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Cindi Bigelow Shares a Memorable Evening At The School for Ethical Education’s Ethics Awards Dinner

cindi speaking 2014

The other night, I had the most wonderful opportunity to speak to high school students from all over Connecticut who won very special Laws of Life Awards for ethics in action.  The students were chosen based on essays they had written from experiences in their life that really taught them to be the best they can possibly be.

I, too, was honored to receive an Ethics in Action Award and be their keynote speaker.  During my address I shared with them experiences in my life that helped shape me to be the person I am today, both personally and professionally.  I shared many stories of my father who helped define who I am today.

My favorite story that I shared was when I first started working at Bigelow Tea.  I had just gotten my MBA and was feeling very excited about working and all the changes I would be able to make (in my opinion, to make the company better).  My father walked in after my first three days and asked me how things were going.  I looked up at him proudly and stated, “Fantastic! I changed this, I’ve done this, I’ve accomplished this. “He smiled nicely and then said to me, “I noticed you have some envelopes outside in the out basket,” (yes, we did have out-baskets back then), “and they’re missing some stamps.”  I said, “Oh, I brought in some bills to mail out.” And then he said, “Well, if you don’t put stamps on your envelopes, why should the other employees put stamps on theirs?  So, why don’t you go out there, grab your envelopes and put some stamps on them.” And then he looked at me and walked out the door.

I stood there for a minute or two, my head spinning.  That wasn’t how I anticipated my first business conversation with my father to go, but to this day, almost thirty years later, I have never forgotten what he said and I never will forget what that stood for.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share that with the students and I think that simple little story really resonated with them, as it did me, about the importance of ethics in business and ethics in life.

Spending time with exceptional students at the School for Ethical Education’s Ethics Awards Dinner and sharing some special stories in my life made for a memorable evening.


Cindi Bigelow




Bigelow Tea Joins Ethical Tea Partnership’s Sustainability Efforts

bigelow tea sustainability

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the Bigelow Tea family philosophy, and it’s also one of the main areas where the Ethical Tea Partnership is making strides!

As the ETP notes, “There are a number of global issues such as climate change and social development that could potentially have devastating impacts on the sustainability of tea production.” For tea lovers and those who work in growing and producing tea, this is something to be aware of and concerned about for now and into the future.

ETP’s work in “strategic sustainability” includes increasing farmers’ resistance to climate change and promoting good practice farming and can include the following:

*Helping farmers access affordable finance

*Providing access to new and improved tea bushes

*Teaching water harvesting, conservation, and drip irrigation

Bigelow Tea believes that sustainabili-tea, from our own backyard to the tea fields in Sri Lanka is of the utmost importance.  We are proud to support the mission of the ETP.

Working together, we can take measures to ensure that that there will always be tea on this planet.

Image via

Bigelow Tea Marks Women’s Health Month

bigelow tea

Bigelow Tea knows that women have busy schedules every month, but May is a good time to focus on staying healthy because it’s Women’s Health Month! And this week happens to be Women’s Health Week! So, exercise, hydrate (drink tea!) and eat nutritious foods this week, this month … and always!

For the Bigelow family, promoting wellness is important, especially in the workplace. Employees stay active through community outreach and events like the annual Bigelow Tea Community Challenge. In fact, Bigelow Tea won a Platinum Healthy Workplace Award this year and last year!

btwed2_Bigelow Tea Fuels Up For Big Races

This month is a time for all tea drinkers—from long-time fans to newcomers like @Hanningan706 who recently tried #Bigelow for the first time—to brew a mug of Bigelow Green Tea and consider women’s health. #Bigelowfamily

Top image from Instagram by @stylehonesty

Meet Waddy The Frog, The Newest Member of Bigelow Tea Owned Charleston Tea Plantation

bigelow tea charleston tea plantation

Yes, that’s a giant frog holding a mug of tea. Meet Waddy the Frog, a larger-than-life, tea-loving metal amphibian who’s been seen hanging out at Bigelow Tea’s beautiful Charleston Tea Plantation! The name “Waddy” comes from his location, on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. He was custom made for the plantation by Charles “Frog” Smith, a sculptor from nearby Local Johns Island.

Since February, Waddy has been seated at one of the front porch benches with a Bigelow Tea mug firmly set in his right hand. As “frog in residence,” Waddy will be busy greeting visitors all year-round, so he’ll use his down time to enjoy a cup of American Classic Tea. He also understands that his position will involve many selfies with visitors like this youngster (below) who @WhitneyLett dubbed “adorable.”

bigelow tea

The family-run Bigelow Tea company is so happy to welcome this new addition to the family! Meet Waddy the Frog anytime at the Charleston Tea Plantation, especially at the eighth annual First Flush FesTEAval—featuring the Avett Brothers!—on Saturday, May 24. Stop (or hop!) on by. #BigelowTea #CharlestonTeaPlantation

The Avett Brothers Headline Bigelow Tea’s 8th Annual First Flush FesTEAval

bigelow tea

Bigelow Tea is feeling flushed with good reason: everyone—including the amazing The Avett Brothers!—is gearing up for the eighth annual First Flush FesTEAval onSaturday, May 24! The celebration of tea and music takes place at Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation, located on Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

This yearly event celebrates the first harvest of 2014’s tea crop with a lot of great music, food, fun and tea! Headlining this year’s bash are The Avett Brothers, a popular indie rock/folk/bluegrass band that will be busily playing across the country this summer. The group has been letting their fans know about their stop in Charleston. Facebook fan @CourtenyAdler couldn’t be more excited: “Tea, Charleston and the Avett Bros. Heaven has been perfected.”

bigelow tea

Other scheduled acts will include Stop Light ObservationsLuke Cunningham BandAtlas Road CrewTyler Boone BandBen Fagan and the Holy City Hooligans and The Executives.

Tickets are at $37.50 Advance, and $45 Day of Show. Purchase them through and the Music Farm Box Office. Gates open at noon, with the show starting at1 p.m. Check out food trucks and a kids area, and enjoy some American Classic Tea too! The Bigelow family can’t wait to see you there! #Bigelowfamily #CharlestonTeaPlantation

Top image via The Avett Brothers’ Instagram

Celebrate Spring With The Bigelow Tea Novus Sweepstakes!

 Bigelow Tea

Bring on the May flowers and a Bigelow Tea sweepstakes! Twelve lucky winners will take home a beautiful bouquet of Novus teas presented in a sophisticated tea chest!

The Assorted Novus Teas in Wooden Chest comes with a total of 12 teas. You’ll love the sleek lines and matte black finish of the 14-1/4″ x 5″ x 3-1/2″ wooden chest—a keepsake, for sure!

Novus is a line of full-leaf loose teas that are masterfully blended and enveloped in cleverly designed pyramid-shaped tea bags that allow the leaves to unfurl for full flavor extraction. That’s right, you get to enjoy the exquisite flavor of loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag. No wonder these teas are served in the finest restaurants!

To enter the sweepstakes simply “Like” the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the Sweepstakes icon at the top of the page under the large cover photo and follow the instructions (note you can enter every 24 hours and the more you share with your friends and family, the more entries you yourself get). The sweeps ends at midnight EST on May 30. Look for the names of the lucky winners on the Bigelow Tea blog.

Good luck … and enjoy the spring beauty blooming all around you!

Bigelow Tea Announces Thank You Mom Sweepstakes Winners!

Bigelow Tea 3


We are once again so excited to announce that all 175 people have been chosen as the winners of Bigelow Tea’s Thank You Mom Sweepstakes!  Names are in no particular order.  Please be patient while we reach out and verify all winners within 2 weeks time.  Congrats everyone!!

Monique from Florida

Sheshe from New York

Valerie from California

Hope from New Jersey

Laura from Washington

Missy from Indiana

Dina from Michigan

E.L. from California

Kelly from Florida

Donna from Lousiana

Mona from Texas

Rose from Arizona

Brenda from Oklahoma

Amy from Pennsylvania

D.J. from Missouri

Paula from Michigan

Nichole from New York

Kristi from Texas

Janissa from Washington

Denise from Ohio

Sheryl from Illinois

Kim from California

William from Michigan

Valerie from Florida

Michelle from New Jersey

Susan from Illinois

Anne from Ohio

Denise from New York

Sonya from Tennessee

Sharon from Colorado

Diana from Missouri

Erin from Massachusetts

Stacey from Michigan

Kim from California

Carolyn from Pennsylvania

Julie from Kansas

Becca from California

Kim from Texas

Mildred from Iowa

Rachel from California

Traci from Pennsylvania

Debi from New York

Eva from Texas

Tammi from Georgia

Patricia from Texas

Cathy from Indiana

Melanie from Arkansas

Wendy from Connecticut

Yvonne from California

EJ from Georgia

Kate from New Jersey

Amy from Florida

Julie from Michigan

Himani from Washington

April from Washington

Aleta from California

Jennifer from Florida

Pamela from Oregon

Becky from Oregon

Allan from North Carolina

Meg from Texas

Roro from Michigan

Shannon from Florida

Patricia from Massachusetts

Minta from Ohio

Penny from Ohio

Jessica from Nebraska

Karen from Kentucky

Mary from California

Michel’le from Massachusetts

Paula from Florida

Geradette from Iowa

Elaine from Oklahoma

Joanne from Nevada

Felina from Nevada

Crystal from Michigan

Karyn from Pennsylvania

Lana from New York

Chrissy from New York

Laura from Florida

Sue from Ohio

Holly from Pennsylvania

Michelle from Ohio

Caroline from Virginia

Darlene from North Carolina

Brandy from Indiana

Pam from Missouri

Robin from Florida

Janette from Indiana

Jill from Florida

Cami from California

Kristi from Pennsylvania

Hilda from Maine

Madeline from Louisiana

Nikki from Virginia

Kerrie from Missouri

Tina from Minnesota

Brenda from Tennessee

Laura from Illinois

Jennifer from California

Cathy from Ohio

Deborah from New Jersey

Jennifer from Georgia

Martha from California

Dawnja from Illinois

Tanya from Virginia

Cheryl from Connecticut

Sandra from Virginia

Jamie from Indiana

Leesa from Ohio

Pamela from California

Brandy from Missouri

Barbara from Oklahoma

Emery from California

Carol from Illinois

Anne from New Jersey

Deena from Washington

Mario from Arizona

Julie from Texas

Carie from Wisconsin

Gary from Florida

Lorri from California

Jenn from Massachusetts

Bahjet from Michigan

Cathi from Georgia

Joyce from Michigan

Ann from Tennessee

Allison from Nevada

Barb from Indiana

Nancy from Washington

Judy from Kansas

Angela from Michigan

Lucia from South Carolina

Harry from North Carolina

Marcia from Tennessee

Samantha from Wisconsin

Cindy from Florida

Dawn from Michigan

Bonnie from California

Max from California

Sally from Ohio

Debra from Florida

Bessie from Texas

Marie from Florida

Susan from Virginia

Lyra from Pennsylvania

Nancy from New York

Eunoka from Ohio

Carrie from Maryland

Alexandrea from Washington

Stacy from Connecticut

Ida from Illinois

Sarah from Wisconsin

Cindy from Arizona

GayAnn from Iowa

Debbie from Ohio

Jean from Oklahoma

Lori from New York

Lissy from New York

Elaine from New Mexico

Katrina from Pennsylvania

Pauline from California

Sherryl from Maine

Priscilla from California

Sarah from South Dakota

Sherre from Kansas

Sharon from Ohio

John from Pennsylvania

Mary-Elizabeth from Iowa

Martha from Texas

Jodi from Oregon

Kimberly from Florida

Dione from Virginia

Christina from Pennsylvania

Julia from Virginia


Hurry, Bigelow Tea’s “Thank You Mom” Sweepstakes Ends Soon!

 Bigelow Tea 3

Mother’s Day is almost here; have you entered the Bigelow Tea Thank You Mom Sweepstakes? Enter by midnight EST on April 30 for your chance to win a $200 spa gift card or other fab prizes that are sure to make Mom’s heart sing! 175 winners in all!

Head right over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, “Like” the page, click on the sweepstakes icon at the top of the page, and follow the simple instructions for submitting your entry. After all, the Bigelow family believes that every mother deserves recognition for her loving care … and an extra-special gift like one of these:

  • 25 Grand Prize winners – $200 SpaFinder gift card plus a Fine Tea & Herb Tea Gift Assortment with 64 tea bags in all.
  • 50 first-place winners – Flavored & Herb Tea Wooden Tea Chest with 8 tea bags each of 8 assorted black, green and herb teas. 64 tea bags in all.
  • 100 second-place winners – $25 Walmart gift card plus one box of “Constant Comment”®

Be sure to look for your name on the winners’ list that will be posted on the Bigelow Tea blog, and good luck!

Sip Green and Plant Green: Bigelow Tea & Arbor Day

bigelow tea fri1

The Bigelow Tea family is noticing how things are getting greener every day. Spring is in full swing, cups of Certified Organic Green Tea have been spotted, and today, caring communities are celebrating Arbor Day.

bigelow tea  

After such a long winter, Bigelow Tea employees are especially grateful to enjoy the great outdoors (with iced tea in hand!), promote sustainabili-TEA, and using their green thumbs in the Bigelow Tea Community Garden. Last year, the Green Team worked hard to plant an area in front of headquarters as part of the Green Wellness Community (GWC) initiative. They planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and herbs, which were donated to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

Everything in Mother Nature is interconnected—and trees play an especially important role. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, trees:

  • Conserve energy–They shade your house, act as wind barriers, and help your air conditioning run more efficiently.
  • Help fight climate change–Communities with trees are cooler communities.
  • Provide wildlife habitats, clean air, and drinking water.
  • Tame storm water–They help prevent mudslides and keep our waterways cleaner.

Whether you’re working towards sustainabili-TEA in the office or outside planting trees for Arbor Day, tea fan @poetgunslinger on Instagram notes that there’s  “Nothing like #Bigelow green tea… to get me through work.”

Sip green. Plant green. Happy Arbor Day!

Top image by KIUKO via

Bigelow Tea Celebrates Red—And Pink!—Hatters

 bigelow tea  

The Red Hat Society sure knows how to throw a tea party and has been dubbed the largest “play group” for women. This fabulous Society of ladies is all about fun, friendship, freedom, tea and of course those amazing hats! While the red hats are reserved for those over the age of 50, ladies who embrace the values of the Society—and love wearing lavender!—are called The Pink HattersBigelow Tea is thrilled to mark National Red Hat Society Day on Friday!

Here are a few beverage suggestions for your next Pink or Red Hat gathering:

  • The Society is all about color coordination, and these women will appreciate Bigelow Tea’s Darjeeling Tea. Not only is it known as the “champagne of teas,” but this Himalayan-grown tea has been packaged in lavender, making it a match made in Socie-tea heaven.

bigelow tea

  • Sweeten the Bigelow Tea with rock sugar … because, as Tuesday Cooper on Pinterest notes, Pink Hatters Rock!

Happy National Red Hat Society Day! @RedHatSociety on Twitter reminds everyone that the “Sisterhood is all about living life to the fullest!” Bigelow Tea lovers will sip to that!

Image by Joel Eckman Maus via