together we’re helping to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.”

Through its auditing programs and educational projects, the ETP is working hard to improve the lives and livelihoods of tea workers and their environment by:

  • Raising core standards
  • Improving worker lives and livelihoods
  • Addressing Climate change and environmental concerns

They focus on:

*Improving conditions for workers and smallholders, and the way that tea estates and factories are managed.

*Running training programs that make workplaces better, fairer, and safer.

*Ensuring producers in members’ supply chains meet good social and environmental standards.

*Developing and supporting partnership projects that address the underlying issues holding back the sustainability of the industry.

*Helping farmers increase their resilience and adapt to the impact of climate change, ensuring that they can continue to thrive in the future.

*Helping producers improve their environmental management systems to protect soil, water, ecosystems, and wildlife.

Bigelow Tea is a committed member of the ETP. The Ethical Tea Partnership’s dedication to acting ethically and achieving strategic sustainability is right in line with the goals of Bigelow Tea. The family-run company has made Sustainabili-TEA a priority. “Being green”—whether it’s by installing 880 solar panels on the company’s headquarters or using compostable packaging for the 1.6 billion tea bags produced annually —is a way of life at Bigelow Tea. It is, simply, the right thing to do.

As a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, Bigelow Tea takes a positive step to assure that its tea growers and producers are audited and examined for items ranging from fair treatment of workers to long-term environmental issues.

Bigelow Tea was the sixth North-American tea company to join the group. Upon joining, Sarah Roberts, Executive Director of the ETP commented: “It’s very encouraging that an established tea company such as Bigelow, which historically has strong ethical principles, understands the value of membership to the ETP. To have a sixth North American packer with established business relationships on board, opens up many new opportunities to the ETP, which will ultimately benefit thousands more tea workers and farmers, and the environments in which tea is produced.”

Bigelow Tea’s third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow said, “Since 1945, my family and everyone at Bigelow Tea has been dedicated to creating the finest-tasting teas and to ensuring that our customers always get the most exceptional tea drinking experience. We also believe in being good corporate citizens, caring not just about our customers, but also about our employees and about the world itself. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization that works with tea growers to establish methods for sustainability and responsible conservation of the world’s tea fields and improve the lives of the beautiful people who work them. When you do the right thing, good things will follow.”

Bigelow Tea Respectfully Disagrees With Kermit The Frog


A beloved Muppet amphibian once said “it’s not easy being green.” And while Kermit The Frog’s feelings are certainly valid, Bigelow Tea has shown not only that it is easy being green … but that being green is the only way to go!

Muppets Most Wanted, the latest caper featuring Kermie and friends, opens on March 21st. And with March being a month full of all things “green,”—St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring to name a few—it seems like an appropriate time to mention Bigelow Tea’s green sustainabili-TEA initiatives.

In addition to energy conservation steps and waste reduction programs, one green effort that swamp-loving Kermit would appreciate is the Bigelow family’s land preservation efforts. Company founder, Ruth Campbell Bigelow had the vision to acquire open space in New Hampshire.  Today, the family shares Ruth’s commitment to support New Hampshire’s land conservation program with a firm commitment to hold and maintain the 220 acres in its current undeveloped condition.

btwed2_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

And if living green and being green isn’t quite enough, there’s always sipping green too! Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea is smooth and flavorful. And, there are so many Green Tea varieties—from mint to mango to Earl Grey—that there’s definitely a taste to please every palate (and perhaps even every Muppet)!

Thanks, Kermit, for making “being green” look fun!

Image by Kevin Galens via

Bigelow Tea Welcomes Spring!


Spring starts officially tomorrow, woohoo! Goodbye snow and hello springtime flowers. As the days grow longer and the warm sun dazzles the senses, Bigelow Tea thinks it’s time to trade those fuzzy boots for sandals and add ice to that delightful Green Tea with Wild Blueberry and Acai or any flavor that you prefer…ice your favorite or combine flavors to celebrate the new season.

Bigelow Tea fans like Facebook friend Staci have been having Sweet Dreams of sunshine throughout this long, cold winter. Take advantage of warmer days by heading outside with your best friends to enjoy a nice chat and your favorite Bigelow Tea on ice. Looking to make the perfect cup of iced tea? Third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow offers great how-to tips in this video:

Or, if you want a cool, upscale and slightly naugh-TEA sip, this I Love Lemon Gin Fizz recipe is for you. For a few more springtime entertainment tips, head over to the Bigelow Tea Pinterest board dedicated to tea parties.

What is your favorite springtime Bigelow Tea?

Image thanks to @bohobunnie

Bigelow Tea’s Green Conscience

bttuesGreen tea consious

As a family-run company, Bigelow Tea believes in respect … and respect for the earth’s precious resources is of the utmost importance.  Being “green” is an obligation, and it feels good too.

Here are just a few of the vital stainabili-TEA initiatives that Bigelow Tea supports:

  • Solar Panels: 880 solar panels were installed in 2007 on the roof of Bigelow Tea ‘s headquarters which has allowed Bigelow Tea to generate 900,000 kWh which is enough o power 70 homes for year.
  • Recycled cases: The cases that carry Bigelow Tea’s precious tea bags are made from 100% recycled materials!
  • Waste reduction: Bigelow Tea is a verified “Zero Waste to Landfill” company with 0% waste going to landfill from our three manufacturing facilities, through aggressive recycling, raw material reduction and reuse and compost methods.
  • Sustainability and fair business practices: From energy conservation measures to a community garden and fair business practices worldwide, Bigelow Tea takes these efforts seriously.  Bigelow Tea is a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, working to establish responsible conservation of the world’s tea fields and improving the lives of the people who work them.
  • Compostible Tea Bags: Loyal teal lover @KaraNoelLarson sent a tweet, asking if our tea bags are compostable. The answer is yes, absolutely. The tea bag filter is 100% compostable!

“Bigelow Tea is a 100% family-owned company now in its third generation. While our philosophy of ‘doing the right thing’ has included large scale plans like generating our own power through the installation of solar panels, it often means doing smaller things as well. We believe that small things, over time, add up! It is also our hope that our efforts might inspire others to take similar steps to protect our environment,” says Cindi Bigelow, President and CEO of Bigelow Tea.

Caring for the planet and its people is the right thing to do!

Image by gospelings via

A Video Tribute To Family And Bigelow Tea!

There’s nothing like a snow day and tea to create a little extra family time, as Kyle Elliott explains in this nostalgic video. He remembers shoveling snow, then coming back into a warm house and sharing a mug of tea with his dad! As family tea blenders for nearly 70 years, Bigelow Tea agrees that tea and togetherness go hand in hand! 

Judging by all the Facebook chatter about this crazy winter, Kyle’s not alone in finding comfort in a cup of tea. After one recent storm (who can keep track?!),Christine said she was “having lots of tea parties with the girls.” Love that!

Bigelow Tea Wins Platinum Healthy Workplace Award Again!

btminFarfield business

The Bigelow Tea team is feeling very proud after being recognized for promoting a healthy workplace! A big thank-you to the dedicated employees who helped the family-run company earn a Platinum Healthy Workplaces Award from the Business Council of Fairfield County for the second year in a row! Bigelow Tea was one of just 15 Fairfield County, CT, businesses given this top honor at a recent awards ceremony.

btmon2 fairfield business

Helping employees improve their health and well-being has always been a high “priori-TEA” for the Bigelow family—it’s right up there with ensuring the quality and purity of every single box of tea you purchase! And while everyone at Bigelow Tea is proud to be recognized with awards, the team is always on the lookout for new programs and initiatives to keep those healthy initiatives going! From regular blood pressure and skin screenings to “Be-Health-Tea” programs focusing on weight control, nutrition, headache prevention, stress management and even financial wellness, employees have lots of opportunities to improve their health.

These programs are right in step with the Bigelow Tea mission to keep both consumers and employees happy. As third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow says, “Do the right thing and good things will follow.”

(Pictured from left to right: Chris Bruhl, President & CEO, The Business Council of Fairfield County, Bruce Ennis, VP Human Resources Bigelow Tea, Pat Sorgenti, Human Resources Manager Bigelow Tea and Matthew Fair, Regional Sales Director, Pierson & Smith, Inc./First Niagara Risk Management)

Cindi Bigelow Shares Why Bigelow Teas Always Make The Grade!

WFSB 3 Connecticut
Brew a mug of your favorite Bigelow Tea blend and hit “play” on this video to join Bigelow Tea on a virtual tour of the family-owned business, which was started by Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945 with “Constant Comment®” tea (not chai, as mistakenly noted in the clip).

WFSB-TV in Connecticut visited the company’s Fairfield, CT headquarters and spoke with Ruth’s granddaughter Cindi Bigelow, third-generation president and CEO of Bigelow Tea. The news piece covers a range of topics including these interesting facts:

  • After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world.
  • Bigelow Tea sells approximately 1.6 billion tea bags a year in 128+ varieties. Wow!
  • Tea leaves used in Bigelow Tea are grown in ethical tea gardens in such places as China, India, Sri Lanka and our Bigelow’s own Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina, then shipped to Bigelow Tea, where they are “tested, blended and tested again.”
  • Personnel in the Fairfield, CT headquarters analytical lab taste between 25,000 and 30,000 cups of tea and ingredients per year to ensure that the flavor, color and aroma are up to Bigelow Tea’s high standards (and yours!).
  • Tea leaves are mixed into a machine before being placed in tea bags and packaged in boxes for each variety.
  • Quality is paramount, which is why every five minutes, a tea bag is pulled from the machine and inspected.
  • And those beautiful new boxes? They’re designed by an artist in Bridgeport, CT!

See for yourself how the dedicated Bigelow Tea team ensures that every mug of your Bigelow Tea is perfectly pure and flavorful!

Bigelow Tea Announces February Sweepstakes Winners

Bigelow February Sweepstakes



We are so excited to announce the winners of our February Sweepstakes…woohooo. You will be contacted within 2 weeks to confirm your mailing address so we can ship you your prize. Congrats!!


Cheryl from Idaho

Laura from New York

Claire from Minnesota

Monica from Indiana

Janette from Indiana

Virginia from Michigan

Rosary from Texas

Karrie from Florida

Dave from Pennsylvania

Jenny from Georgia

Deb from Texas

Cindy from Indiana

Lourdes from CA

Jenny from Kansas