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Explore Sri Lanka’s Tea Fields With Cindi Bigelow


Did you know that high in the mountains in Sri Lanka some of the best tea leaves (the “champagne” of tea leaves as third generation Bigelow Tea CEO Cindi Bigelow says) are handpicked for Bigelow’s blended teas? Cindi paid a visit to this country and recorded it so everyone could see the tea fields that play a major role in producing specialty teas for the family-owned Bigelow Tea. In this video, Cindi spends time at Pedro Plantation— which is certified Fair Trade, ISO 22000, ETP, Rain Forest Alliance and has built new homes for all their 800 employees.  For more interesting tea facts and to learn more about Cindi’s travels to Sri Lanka visit the Bigelow Tea website and take a journey without leaving your chair.

Be Fashionable. Drink Bigelow Tea.

 btwed_Be Fashionable. Drink Bigelow Tea.

At Bigelow Tea, we’ve known for decades what the experts at The Food Channel are just now predicting—Tea is (quite literally) a HOT food trend for 2014!  And while we’re honored to join the ranks of the Cronut and the craft-craze, we’re firm believers in longevi-tea!

btwed2_Be Fashionable. Drink Bigelow Tea.

And why not! After all, tea is tasty, stylish, multi-seasonal and multi-cultural (just ask the Chinese, the English, the Moroccans)!  Celebrities swear by it.  And, it complements just about every cuisine, sweet or savory, hot or iced. In fact, tea is so steeped in our world tapestry, it’s downright quotable!

Sooo… given tea’s anticipated popularity this year (the most popular flavor globally being Earl Grey), we thought it might be fun to visit some other BIG trends for 2014, simply to test our newfound “it”-ness…

**In beauty, the looks range from effortless (think: clean skin) to statement making—from platinum blonde to braids, neon orange lips, nails in geometric patterns and prints (especially black and white), and lids with unexpected pops of color, from blue to green to white. Oh, and gilded. And if you can pull off the lioness eye, props to you!

**In fashion, expect a random amalgamation of luxe sportswear and couture-comfy sandals to art-inspired designs and the return of the crop-top, Bermuda shorts and vests.

** Generally speaking, the consumer shopping experience will be transformed, with customization applied to every possible category; social responsibility becoming increasingly more meaningful—something Bigelow Tea takes very seriously; and the ability to shop straight from our mobile devices going mainstream.

Tea lover Kelsey tweeted that she drinks Bigelow Tea every day, so she’s right on trend! How about you? Aside from drinking tea, which of these other trends tickle your fancy?

(Fashionable Lilly Pulitzer mugs from Instagram via @paigey_flipthepaige)

#DailyCup: Bigelow Shares the Fun of Hot Tea Month

BTmon_#DailyCup- Bigelow Shares the Fun of Hot Tea Month

It’s cold outside, but things are heating up at Bigelow Tea. Grab a steaming mug of your favorite tea blend because it’s National Hot Tea Month. Thankfully, tea is said by researchers to improve your mood, and be good for your body. Yep, tea definitely fits within most resolutions for 2014!

Hot Tea Month is a great excuse to sip more of the tea you love and share these faves with the people in your life. Make a cup of #greentea for a coworker and hand deliver it to her desk. Or, steep a few mugs of Cozy Chamomile and send an open invite to your dorm for a #dailycup.

Hot Tea Month also gives you tea lovers an excuse to discover your true personaliTEA by trying new tea flavors and mixin’ it up. Buy something new or head to the kitchen and whip up this delish looking Spicy Chocolate Chai Tea recipe.

Be social. Share. Enjoy. #DrinkBigelow. Post your hot mugs this month on Instagram like @jennifersikora and tag #BigelowTea.

New Year, New You. With Bigelow Tea Of Course!

btfri_New Year, New You. With Bigelow Tea Of Course!

Every new year brings an opportuni-tea for a do-over—to make changes that will make us happier, healthier versions of ourselves. As Diet Resolution Week commences, put the carefree indulgence of the past week (err, month) behind you, and get focused on your diet goals. Be specific, realistic and quite literally, don’t bite off more than you can chew! Not surprisingly, most resolutions are kaput before the month is out. If you’re daunted by the thought of dieting, we’re happy to report via research we have linked to that tea may slow down weight gain (when unaccompanied by cheeseburgers and pints of ice cream). Additionally, the ritualistic aspect of drinking Bigelow Tea will help with fluid intake—essential to any successful diet plan.

So let’s review some diet basics:

  1. Take it slow—one day, one meal at a time.
  2. Focus your goals, be specific but realistic. Switch to milk from cream, drink your favorite Bigelow Tea instead of soda, eat fish weekly.
  3. Prepare meals mindfully.
  4. Water is your BFF. Clear, non-caffeinated, unsweetened beverages also count, including herbal Bigelow Teas.
  5. Add fruits and veggies—even if it’s one of each per day!
  6. Avoid processed foods.
  7. Reduce portions.
  8. Find 30 minutes and get moving somewhere, anywhere—as many times per week as possible! Wash your car, reorganize your closets, walk the dog.
  9. Visualize what you want to wear and how you want to look in it.

At the end of the day, take a moment. Pour yourself a soothing, daily cup—it’s Hot Tea Month after all! Enjoy a flavor that satisfies that pesky sweet craving, like Bigelow Tea’s Chocolate Chai. (@LaTarshaPrecia1 knows the deal!) And, journal your amazing progress.

Image via Instagram by @vagabroadjournals

Feeling A Bit Wrecked This Morning? Bounce Back With Bigelow Tea

If you’re reading this from under your covers with an aching head and a mouth full of cotton, we feel your pain.  No one wants to kick off the new year—or any day for that matter—feeling like a character from The Walking Dead. So take the pillow off your head and try the suggestion of drinking Bigelow Tea as one of your hangover cures which, in this clip, includes a “hair of the dog” Hot Toddy featuring Bigelow Tea.  And if you have a little extra time today while lying on the couch, head over to our Instagram @bigelowtea and share a pic of what you are sipping right now, #HappyNewYear!

Bigelow Tea Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

 btwed_Bigelow Tea Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas! 

From the Bigelow Tea family to yours, we wish you a warm, healthy and happy holiday!

Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

bttues_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

Maybe the holidays aren’t a time to talk trash, but it’s unavoidable today because Bigelow Tea trimmed its tree this year with 100% upcycled ornaments made by Bigelow Tea employees! Trash to treasure indeed. If you love getting crafty during the holidays (like our friend Sarah White on her Our Daily Craft blog) you’ll go gaga for these creative and eco-friendly ornaments. A box of Green Tea became a sweet choo choo, wine corks–yes, we drink other beverages besides tea!—were transformed into a reindeer, and a garland made of foil Bigelow Tea bag wrappers tied the whole thing together. It’s a beautiful thing when “sustainabili-TEA” and holiday spirit come together. Feliz Navidad!

bttues2_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

bttues3_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

 bttues4_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

 bttues5_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

 bttues6_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

 bttues7_Trimming Bigelow Tea’s #Eco Tree With Upcycled Ornaments!

A Cup Of Bigelow Tea Makes Us Feel Sparkly All Over!


What gives you that little boost to your day, that extra spring in your step? Maybe a new pair of boots, maybe a new scarf? We like that, but the first thing that makes our day special is a great cup of Bigelow Tea—it makes us feel sparkly all over!

Of course, since all of our wonderful teas ignite their own heat and make us feel jazzy, any cup that you choose for your special morning cup can be your “perfect cup.” So we have a question for you. Let’s say you’ve put on the kettle, your teatime treats are arranged on a plate and you’re looking for that extra special something from your tea selection: which Bigelow Tea favorite would you choose to sip out of a cool, sparkly mug? Hmm … perhaps Bigelow Tea’s invigorating Pomegranate Pizzazz? What do you think?

 btfri4_Bigelow Tea Cooks It Up During National Pomegranate Month!

And if it’s cocktail time, consider making a batch of Sparkling “Constant Comment”® Tea Holiday Punch. A little effervescence certainly goes a long way! Whichever Bigelow Tea you decide to pour, we know of nothing better than the power of tea to give you a special start to every day!

Image via

A Holiday Tune—Guaranteed!—To Cheer You From Bigelow Tea

[youtube] [/youtube]

Ready for a sweet dose of holiday cheer? All you need is 51 seconds and you’ll be grinning ear-to-ear. (Hey, that rhymed!) Jose Feliciano visited Bigelow Tea in Fairfield, CT and brought down the house with his joyous, iconic holiday song, “Feliz Navidad!” (You can see more about this visit here) Get a nice, big mug of something fun, like Pomegranate Black Tea, hit “play,” and sing along with him. Chances are, your co-workers and kids will want to join in too. And feel free to share it, like @green_tea_store did! Happy Holidays from Bigelow Tea!

Bigelow Tea Gratitude

 bttues_Bigelow Tea Gratitude

Gratitude. That’s what November’s sweepstakes was all about. Hundreds of Bigelow Tea fans entered the sweeps and shared what makes them happy and grateful. The list included family, health, spouses, pets jobs, friends and tea of course! Here are some of the wonderful things that Bigelow Tea customers said they’re thankful for this year.

“Being able to relax with a hot steaming mug of Bigelow Chai Tea after work.”
– Jacqueline from Kentucky

“Our U.S. Military.”
– Ann from California

“The roof over my head and the pillow under it.”
– Ellen from New Mexico

“My family and soon to be born baby girl.”
– Amy from New Jersey

“The two rescue kittens that have made our family complete.”
– Beverly from Maryland

“What my special needs son has taught me.”
– Geralyn from New York

– Amy from Ne Hampshire

“Family that loves me no matter how nutty I am.”
– Debbie from West Virginia

“Blue sky.”
– Esther from Missouri

“Wonderful winter days enjoying a delicious cup of Bigelow Tea while snowflakes fall outside.”
– Donna from Ohio

Thank you for sharing these beautiful sentiments … and keep them coming any time, just like @ChristineMcGee, who recently shared that she was “so very very grateful” for family, friends, love and health. May your gratitude sustain you through tough times and keep you smiling during joyous ones! Happy holidays!

Image from Instagram via @grrfeisty