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Bigelow Tea ‘Made In The USA’ Sweepstakes Starts Today!

Bigelow Tea Sweepstakes  

The Fourth of July is almost here, and everyone at Bigelow Tea is in a patriotic mood! Get in the spirit, and enter the ‘Made in the USA’ Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Plantation Mint Tea for Two gift set with two Personali-TEA Mugs (exclusive to Bigelow Tea!) , 44 individually wrapped Plantation Mint tea bags and a jar of Savannah Bee Company honey. 12 winners in all!

Here are a few fun facts about Plantation Mint, one of the more than 120 varieties in the Bigelow Tea line. The mint is very carefully sourced and comes only from mint fields in Oregon to produce a super-refreshing, all-American brew with just the right amount of mint. Be sure to try it over ice for the perfect summer thirst quencher! Also interesting to know is that Plantation Mint was one of the first teas created by Eunice Bigelow, mother of third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow. So naturally this tea is a Bigelow Tea family favorite!

To enter the sweepstakes, simply “Like” the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the Sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo and follow the instructions. You can enter every 24 hours, and the more you share with your friends and family, the more entries you yourself get. The sweepstakes ends at midnight on July 29th. Be sure to check the Bigelow Tea blog for the names of the 12 lucky winners.

Good luck, and best wishes for a safe and happy July 4th celebration!

Bigelow Tea June Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

bigelow tea iced tea sweepstakes

We are so excited to announce the Bigelow June sweepstakes winners.  As always, we will contact you within two weeks to confirm your mailing address so we can send you your prize.  Congrats all!!!

Vera from Florida

Joanne from California

Michelle from Massachusetts

Laura from Washington

Kimberly from North Carolina

Jen from Ohio

Janette from Indiana

Isis from New York

Juanita from Kentucky

Marlana from Ohio

Scott from California

Stephen from Ohio

Don’t Forget To Enter The Bigelow Tea Iced Tea To Go Sweepstakes!

bigelow tea iced tea sweepstakes

Hey iced tea fans, have you entered the Bigelow Tea June sweepstakes for your chance to win a Tervis® tumbler and an assortment of 16 black, green and herb teas? Hurry, the sweepstakes ends at midnight EST on June 27th!

A total of 12 lucky winners will get this refreshing prize featuring Bigelow Tea’s premium double-walled tumbler that makes it a cinch to take your fave iced (or hot!) tea on the go. Style points: it’s made in the USA with Bigelow Tea’s new logo!

So head on over to the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, “Like” the page and click the on Sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo. You can enter once a day, and the more you share with your friends and family, the more entries you yourself get. Check the Bigelow Tea blog to see if your name is on the winners’ list.

Best of luck … and enjoy fresh-brewed ice tea anytime, anywhere!

Radio Network Interviews Cindi Bigelow!

bigelow tea cindi interview

Listen in, Bigelow Tea fans, as third-generation President and CEO Cindi Bigelow shares fun facts about your favorite brew on the NPR, It’s Your Health radio show!

Host Lisa Davis had plenty of questions—some of which might be “brewing” in your mind as well! Cindi was happy to provide answers about the family business and products she described as her family’s “passion” since her grandmother started the company 70 years ago!

Now for some interview highlights:

  • “Not all tea is created equal,” Cindi said. Bigelow Tea uses only hand-picked tea leaves from higher-elevation tea gardens that follow what’s called the “orthodox process.” Cindi explained that while this harvesting process is much slower and more expensive than other methods, it produces a more flavorful and nuanced cup of tea.
  • Cindi also talked about the care that goes into selecting other ingredients used in Bigelow Teas. For instance, the company only uses mint from gardens in Oregon, and the oil of bergamot used in the Earl Grey is sourced from Calabria, Italy! (No wonder Bigelow Tea Earl Grey is number one in America … and is @jennilynne77’s favorite morning tea, as she said on Instagram!)
  • Radio host Lisa wanted to know how chocolate flavor is “infused” into Bigelow Tea’s White Chocolate Obsession black tea. Cindi pointed out that real chocolate is used to make this tea, and you can actually see and smell it after tearing open the foil packaging.

As Cindi said: “we won’t compromise; our name is on the package.” Check out the full interview at for more great tea conversation!

Photo via It’s Your Health Network

Fans Love Bigelow Tea for Every Situation

Bigelow Tea fans sure know how to enjoy a cup of tea any time of day! Whether they’re in need of an early morning perk-me-up or looking for a soothing sip while relaxing in the hot tub, Bigelow Tea is along for the ride.

In her video (above) Euphreana starts the day slow, but is soon dancing in her pajamas after a sip of Peppermint Tea. What a way to start the day without the side effects of caffeine!

Paul Weller, on the other hand (below) sips Bigelow Tea all day long because, as he puts it, with “a wide variety of flavors, there’s one for every situation.” From Mint Medley to I Love Lemon and Peppermint, find out where he takes his tea.

What makes Bigelow your cup of tea?


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Sustainabili-TEA!

bigelow tea green wellness

The Bigelow Tea Green Team believes in Sustainabili-TEA! This year the group mobilized for this past April’s Earth Week by planning daily activities highlighting the Bigelow family’s longstanding commitment to earth-friendly practices and giving back to the community. Here’s a snapshot of the week in April:

Monday -

For the second year, employees planted a community garden (pictured above) at the Fairfield, CT headquarters continuing a tradition that benefits the local community and environment—a sustainabili-TEA win-win! Last year, the group was proud to donate vegetables from the garden to local charities and looks forward to sharing the bounty once again this fall.

bigelow tea fri

Tuesday -

Employees learned about the many options available to conserve energy and recycle textiles, as well as options for carpooling, home energy solutions, residential geothermal, solar installations and home composting.

bigelow tea fri2

Wednesday –

Employees removed trash and litter from their outdoor landscape and donated textiles and gently used items to the on-site Salvation Army truck. While indoors, they cleaned up their work area by gathering office equipment to donate and recycling ink toner cartridges, paper, batteries and light bulbs, as well as composting appropriate items.

bigelow tea fri3


An outdoor farmers market featured soaps made from goats’ milk, farm-raised eggs, assorted fresh baked goods, roasted coffee and a variety of vegetables.

bigelow tea fri4

Friday –

Employees used items that they would normally trash or recycle and repurposed them into a lovely spring art decoration.

What a week we had! Stay tuned for updates on the Community Garden throughout the growing season, and check out the Bigelow Tea Giving Back board on Pinterest to see other ways employees are making a difference all year long. And please do share your own ideas on how to #giveback!


World Environment Day With Bigelow Tea

bigelow tea environment

Tomorrow Bigelow Tea celebrates World Environment Day, a day created to inspire and empower people to become actively engaged in sustainable and equitable development, so that the world may enjoy a safer future. This year’s focus is to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on small island developing states around the world.

The entire Bigelow Tea family of energetic, eco-conscious men and women is committed to protecting and developing the environment.  An extensive Sustainabili-TEA program is in place, dedicated to supporting energy conservation through efficient operations and product transportation, as well as reducing emissions with solar energy (with one facet including the installation of 880 solar panels at Corporate Headquarters in Connecticut!). Bigelow Tea is also a member the Ethical Tea Partnership—a move that is getting a green thumbs up from Facebook fans like Jo Ryan, who loves Bigelow Tea’s “concern for this initiative.”

The Bigelow Tea philosophy is “Do the right thing and good things will follow.” Sustainabili-TEA is all about people, community, partnerships and ethics. And, of course, tea! Let’s all remember this on World Environment Day, and every day.


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Iced Tea Month With A Refreshing Sweepstakes!

bigelow tea iced tea sweepstakes

It’s Iced Tea Month, and Bigelow Tea is celebrating with an awesome Iced Tea To Go Sweepstakes, starting TODAY! A total of 12 lucky winners will get a super-handy 24-ounce Tervis® tumbler plus 16 assorted black, green and herb teas—ideal for fresh-brewed iced tea on the go!

This premium, double-walled tumbler is sure to become your favorite “roadie” all year long. It’s made exclusively for Bigelow Tea with the company’s stylish new logo and comes with a lifetime guarantee to keep drinks hot or cold with reduced condensation.  Perfect for hot or iced tea!

But let’s focus on iced tea for a minute. Did you know that mixing Bigelow Tea flavors creates some pretty spectacular iced tea combos? It’s true! Third-generation CEO Cindi Bigelow shows you how in this video. And be sure to check out these simple instructions for making delicious homemade iced tea, and you’ll never go back to premade mixes!

To enter the sweepstakes, simply “Like” the Bigelow Tea Facebook page, click on the Sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo and follow the instructions. You can enter every 24 hours, and the more you share with your friends and family, the more entries you yourself get. The sweepstakes ends at midnight on June 27th. Be sure to check the Bigelow Tea blog for the names of the 12 lucky winners.

Good luck, and happy Iced Tea Month from the Bigelow family!


Bigelow Tea May Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Bigelow Tea


We are so excited to announce the winners of our May sweepstakes.  We will contact you within two weeks to confirm your contact information so we can send you your prize.  Congrats all!!

Debra from Texas

Nichole from New York

Melissa from Florida

Robin from Michigan

Christina from Florida

Eleanor from Pennsylvania

Yvonne from Maryland

Marissa from Wisconsin

Kimberly from Pennsylvania

Brenda from Newfoundland, Canada

Joan from Pennsylvania

Breanna from Texas

Sustainabili-TEA With Bigelow On “Learn About Composting” Day

bigelow sustainability

Bigelow Tea’s Community Garden

Tomorrow is “Learn About Composting Day ” and Bigelow Tea is sharing some Sustainabili-TEA wisdom to encourage you to compost as much as you can!  Following the dictum “practice what you preach,” Bigelow Tea composts 2 tons per month as part of a company-wide waste reduction practice!

How can you do your part? Well, when you’ve savored that last sip of your favorite Bigelow Tea and are ready to toss the used teabag into the garbage … stop!  Teabags can be recycled and composted! So throw it into the compost heap! And don’t stop with the paper filter teabag! The string and tag on every Bigelow teabag is also compostable.  Even the box containing the teas can be thrown into the compost bin!

There’s definitely an art to making good compost.  By mixing together a variety of organic materials like weeds, grass, prunings, shredded twigs and certain types of paper, fruits, vegetables, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds and tea/teabags, you produce rich, crumbly compost when these organic materials are broken down—a process which takes six months to a year. Then the compost may be used as mulch and soil fertilizer.  You may want to buy or build a composting bin for both yard and food scraps, alternately layering each type of waste.

Join Bigelow Tea in celebrating the wonderful, green earth.  And remember, like the Bigelow Tea family did with its Community Garden (pictured above)—always share your bounty with others! As @PatriciaKirkwood said on the Bigelow Tea Facebook page “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle everyday!”  It’s the right thing to do. #Bigelowfamily